News & What's New - March 2008
A Woman a Day
31 March 2008

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away", but that doesn't apply to a woman a day. The good doctor, in this case Doctor Leif Barker, plays a leading role in the novel A Woman a Day. Originally published in 1960 and for the last time in English in 1980 by Berkley (US).
Ted Pauls in his review: "Farmer does a good job of depicting a rather unpleasant future society, and the writing is technically sound without being either beautiful or brilliant. Characterization is generally sharp, but the author goes a little overboard in portraying Barker as a somewhat pompous figure..." (Science Fiction Review #42, 1971).

The reason for this entry is not a new edition, alas, but only that I have restyled the book page. The old page had 14 covers, the new one has now 23 cover scans.
Still twelve pages to go...

Gerald McConnel
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German Riverworld (Flusswelt) books
23 March 2008

The postman brought three books from Germany, the first three novels in the Riverworld series. Piper published the three Flusswelt novels in March 2008, in a renewed or completely new translation by Ronald M. Hahn.
The novels, Die Flusswelt der Zeit (To Your Scattered Bodies Go), Auf dem Zeitstrom (The Fabulous Riverboat) and Das dunkle Muster (The Dark Design) are added on the book pages. These pages are still not redesigned yet, because of lack of time.

The first book, Die Flusswelt der Zeit, had been announced also containing the story "Am dunklen Fluss". But it does not contain that story, instead it has the third, expanded version of the novella "Auf dem Fluss" ("Riverworld") included, together with a foreword by Farmer explaining why he had expanded the story for the third time.

Later this year will Piper publish the fourth and fifth book in the Riverworld series, Das magische Labyrinth (The Magic Labyrinth) and Die Götter der Flusswelt (Gods of Riverworld). These books will be published in November and December 2008.

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More Spanish Riverworld novels
23 March 2008

On the website of the Spanish publisher La Factoria de Ideas can no information been found about publishing plans for the other novels of the Riverworld series. The first novel A vuestros cuerpos dispersos (To Your Scattered Bodies Go) got published in September 2007.
So, I wrote the editor of La Factoria de Ideas, Silvia Rodríguez Coladas, and asked her about their plans. She answered that more Riverworld books will be published next year, in 2009 also. The Spanish readers will have to wait a long time for the next Riverworld novels, unlike the German readers.

David Torres wrote a review for the Spanish newspaper El Mundo, published in the January 31, 2008 issue of the magazine El Cultural, of A vuestros cuerpos dispersos. The review is illustrated with a recent photo of Farmer made by Jonas Ramanauskas.

John Stevens
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Numbered edition of Venus received
21 March 2008

Today came a copy of the limited, numbered and signed editions of the collection Venus on the Half-Shell and Others. The book is bound in white leather covered boards and housed in a blue clothed slipcase.
The information about this edition has been added on the book page.
As I have written before both the limited editions are already sold out with the publisher, Subterranean Press.

Bob Eggleton
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"Moi, Tarzan"
16 March 2008

The French movie maker François Christophe made a documentary in 1996 about the origin and history of Tarzan, with the French title Moi, Tarzan. This is of course the translation of "Me, Tarzan".
In this 60 minutes documentary are three Tarzan experts, George T. McWhorter, curator of the Burroughs Memorial Collection at the University of Louisville Ekstrom Library in Kentucky (USA), Francis Lacassin, French journalist, author and specialist in modern myth, and Philip José Farmer. All three are speaking about Tarzan.
Farmer talks in detail about Tarzan's origin, the real place in Africa where the Claytons landed, the other discoveries Farmer made about Tarzan and the interview he had with him, his Tarzan biography Tarzan Alive, and also about the Wold Newton meteorite in relation to Tarzan.

The documentary was made in 1996, but in 2005 it became available on DVD. You can order the DVD with L'Harmattan for € 20. The language is French and both Americans are subtitled in French, but you still can hear Farmer speaking English.
If you want the English version you can have it as Video-on-demand from Documen.tv for $4.99. You cannot save this VOD documentary, but you can watch it full-screen on your computer.

I received the information about this documentary from Christian Gitton (Paris, France.) Merci Christian!

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Limited editions of Venus sold out!
16 March 2008

The new collection Venus on the Half-Shell and Others is selling well. Both the limited editions, the 125 numbered and signed copies in a slipcase as well as the 26 lettered and signed copies in a traycase, already sold out with the publisher. These editions are sold out before the actual publication of the books, they are not yet ready for shipping due to the productiuon time of the slipcases and the traycases. Maybe one of the limited editions can still be bought with an online book dealer, but from Subterranean Press you can order the trade edition only.

Bob Eggleton
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Added Books
There are 4 publications added on the book pages in March 2008.
The Dark Design
The new German edition (Das dunkle Muster) from Piper.
The Fabulous Riverboat
The new German edition (Auf dem Zeitstrom) from Piper.
To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The new German edition Die Flusswelt der Zeit from Piper.
Venus on the Half-Shell and Others
The numbered, signed and slipcased edition from Subterranean Press.
Due to the restyling of the book pages I cannot give you exact numbers right now. When all is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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