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It is the year 1943. In another universe.
21 Oct 2020
Two drawn world maps based on Philip José Farmer's novel The Gate of Time can be found on the internet. The novel was later revised and expanded as Two Hawks from Earth.

They are drawn by 'Chipmunken', published on April 1, 2020 (see here) and one by 'CourageousLife', which was published on October 2, 2020 (see here). The second one, which its original publication, is a very big picture, 8042x4500 pixels, 2.5 Mb.
'Chipmunken' gives with his map a rather detailed and interesting description of the novel that led to his map. Both drawings are very interesting!

L'eroe nell'immaginario di Philip José Farmer
21 Oct 2020
Delos Digital in Italy has launched the Universi/ty series, whose purpose is to publish degree theses in an ebook version. Making them available to interested parties, for as long as their authors want.

The translation of the title L'eroe nell'immaginario di Philip José Farmer is: The hero in Philip José Farmer's imagination. It is written by Michele Comani.

«The choice of the angle followed by the author for his work on Philip Jose Farmer stems from the reading of texts by Freud and Jung, but also by other scholars of anthropology and ancient myths such as James Frazer and Joseph Campbell, and from the awareness that science fiction had somehow become the guardian of all that cultural heritage linked to ancient myths and symbols. Farmer, in his books, not only was no exception, but he drew inspiration from them by reproposing and reworking them continuously. His first works, then, were heavily indebted to studies in the psychoanalytic field of the first half of the last century. The research work that resulted was a rather exciting work, which allowed to write the thesis.»

If you can read Italian, the ebook can be bought through Amazon. The price is €2.75 or $2.99.
The uncredited photo of Phil on the cover was taken by me (2002).

Sail On! Sail On!
20 Oct 2020
One of Farmer's earliest stories, "Sail On! Sail On!" (1952), has been reprinted in the ebook anthology Legends of Science Fiction: Volume 2, edited by Christopher Broschell. It was published last August by Library & Archives Canada in their series Giants of Sci-Fi Collection.

The anthology contains twenty-six stories by authors like Phillip K. Dick, Theodore Sturgeon, Clifford Simak, Arthur C. Clarke, and others.

Odyseja Greena from Poland
20 Oct 2020
This Polish translation of The Green Odyssey has recently been ordered by me. I tried to order it earlier, but alas without success.
The book was released in August 2020. I have added this translation on the book page. The missing information will be given after I receive the actual book.

Delayed delay
20 Oct 2020
The new books from Meteor House are even more delayed than at first thought of. The publisher, Michael Croteau, wrote to me that they were posted late September.
I still haven't received my copies of the three books: A Rough Knight for the Queen in paperback and limited edition hardcover and Up from the Bottomless Pit in paperback.

More patience is needed. Hope to receive them soon!
The books are already for sale at Amazon.

Somewhat delayed books
26 Aug 2020
Meteor House published the following statement about the delay of their announced books:

«Due to Covid19 affecting everything in the world these days, from our printers to the mail system (especially internationally) we're a little late getting this year's books out. But, we now have the signature sheets (after their journey from the US, to Spain, to Italy, to the UK, and back to the US) and should have all our books (A Rough Knight for the Queen in paperback and limited edition hardcover and Up from the Bottomless Pit in paperback, both by Philip José Farmer) in hand and ready to ship by the end of next week.»

So, the books will now be released early September.

Riverworld box 1980
31 Jul 2020
It took me many years to get a copy of the box Philip José Farmer's Fabulous Riverworld (09/1980) with the first three novels of the Riverworld series and the collection with one Riverworld story.

When I finally found a copy for sale of the box I also saw a second copy offered to my big surprise. I almost tended to order them both, but I could just hold back.
Publisher Berkley filled the boxes with copies of To Your Scattered Bodies Go, The Fabulous Riverboat, The Dark Design, and Riverworld and Other Stories.
The contents of the boxes are the same, but the printings of the included books may vary.

The box has no ISBN or price printed on it, but I received from someone the ISBN 0-425-04820-9.

The contents of the second Berkley box, The Complete Riverworld Novels (10/1981), may even more vary. It also caused some confusion. because there is no 20th printing of Scattered Bodies and no 19th printing of Fabulous Riverboat to be found. My guess is that an extra print run was made of the 19th of the first and of the 18th of the second title for inclusion in the boxes. The printing number and date were not changed, but these extra print runs were counted with the new printings after that. Of The Dark Design is one of the two 8th printings with different dates included.

Two more older fanzines
25 Jun 2020
As I wrote before several more items were on its way to me. Two of the items are older fanzines, one from 1957 and the other from 1964. They were received this week.

Two also ordered books were sent back. One back to France by me, because I got the wrong printing as was advertised by the book dealer. The other was sent back to Germany by the post office, because my address was not complete on the envelop. That seller will send it to me again, with the full address this time he promised.
I still have to receive more books, but the shipments take longer than usually because of the Covid-19 problems.

Brian McCabe

Richard Bergeron

The fanzine Skyhook #24, Summer 1957, contains a long letter by Philip José Farmer. In it Phil praises the previous issue and its contents, and made a remark on an error made in Farmer's in that issue published poem "Black Squirrel on Cottonwood Limb's Trip".
You can read this letter online at The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page.

In the fanzine Zenith Speculation #7, December 1964, Charles Platt wrote a critical essay, "The Strange Relations of Philip José Farmer", in which he explores the biological ideas Farmer used in some novels and stories. The cover by Brian McCabe illustrates Farmer's novel Flesh.
By the way, the editor of Zenith Speculation, Peter R. Weston, changed the fanzine's title in 1966 to only Speculation.

Newly received books and a fanzine
13 Jun 2020
Some time ago, in February this year, I wrote I could stop collecting as I had received the last missing first printing in my collection, that of The Green Odyssey (1957). Yes, it was the last first printing I was looking for, but not the last item of his work.
The past couple of weeks I received these books and a fanzine, and more are still on its way to me. Most of the newly received ones were already included in the bibliography, but two are 'new' on these pages.

The items are as follows.
A Czech book from Slovakia:
From France:
From Germany:
From Israel:
From Italy:
From Lithuania:
An UK fanzine from the US:

A letter in The Patchin Review
10 Jun 2020
Charles Platt published in the period 1981-1985 seven issues of his fanzine The Patchin Review (The inside guide to science fiction).
«Because I lived in New York City, and knew all the editors, and also knew most of the writers in the United States and Britain, I felt I was in a position to publish a small magazine of commentary that would be frank about the changes that were occurring and could agitate against some of them. That was my intention in The Patchin Review. I also decided to have some fun by publishing a self-satirical gossip column.», writes Charles Platt in his new introduction for The Complete Patchin Review (2019).

«Right from the start, it caused endless trouble for me.» he writes in the same introduction.

In The Patschin Review Issue #7, the Final Issue, of March 1985 Philip José Farmer wrote a letter, about some of his 'guilty pleasures', his favorite writers, and about the outline he wrote for a novel titled Wild and Weird Clime.

In Issue #5 came the announcement «Also coming up, I hope, will be an article by Philip José Farmer in defense of fantasy», but this one wasn't published, alas.

Ansible Editions published in 2019 all seven issues in The Complete Patschin Review as a free ebook.

Thanks Willem Hettinga for sending me this information!

More ebooks in the US and Germany
27 May 2020
Meteor House, a publisher's name which you can see regularly on these pages, recently released the ebook of Dayworld: A Hole in Wednesday. This novel is written by Philip José Farmer and co-authored by his grand nephew Danny Adams.
Originally published in a limited hardcover edition, and in a trade paperback, the novel is now available for $ 2.99 via Amazon or BN. If you haven't the printed version yet, then I recommend you to buy the ebook. It is a great novel!

Publisher Heyne in Germany released in December 2016 the ebook of the omnibus Fleisch. The omnibus had seen eight printings from Heyne since its first publication in 1989. It contains three novels: Die Verkörperung des Bösen (The Image of the Beast), Außer Atem (Blown) and Fleisch (Flesh).
The price for the ebook is € 9,99 or $ 11.99 in the US.

Alan Green visits Duchess Zuni in Poland
24 May 2020
Earlier, in October 2019, was the Spanish edition released. This time there will be a Polish edition of Farmer's first book, The Green Odyssey (1957).

Publisher Stalker Books will publish in August 2020 the Polish translation, Odyseja Greena, in their series 'Klasycy amerykańskiej SF' (American SF classics).
The paperback with 240 pages will sell for Zł 33,99 (about € 7,50), and has ISBN 9788366280601.

This novel is in the public domain and it has since seen several publications in the US, at least 13, for prices of 'for free' (download) till $ 25 for a hardcover.
See the book page for this.

A Rough Knight for the Queen
29 Apr 2020
Meteor House announced another book for release this year, A Rough Knight for the Queen, a non-fiction work:

Trade paperback

«Philip José Farmer fans know that he was fascinated with 19th century explorer and author Sir Richard Francis Burton. Farmer made Burton the protagonist of the Hugo winning novel, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, the first book in the Riverworld series. In Gods of Riverworld, the final book in the series, Peter Jairus Frigate (Farmer’s fictional stand in) said that he had written a biography of Richard Burton...

Now Meteor House brings you Farmer’s 26,000 word biography of Burton in both an affordable trade paperback and in a signed limited hardcover. Both editions feature introductory material by Mick Walton (author of Sir Richard Burton and His Circle), Mark Hodder (author of the Burton and Swinburne novels) and Paul Spiteri (editor of Pearls from Peoria). The hardcover limited edition will be signed by Walton, Hodder, Spiteri, and cover artist Charles Berlin.».

The price of the trade paperback is $15, and of the signed limited edition hardcover $40.

The print run of the hardcover limited edition will be determined by the number of preorders. This means the majority of hardcovers will be sold before the book is even printed, so preorder your copy today!

Signed limited hardcover

The books will be released in August 2020.

The biography "A Rough Knight for the Queen" was only once published before, in the collection Pearls from Peoria (2006).

Erotic Gas of Dream Makers
19 Apr 2020
On at least two occasions in the past Philip José Farmer and Charles Platt met each other. In May 1979, forty-one years ago, Platt interviewed Farmer. This interview, simply titled "Philip José Farmer", and a lot of others Platt had conducted, were published in the US by Berkley Books as Dream Makers (1980). In the same year it was published in the UK by Savoy Books as Who Writes Science Fiction?
The book was translated in German in 1982. It got published in a revised hardcover edition in the UK by Xanadu (1986) and in the US by Unger (1987).

I just discovered that it also was republished in the US by The Stairway Press in April 2014 as trade paperback and ebook.
And in December 2017 as ebook by Gateway in the UK. Originally published in two volumes, the profiles collected in the Gateway ebook have been specially updated with afterwords written in 2017.

But this is not the only publication from Charles Platt, with a contribution by Philip José Farmer, that UK publisher Gateway released as ebook. Platt wrote in 1969 a pornographic novel, The Gas, that was originally intended for publication by Essex House, but they stopped. It was then published in the US by Ophelia Press (1970) and later by Loompanics Unlimited (1995).

Publisher Savoy Books wanted to release it in 1980 in the UK. Farmer wrote a "Foreword" for this edition. Alas most of the print run of this edition was destroyed by the authorities.
in December 2017 the book was released as ebook by Gateway. Including Farmer's foreword. In a complete new "Introduction: Repulsive and Unpublishable" Charles Platt describes all the problems this book has had in the US and the UK before and after it got published.

The Gas was translated into German and published three times. Two of the publications, both with Farmer's foreword, are limited editions only, with a signature by Platt. It is the only translation I know of.

The Captain's Daughter in Japan
15 Apr 2020
From Amazon.jp is an anthology on its way to me, 最初の接触 (First Contact). It was published by Hayakawa in May 2019 and includes seven stories by Murray Leinster, John Wyndham, James Blish, James White, Damon Knight, Poul Anderson, and by Philip José Farmer.
Phil Farmer's story is "キャプテン の娘" ("The Captain's Daughter" a.k.a. "Strange Compulsion"), which was published before in September 1968 in the Japanese S-F Magazine.

While I was sniffing online at Japanese web pages I also found and bought the first four books in The World of Tiers series. Three of them are first editions that were already known in the Bibliography. One of them, 階 層宇宙の創造者 (The Maker of Universes), is an undated later yet unknown printing. Maybe a second printing, with a different price (¥ 320).

And finally I bought the Japanese first printing of The Fabulous Riverboat (わが夢のリバーボート). It was already known on these pages.

The Adventure of the Peerless Peer in Iran
2 Apr 2020
In the Iran year 1397 released publisher Drop a Persian translation of The Adventure of the Peerless Peer, with the title:
شرلوک هولمز و نجیب زاده ی بی همتا.
This title translates like: Sherlock Holmes and the Unmatched Gentleman. The transliteration of the Persian title isn't easy to speak out loud: Shrlwk Hwlmz w njyb zadh y by hmta.

According to our calendar the book was published in December 2018. The price of 140,000 real looks extreme, but it is only about $3.50. The novella was published as written by John H. Watson.
See this Iran bookpage.

With this first Persian translation Farmer's books now have been translated in 32 countries, witch brings the total number of countries that released Farmer's work —including the US, UK, Canada and Australia— to 36.

First Bulgarian editions in my collection
16 Mar 2020
As you might know by now I try to collect all editions worldwide of Philip José Farmer's work. Including all the reprints of his books. The collection now includes about 1350 editions and printings of Farmer's books. I'm still looking for about 200 known editions and reprints.
Next to his books I also collect all anthologies, magazines and fanzines, and his non-fiction work as well as the non-fiction written about him.
The collection grows and grows every year. But till now I hadn't found any of the Bulgarian editions for sale. There were seven books I was looking for, but recently I found four of them online at a Bulgarian book shop. Thanks for the service Zhivka Zhelyazkova!

The four books are:
There are still three more novels, in The World of Tiers series, that I am looking for. See the index of Bulgarian books.
Only the first two books in the Riverworld series were translated.

French ghost editions
14 Mar 2020
For years I had two French books in the International Bibliography of which I wasn't sure they really exist. Both come from the French publisher Pocket (or Presses Pocket). I have searched for them for many years, but never found proof that they really exist. I haven't been able to find or buy them in all these years.

Les murs de la Terre
First is the December 1997 French edition of Behind the Walls of Terra, Les murs de la Terre. I found an online reference to this one years ago, but that was all. I hoped to be able to purchase a copy in due time, but no. The shown cover is of the 1995 reprint.

Le privé du cosmos
The second one is the March 1992 French edition of Venus on the Half-Shell, Le privé du cosmos. There is still an online link to this one in the French bibliography NooSFere. But not any actual proof that it exists, neither anywhere else on the net. The shown cover is of the 1988 first printing.

Because I never in the past 20+ years found copies of these books I entered both on the page 'Ghost editions' (see here and here). I do not believe they really exist. They may have been announced for release, but never published.
On both book pages are the ghost editions still to be seen, with an explanatory note. In due time they will vanish from those pages.

Up from the Bottomless Pit cover revealed
10 Mar 2020
There was an entry here on February 1 this year, about the forthcoming book from Meteor House, Up from the Bottomless Pit. This week the cover was revealed, drawn by Keith Howell.
The novel will have a foreword by Christopher Paul Carey, and an introduction by award winning environmental writer Sharman Apt Russell.

Originally this novel was announced for a publication in 1975 by Ballantine Books with the title The Dragon's Breath. But Ballantine / Del Rey didn't like the novel, and neither the asked for rewrite. Farmer wrote another novel for them instead, Dark is the Sun.

This novel was published before in the fanzine Farmerphile, in ten parts (2005-2007). It was included in the collection Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories, published by Subterranean Press in 2007 in two expensive limited editions.
Meteor House will bring the first trade paperback edition with an affordable price. You can preorder it now, it will be shipped in August 2020.

Cover again by Manchu
23 Feb 2020
French publisher Le Livre de Poche released in 2012 the 8th reprint of Le labyrinthe magique (The Magic Labyrinth). The cover illustration of that one was from National Geographic/ Getty Images, a total different one than the earlier printings. Usually the publisher uses the same cover illustration on all printings.

I just discovered the 9th printing, published in 2015. In this case the original illustration by Manchu has been used again. See left.
It's hard to find online the different printings of a title. Book dealers often only give the publication year of the first printing, even with reprints.
The newly discovered book has been added on the book page.

Finally my own copy
16 Feb 2020
For a very long period of time I still was missing a first hardcover edition of The Green Odyssey. It was published by Ballantine Books in 1957, many years before I started reading science fiction, and even more years before I started collecting all the novels and stories written by Philip José Farmer.
I started collecting the US publications in 1973 with snail mail orders to Richard Witter (F&SF Book Co.) in New York. One of my first orders were copies of the original hardcover editions of To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat (1971).
I received the second one, but Scattered Bodies was just out of print, alas. I bought it several years ago for more than hundred times the original price.

A copy of the original edition of The Green Odyssey was nowhere to be found, at least not for reasonable prices. It wasn't always easy to get the catalogs from second hand book sellers. Mind you, this was the pre-internet time.
Once there was internet one could check the online dealers, and I saw the book at Abebooks for about a thousand times the original price, from 2000 till 2500 dollars and more.
The last time I checked Abebooks the prices ranged from $2.250 till the huge amount of $9.500 for a clean copy. Most of the small print-run of the hardcover went to (military) libraries. Clean copies are very scarce also, and very expensive. This particular book is one of the scarcest titles in the Ballantine hardcover series.

But recently I found online a copy for sale for a very reasonable price. Not a clean copy, but an ex-library one in a reasonable good condition. See the picture above.
Finally my collection of Farmers first editions is complete, I now can stop collecting...

Japanese sience fiction magazines
5 Feb 2020
Last November I ordered and received seven books from a Japanese web shop. That went very smoothly. So I looked again but did not see yet any of the other missing books in my collection.
But I discovered that the web shop also has a huge collection of Japanese magazines for sale. It took me a while to check them all, and I found eleven science fiction magazines that I wanted. Most of them are issues of the S-F Magazine (S-F マガジン).

The issues, and the stories in it are:
I added and corrected some data with these publications.

Up from the Bottomless Pit
1 Feb 2020
A new announcement from Meteor House of a forthcoming book:

«Philip José Farmer’s Up from the Bottomless Pit, originally written in the late 1970s with the working title The Dragon’s Breath, is a near-mainstream novel about the ultimate ecological nightmare. Set in an alternate/near future 1970s, Up from the Bottomless Pit tells of a world so ravenous in its desire for oil that it has thrown caution to the wind. Using an experimental deep-water laser drill off the California coast, humankind burns a hole through the ocean floor only to unleash a deadly torrent that initially threatens the greater Los Angeles area, but quickly escalates to a catastrophe of worldwide proportions with the potential to wipe out all life on the planet.

This is the Farmer novel you’ve heard about but never got to read! Now, available for the first time ever in a trade paperback edition, you can get Up from the Bottomless Pit for only $20 (+shipping).»

This novel was published before in ten issues of the fanzine Farmerphile (2005-2007).  In 2007 it was included in the collection Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories, published in expensive hardcover ($125 or $300) by Subterranean Press.
The above illustration is one of many by Keith Howell, used in these publications.

Go to the website of Meteor House to preorder your copy. Books will be shipped to you in August 2020 right after FarmerCon XV.

La odisea de Green
1 Feb 2020
In October 2019 the Spanish publisher 'La biblioteca del laberinto' released the first Spanish translation —62 years after its original publication— of The Green Odyssey. It is published in their series Delirio Ciencia Ficción, #130, with the title La odisea de Green.

The cover illustration is the same uncredited one as with the first hardcover publication by Ballantine Books in 1957.

The book starts with an essay by David Pringle and John Clute, that was published before in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. It is also publshed with permission of the authors on this website, as "The Most Anarchic SF Writer".
In the Spanish edition the same, translated, title is used: "El excritor más anárquico de la ciencia ficción".
The essay is illustrated with some photos of Phil and also with several book covers.

Philip José Farmer Day
26 Jan 2020

Unknown artist.

January 26. 1918

Latest additions to my PJF collection
24 Jan 2020
In December 2019 and this month, January 2020, I received three foreign publications with stories by Philip José Farmer. They were mentioned earlier on this page, but I did not have the publications myself yet. I try to buy every publication worldwide for my already very huge Farmer collection.
Often I get very nice responses from the sellers when I explain the reason why I want to buy the book or magazine, in a language I do not understand. Always referring to this website. From a Czech book shop I got: «Your website is fine and interesting.»

The new publications are:
  • Japan: Dangerous Visions 1 (危険なヴィジョン 1)
  • Romania: Dangerous Visions (Viziuni periculoase)
  • Czech Republic: The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
The first two books, from Japan and Romania, contain "Riders of the Purple Wage". The Czech version of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction contains the novelette "A Scarletin Study", published under the pseudonym Jonathan Swift Somers III.
I had to correct some of the information that already was included.
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Up From the Bottomless Pit
Meteor House, August 2020.

A Rough Knight for the Queen, a biography of Richard Burton.
Meteor House, August 2020.

The following are not yet confirmed, but these titles are mentioned in the past years. All from Meteor House:

The Monster on Hold, written by Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, in  2021 -  2022 (?).

Christopher Paul Carey will maybe write a trilogy about Kôr, son of Hadon of Opar. Might be published in 2021 - 2022 (?).