News & What's New - January 2008
Go, go, go, get your copy!
29 January 2008

The contents of Farmerphile Issue No. 11 is now known. With two previously unpublished stories and an article by Phil Farmer, a column by his wife, Bette Farmer, and contributions from Spider Robinson, Howard Waldrop, Win Scott Eckert, Chris Carey, Robert Barrett and others. It is a special issue this time, with many 90th Birthday Wishes from authors like Michael Moorcock, Norman Spinrad, Harlan Ellison, Joe Haldeman, Piers Anthony, and many, many others.
Issue #11, which has a very nice cover by Joey Van Massenhoven, will be shipped this week. Farmer received his copy personally from the publisher, Mike Croteau, on his birthday. Have a look at the site with the complete contents, and the ordering and payment information.

Joey Van Massenhoven
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Farmer's 90th Birthday: Congratulations!
26 January 2008

Philip José Farmer was born on January 26, 1918 in Terre Haute, Indiana (USA). Today he reaches the respectable age of 90. Ninety years in which he shared many ideas, theories, myths and paramyths, fiction and non-fiction, biographies, his wit and his humor with us —his readers— through his stories, novels and articles. I want to congratulate Phil Farmer warmly with the milestone of reaching the age of 90 and thank him for everything he shared with us all, so far. Happy Birthday, Phil!
The magazine Locus will honor Grand Master Philip José Farmer with his 90th birthday in Issue 565, February 2008.
See also the website of Christopher Paul Carey, editor of Venus on the Half-Shell and Others, for another and original congratulation to Farmer and his work.

Phil in 2002
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Venus on the Half-Shell and Others
26 January 2008

This week, just before Farmer's birthday, did publisher Subterranean Press release and ship the trade edition of the new collection Venus on the Half-Shell and Others, "..in which the author slips out of his own skin and into that of fictive authors..." (see publisher's website). If you want a copy of this collection, you should order it now, before they are all gone. Previous Farmer books from Subterranean were sold out in no time!
As soon as I receive the trade edition a new bookpage will be added to this site. The other two editions will take some time to finish due to the production time of the slipcase and especially the traycase.

Bob Eggleton
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Farmerphile Issue No.11 is coming
26 January 2008

While I am still adding the information of Issue Number 10 to the pages of this site, will the next issue, Number 11, of Farmerphile be published this month, January 2008. Again with previously unpublished fiction by Farmer and other newly written articles. There is no information yet about the contents of the issue, so you have to check the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page for this.
A copy can be ordered for $11.00 with an email to Mike Croteau, the publisher.

Jason Robert Bell
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Added Books
From November 2007 till February 2008 there were 35 publications added on the book pages.
See the Update info of February 2008 - extra.
Due to the restyling of the book pages I cannot give you exact numbers right now. When all is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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