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Le Noir Dessein: the eight printing in France
22 Sep 2018
In France publisher Le Livre de Poche keeps reprinting Philip José Farmer's Riverworld books.

In July this year the eight printing of Le Noir Dessein (The Dark Design) was released.
The period between this and its previous printing is not as short as it used to be between printing, two or three years. This time it took eight years after the seventh printing.
But the publisher keeps them coming it seems.

The Riverworld books haven't been published in French as ebooks.
FarmerFan #1
16 Sep 2018
The debut issue of the fanzine FarmerFan was presented at FarmerCon 100/ PulpFest 2018. A fanzine in letter format (28×21,5cm).

It contains three essays, and a very short bibliography of the pulp publications.
But no introduction, and/or no editorial, explaining the why and how of this fanzine. Only a piece about the writers. What is its goal? How often will it be published?

The three essays are Farmer related, not really about or by Farmer. Two Wold Newton Universe (WNU) articles, and the third about the title numatenu in the Opar/Khokarsa series. Great researches, if you like these detailed explanations.

What did not impress me about the fanzine are the unnumbered pages (80 of them). A Table of Contents with only the titles, not the page numbers. The lay-out is not really attractive, it looks a bit like an old school paper. The text typed with 1.5 rule over the full width of the page. One of the essays, the one by Emmons, takes more than half of the fanzine this way, with 43 pages. Why is the text not in two columns and typed in 1 rule? Maybe in a bit smaller font?
Under each title are two book covers shown, but no further illustrations in the fanzine. Except for some ads.
No information in Number 1 if and when the next issue will appear. I sure hope that the lay-out of Number 2 will be more inviting.

This issue refers to the website farmerfan.com, but the site is not updated. One of the pages you can «Purchase or download issues of FarmerFan». You cannot.
FarmerCon 100 programs
11 Sep 2018
For FarmerCon 100, celebrating Farmer's 100th birthday, there were three programs made of 10 pages each. The covers of the three programs have a continuous cover illustration done by Keith Howell. Click on the picture to see it larger. I recognize most of the characters and items in the picture, except for three: the man and woman behind Farmer's left arm, and the woman in the second zero. Also the two black ravens or crows.

The three programs contain a few new pieces, essays by Darrell Schweitzer and Frank Schildiner, some reprinted material and a few excerpts. It also brings "A Brief History of FarmerCon", written by Leo Queequeg Tincrowder, a pseudonym Farmer had used. Why it was used now and by whom (Michael Croteau?) is unknown to me. I do not see the point why this pseudonym was used. The name of Tincrowder is spelled wrong, it is Tincrowdor.

Carrots or carats?
There were also small misspellings in The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection.
On page 232 is mentioned the story "Don't Wash the Carrots". You do have to wash the carrots before you can eat them, but in this case it should be the story "Don't Wash the Carats".
On page 471 we see 'Jonathan Somers Swift, III', as well as the name 'Jonathan Swift Somers III'. The second version is correct.
Wow, finally finished adding!
3 Sep 2018
It took me a long time to add all the 41 stories and 18 essays into the Bibliography. I had to make three new story pages for the three novel excerpts in The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection.

It was a lot of work these past weeks. But what a massive collection this is! Huge, beautiful, interesting and greatly done. With a very nice wraparound cover illustration—for both the hardcover dustjacket as the trade paperback cover—by Mark Wheatly. The paperback has a much younger Farmer face. The cover shows several scenes from Farmer's work: Riverworld, Venus on the Half-Shell, Opar/Khokarsa, Tarzan, King Kong, The Lovers (I think) and the Wold Newton meteorite. See here the full cover.
A worthy tribute to Philip José Farmer's career. I love it! Super!

The book is divided in seven sections, one for each decade, starting with the 1940s, till the 2000s. The editor, Michael Croteau, gives for each decade a very interesting synopsis of Farmer’s life and career.
I started reading the very humorous excerpt "Casting Turtles", which led to reading the complete novel again!

You can order this book at Meteor House! The hardcover cost $50, and the trade paperback $35. Plus shipping. Or you can order one of the 52 limited deluxe, lettered and signed hardcover editions.
Received: Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time
17 Aug 2018
Philip José Farmer would have been very happy with this publication, it looks much more like a 'real' Tarzan book than the original one.

Robert R. Barrett in his Foreword: «Ballantine originally planned to issue Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time in a trade paperback, which very much pleased Phil. Ballantine also hoped to release the novel at the same time as the movie Tarzan and the Lost City in 1998. But many things conspired to interfere with this plan. ... Finally, Ballantine made the decision to put out the novel as a mass market paperback and wait another year, releasing it to coincide with Disney's animated Tarzan film.»
It was then published under the title The Dark Heart of Time.

The undervalued Ballantine publication, has been corrected more than a little with the fantastic beautiful hardcover and trade paperback editions of Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time.
The name of Tarzan is clearly in the title of the novel this time, not in a subtitle as with the Ballantine book. And the books got a very nice cover illustration by Mark Wheatly!
Meteor House did a great job with these editions!

You can order this book now at Meteor House! The hardcover cost $35, and the trade paperback $20. I saw the hardcover also for sale at Amazon.
New from Meteor House, and more
16 Aug 2018
Meteor House has sent me the following items:
- The Philip Jose Farmer Centennial Collection (hardcover),
- The Philip Jose Farmer Centennial Collection (paperback),
- Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time (hardcover),
- Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time (trade paperback),
- FarmerCon 100 programs (3 booklets),
- The first issue of the new fanzine FarmerFan,
- and also some magnets and pins with FarmerCon 100 pictures.

I hope to receive the limited deluxe hardcover of The Philip Jose Farmer Centennial Collection in the near future. There is a lot of work to do to add these items, and their contents (936 pages with the collection!), in the Bibliography. That will be done in the coming days.
Philip wrote Philip an open letter
12 Aug 2018
Early 1970s there was a dispute, that became something like a feud in the following years, between Philip José Farmer and Stanislaw Lem.
As far as I can tell this might have started with an essay by Lem in the Australian fanzine SF Commentary #22, July 1971: "Sex in Science Fiction".
In SF Commentary #25, December 1971, Farmer wrote an essay, "A Letter to Lem".
In SF Commentary #29, August 1972, followed by "A Letter to Mr. Farmer" by Lem.

Stanislaw Lem had a very low opinion of the American science fiction in general. As Phil Farmer wrote: «...his arrogant sneering putdown of all American s-f writers except for a few whom he damned with faint praise.»
Lem's opinion was even much lower of the use of sex in this genre, and mentioned Farmer's work several times in this regard.

The dispute reached a high point when in 1973 the board of the Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) elected Stanislaw Lem an honorary member.
This was for Farmer the reason to protest firmly in an angry letter, published in SFWA Forum #41 of July 1975, and finally to resign his membership of the SFWA. Farmer's protest was supported by several other authors, like Sam J. Lundwall and Philip K. Dick.

In SFWA Forum #41, October 1975 [note: a second issue #41], Philip K. Dick wrote an "Open Letter to Philip José Farmer", in which he mostly vented his own frustration with Stanislaw Lem, and the fact that he was "ripped off" by Polish publishers. While he was invited to these publishers thanks to Lem.
In this same issue of SFWA Forum is a reprinted essay by Stanislaw Lem: "Looking Down on Science Fiction (A novelist's choice for the world worst writing)".

There was a whole controversy concerning Stanislaw Lem in the 1970s, not only with Farmer and Dick, but many other authors as well. Next to the above mentioned publications there are many other pieces written about this in several magazines and fanzines. See for instance Science Fiction Studies #12 (July 1977), #13 (November 1977) and #14 (March 1978).
FarmerFan fanzine
3 Aug 2018
Jason Aiken, Will Emmons, and Sean Lee Levin released a fanzine, FarmerFan, at PulpFest/FarmerCon 100.
On the photo you see its first issue with a photo on the cover of Phil made by me in 2002, my first visit to the US and meeting with my hero. A photo that is used widely on the internet, with Wikipedia and ISFDB for instance.

I have no idea what the contents of this issue is, other than what it says on the cover. A copy of the first issue is on its way to me. I will keep you informed. Also will let you know then how to get one. It had a print run of only 40 copies.

There is no price on the cover. Maybe one can get a subscription on the fanzine. Issue 2 should be out in December to coincide with Wold Newton Day.
Limited Deluxe Edition
28 Jul 2018
Meteor House had  a surprise at FarmerCon 100. Next to the trade hardcover and paperback editions of The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection, came the announcement of a limited deluxe hardcover edition.
This edition will be limited to 52 lettered copies, and signed by all of the contributors: Michael Croteau – Editor, Tracy Knight – Foreword,
Joe R. Lansdale – Introduction, Zacharias LA Nuninga – Bibliography, Mark Wheatley – Cover Art.
Alas, not by the biggest contributor, Farmer himself (now that would have been something....!).

It is a beautiful book in leatherette binding, with a sewn in silk book mark. The end pages contain the color cover illustrations of both the trade hardcover and the paperback.
It will cost you $225.00 plus shipping. Order it quick, if you want one, at Meteor House.
Great, Greater, Grandest!
23 Jul 2018
Twenty-five essays by and five interviews with Christopher Paul Carey. That is te contents of his book The Grandest Adventure. All of the pieces have been published before, some online. But often in obscure fanzines. You could not get these essays very easy anymore or even at all. Several were published many years ago, but they are however still very readable.

It is a great and very interesting book. I had read most of the essays before, but couldn't help myself in reading them again. Much to my pleasure. Carey has an easy and enthusiastic way of writing, that keeps you reading once you start a piece.

The book is extensively illustrated with photos and cover scans.
«One of the most momentous books yet published on Philip José Farmer’s writing», according to the cover text. With this I fully and enthusiastically agree. A book like this one is long overdue.
I love this book!

It is a worthwile tribute to the Philip José Farmer Centennial Celebration. You can buy the book at Amazon.com for $18.99.
Great new Farmer books!
16 Jul 2018

In less than two weeks time these books will be released
. At FarmerCon 100 in Pittsburg, PA. The titles are: The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection, and Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time.
The first is a huge collection of nearly 950 pages with 58 pieces of short fiction and non-fiction, all by Philip José Farmer.
The Tarzan novel is a new edition, and for the first time in hardcover, of The Dark Heart of Time.

The website Greydogtales has a great review of the Centennial Collection, and of The Best of Farmerphile, and also of The Grandest Adventure by Christophet Paul Carey, and The Beast and Other Secret Histories by John Allen Small.
Plus a very interesting interview with Meteor House publisher Michael Croteau.

The website of Amazing Stories has also some nice words for the Centennial Collection, see here. And the website Publisher's Weekly has a starred review of this collection.
Small's immersions in the WNU
16 Jul 2018
John Allen Small proudly filled a book, The Beast and Other Secret Histories, with eleven essays celebrating Philip José Farmer's 100th birthday. These interesting essays are all researches in the Wold Newton Universe (WNU).
Most of the pieces had been published before, often online on the WNU websites. But there is some great new material as well.

If you're interested in the WNU Mythos then this nice book is a welcome addition to your library.
You can buy the book at Amazon.com for $10.00.
Heel in the UK
19 Jun 2018
There still can items be found that I did not know of. As you can see and read with several of the recent posts on this site.

This discovery however surprised me a lot. The British version of If of May 1960, with Farmer's story "Heel".
While I thought I had covered every publication of his stories in the US and UK.

The UK edition is identical to the corresponding US issue except for the cover price and numbering.
It was published by Digest Productions (US) and distributed in England by Strato Publications.
Harry Manders and Paul Chapin in Germany
14 Jun 2018
I recently discovered two earlier German translations of stories by Philip José Farmer. These two were written under pseudonym with their original publication in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. The pseudonyms were also used with the German translations.
The stories are "The Problem of the Sore Bridge—Among Others" (1975) by Harry Manders, as "Der Fall mit den Juwelen" in the anthology Ein Affe namens Shakespeare (1976).
And "The Volcano" (1976) by Paul Chapin, as "Der Vulkan" published in the anthology Tod eines Samurai (1977).

Both anthologies are part of a long time running series Die besten Stories aus The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction from publisher Heyne.
FarmerCon 100 in July
16 May 2018
In about two months will the 13th FarmerCon been held. The con is this time called FarmerCon 100, because of Farmer's 100th Birthday this year. It takes place from Thursday July 26 till Sunday July 29 in Pittsburgh, together with PulpFest 2018.

See the website of PulpFest 2018 or of The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page, for all the information.

I will not be able to attend the con, alas. I  wish everyone who is going a great time in Pittsburgh. There will be some great books released in the weekend.

And yet another two letters
14 Apr 2018
Checking further the information on Philip José Farmer at ISFDB I found another two letters missing in my bibliography.

First is a letter in the fanzine New Venture #4, of the Summer 1976. As I do not have a copy yet I do not know what's in the letter.

The second letter, a very small one, is in Locus #392 of September 1993. It is one of the 'Locus Silver Anniversary Letters', and in it Farmer writes:

«Congratulations on your 25th anniversary. Your professionalism equals or exceeds that of national publications (I'm not including the National Enquirer among the other big journals), and you should be very proud.
--Philip José Farmer»

The letter is accompanied with a photo of Phil from 1968, the year that Locus started
. The photo was made by Walter J. Daugherty.
It is strange that I missed the letter in Locus, because I have a subscription on this magazine since the early 1970s. I hope that I haven't missed more.
Reprint of original French collection
10 Apr 2018
I mentioned ISFDB two weeks ago, with some previous unknown letters by Farmer.
This time I discovered at ISFDB a reprint of the French collection Philip José Farmer.

There is some confusion about the title of this collection. Sometimes you see it with the name of the series or sub-series as part of the book title, as Le livre d'or de la science-fiction: Philip José Farmer. This is not correct.

This collection, with ten stories, was originally published in 1980. The reprint of this book is from October 1983. I have never seen a copy for sale, and could not find one yet since my 'discovery'.

It was reprinted again in 1990, where the title changed to Le jeu de la création. The sub-series name changed to 'Le grand temple de la science-fiction'
The Grandest Adventure of Philip José Farmer
3 Apr 2018
Christopher Paul Carey already announced the coming of this book earlier, see the entry of February 21, 2018 on this site.
His book, The Grandest Adventure: Writings on Philip José Farmer, will be released this year in July.

«To mark the centenary year of the birth of one of science fiction and fantasy’s undisputed masters, Philip José Farmer (1918–2009), Farmer scholar and collaborator Christopher Paul Carey has collected in these pages a large selection of his essays and interviews on Farmer and his work. Written over a period of more than twenty years, these pieces, many of them originally published in obscure and hard-to-find places, offer insights into some of Farmer’s most important and popular novels and stories. One of the most momentous books yet published on Philip José Farmer’s writing, The Grandest Adventure will make a welcome addition to the libraries of fans, devotees, and casual science fiction readers alike.»

Cover art by Charles Berlin
Preface by Michael Croteau

Publisher: Leaky Boot Press
Trade Paperback: 286 pages
ISBN: 978-1-909849-61-7
List Price: $18.99
Publication Date: July 2, 2018

See the website of Christopher Paul Carey.
Three more letters by Phil
29 Mar 2018
For some years now I'm adding information of the books and stories in my collection to The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB). The submissions happen when my time permits.
Of course I'm also adding the information on works by Philip José Farmer.

But once in a while the ISFDB has information for me about Phil that is not in my Bibliography yet. This time I found the information of three more letters in fanzines by Farmer. They were unknown to me.

The letters appeared in:
The page with PJF's letters has been changed.
Farmer's letter in SF Commentary #25 is in fact an eight pages long essay, called "A Letter to Lem". Maybe in response to the essay by Stanislaw Lem in SF Commentary #22, July 1971: "Sex in Science Fiction".

Lem and Farmer were not the best of friends. Farmer had been upset about some highly critical things Lem had said about American sf in general and Farmer’s books in particular: "the neanderthalish views" in Farmer's work with sexual themes.

Stanislaw Lem responded on Farmer's essay with "A Letter to Mr. Farmer". This was published in SF Commentary #29, August 1972. On the cover of this 'Special Violence Issue' it says: "LEM battles with FARMER".

La revue des lettres modernes: Jules Verne
19 Mar 2018
Sometimes it takes an awfully long time to find an item I am looking for. That also happened with a copy of the French literary magazine La revue des lettres modernes.

Issue 456-461 of July 1976 is completely devoted to Jules Verne's Le Tour du monde en quatre-vingts jours (Around the World in Eighty Days).
In this paperback is also an essay by Jean Chesneaux: "Une lecture extra-terrestre du Tour du Monde: The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, de P.J. Farmer".

This is about Farmer's sequel, The Other Log of Phileas Fogg,  to the above mentioned novel. And about the relation of Fogg with the two alien races in this novel
The Bronze Gazette 81
15 Mar 2018
The editor, Chuck Welch, already promised it earlier, that the fanzine The Bronze Gazette would offer more essays about Farmer this year, the year of his 100th Birthday.

Included in this issue is "Sons of Savage: Doc Caliban", written by Arthur C. Sippo.
This is a reprint of Sippo's very interesting "Afterword" for the 2012 Titan Books edition of A Feast Unknown.

Sippo: «Feast is not an aberration in his oeuvre, but rather typically Farmerian. There are several things in Feast that remain somewhat shocking even today.»

Thoan, la saga des Hommes-Dieux
27 Feb 2018
Publisher Mnémos in France released in February the omnibus Thoan, la saga des Hommes-Dieux.
This one contains all seven novels of the World of Tiers series: Le faiseur d'univers (The Maker of Universes) - Les portes de la création (The Gates of Creation) - Cosmos privé (A Private Cosmos) - Les murs de la Terre (Behind the Walls of Terra) - Le monde Lavalite (The Lavalite World) - La rage d'Orc le Rouge (Red Orc's Rage) - Plus fort que le feu (More Than Fire).

The omnibus counts 1021 pages and cost €35.00. You can order it through Amazon.fr (ISBN 978-2-35408-614-5).
See the publisher's website.
Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time
22 Feb 2018
Great announcement from the publisher:

«Meteor House, as a part of the yearlong celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Philip José Farmer, is thrilled to announce the first hardcover publication of his authorized Tarzan novel, Tarzan and the Dark Heart of Time—a book that takes place in 1918, the year of Farmer’s birth!

One of the most famous heroes in literature is back! Tarzan, Lord of the Apes, returns with a vengeance in this action-packed adventure by Philip José Farmer, Hugo Award winner, Nebula Grand Master, and author of the incredible Riverworld saga.»

«In addition, this handsome new edition, which sports a gorgeous painted cover by well known Burroughs artist Mark Wheatley, a new Foreword by longtime Burroughs scholar Robert R. Barrett, and a new Introduction by Farmer expert Win Scott Eckert, will also be released in a trade paperback edition.»

The book, a reissue of The Dark Heart of Time (1999), will be released at FarmerCon 100, held in conjunction with PulpFest 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA, July 26-29.
Hardcover for $35, and the trade paperback for $20. You can preorder them now at Meteor House!
Writings on Philip José Farmer
21 Feb 2018
Christopher Paul Carey has sent off the manuscript of The Grandest Adventure: Writings on Philip José Farmer 1996-2018 (the tentative title) to the publisher.
Chris: "Wow, what a trip down memory lane that was to write the preface and read through the manuscript! More than 76,000 words!"

No further details at this moment, other than that it may be published in the Summer of 2018.
As I understood from Chris it will not be published by Meteor House.

Seven World of Tiers novels in Thoan
20 Feb 2018
Publisher Mnémos in France released a third omnibus with novels by Philip José Farmer. In 2016 they published the five Riverworld novels as Le Monde du fleuve, and the three Opar / Khokarsa novels as Opar.
And now in 2018 they have the omnibus Thoan. This contains all seven novels of the World of Tiers series: Le faiseur d'univers - Les portes de la création - Cosmos privé - Les murs de la Terre - Le monde Lavalite - La rage d'Orc le Rouge - Plus fort que le feu.

I ordered the book, and received the confirmation that it has been sent. As soon as I receive it I will add the information in the Bibliography.

The omnibus has about 1200 pages and cost €35.00. You can order it through Amazon.fr (ISBN 978-2354086145).
Russian and Ukrainian books
4 Feb 2018
From the Russian online shop Ozon.ru I received, within a week, two parcels with twelve books from Russia and Ukraine. All are hardcovers.

The books, omnibuses and anthologies, are already known and included in the bibliography. I will check the data in the bibliography against the books, and correct these if necessary. Also will replace the covers with my own scans.
This will keep me busy for a while...
And I need more bookshelves.
The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection
1 Feb 2018
Meteor House is celebrating Farmer's 100th Birthday with a huge collection. Nearly 950 pages with 58 pieces of short fiction and non-fiction, all by the Grand Master Philip José Farmer.

This book, The Philip José Farmer Centennial Collection, will be released at FarmerCon 100, July 26-29, 2018, in Pittsburgh, PA.
I love the cover, done by Mark Wheatly.

«The contents have been chosen to illustrate not only the science fiction Grand Master’s career, but his life as well. Featuring an introduction by Joe R. Lansdale, a foreword by Tracy Knight, a bibliography by Zacharias L.A. Nuninga, a decade by decade summary of his career, and two different covers by Mark Wheatley! The book is available in both trade paperback and hardcover.»

You can preorder one of the editions, or both of course, now.
It is $50 for the hardcover and $35 for the trade paperback, plus shipping.

I wonder if Meteor House has more surprises for us this year.
Philip José Farmer Day
January 26, 1918 - 2018

Photo: Zacharias L.A. Nuninga (2002)
Swords of Mars
19 Jan 2018
I found another Russian publication of Farmer's story "The God Business".
It was published in September 1991 in the anthology Мечи Марса (Mechi Marsa; translated as Swords of Mars) by publisher Алиса (Alice).

The anthology contains, next to Farmer's story, also three stories by Leigh Brackett ("The Dancing Girl of Ganymede", "Enchantress of Venus", and "The Beast-Jewel of Mars") and one by Robert E. Howard ("A Witch Shall Be Born").

Only two of Brackett's stories
have a relation to Mars. Farmer's story hasn't.
The Bronze Gazette 80
7 Jan 2018
In the last week of December I received Issue 80, Winter 2017, of the fanzine about Doc Savage, The Bronze Gazette.
According to the website this is the issue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Philip José Farmer.

It contains the following about or from Philip José Farmer:

- "Philip José Farmer: An Anaglyphic Look", by Chuck Welch;

- "Writing Doc's Biography", by PJF;

- "The Kindly Author and his Avid Fan",  by Chuck Welch;

- "Readers of the Bronze Page", by PJF;

- "Afterword to Doc Savage Omnibus #13", by PJF.

This issue is very beautifully designed by Kez Wilson, and lavishly illustrated with black & white and many color illustrations and covers.
Kez Wilson also designed two color covers for Farmer's proposed Doc Savage novels The Crimson Jaguar and Dark Satanic Mills.

You can order Issue 80 at the website of The Bronze Gazette.
Advanced Readings in D&D: Philip José Farmer
26 Dec 2017
I had missed it completely the past four years, but on November 25, 2013, Mordicai Knode wrote a post at Tor.com with the above title.

«In “Advanced Readings in D&D,” Tor.com writers Tim Callahan and Mordicai Knode take a look at Gary Gygax’s favorite authors and reread one per week, in an effort to explore the origins of Dungeons & Dragons and see which of these sometimes-famous, sometimes-obscure authors are worth rereading today. Sometimes the posts will be conversations, while other times they will be solo reflections, but one thing is guaranteed: Appendix N will be written about, along with dungeons, and maybe dragons, and probably wizards, and sometimes robots, and, if you’re up for it, even more.

This week it’s Philip José Farmer and his World of Tiers, an epic that bridges high fantasy, the pulps and whimsical science-fiction.»

It is quite interesting, the essay leads to the conclusion that The Maker of Universes "is a DM's novel".
The Bronze Gazette 80
26 Dec 2017
Issue 80, Winter 2017, of the fanzine about Doc Savage, The Bronze Gazette, was published this month. I did not yet receive my copy of it, but under follows the announcement.
This issue has a great cover!

The website: «This was our issue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Philip José Farmer. Included are reprinted Farmer-penned articles on Doc Savage and Escape from Loki, plus new work from Chuck Welch and Jeff Deischer. Everything, new and old, beautifully designed by Kez Wilson.»

You can order Issue 80 at the website of The Bronze Gazette. Do not wait too long with your order as older issues soon are sold out.
Argentinian novel Carne
26 Nov 2017
Again a discovery by Fred Fischer (USA). He saw it online, with the South American site Mercado Libre (something like eBay), the Argentian publication of Carne (Flesh). The book is for sale for $80 (Argentinian peso). That is less than US$5.

There is not much of information with the book. I have no idea when it was published. Mercado Libre only gives the format and the page count. I haven't been able to find more information online of this publication. My guess is that it is a copy of the Spanish edition with a new cover, something that happened in more cases with the Argentinian editions. In that case it will have been published in 1975 or later.

I also found a bad picture of another edition of the same novel on Mercado Libre. But no information whatsoever. So I have no idea if this is the first or second edition, or even if it really exists.

There is no information to be found online on any of these two books. They are not included in the Spanish Bibliography, Tercera Fundación.

If anyone knows more about these two, please let me know.
Thanks again Fred for the discovery!

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The Best of Farmerphile
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Древняя Африка
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La Nuit de la lumière

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Being an Account of the Delay at Green River, Wyoming, of Phileas Fogg, World Traveler, or, The Masked Man Meets an English Gentleman
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Christopher Paul Carey will write a trilogy about Kôr, son of Hadon of Opar. Might be published in 2019-2020 (?).

Up From the Bottomless Pit 
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