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Mystery of Tarzan Alive solved
29 May 2008

No, not the mystery if Tarzan was real or not —for that you have to read the biography Tarzan Alive yourself— but a far bigger mystery of course. The mystery of an ISBN for the Doubleday hardcover edition. Sometimes an ISBN had been mentioned online with the edition, but there is no ISBN printed in the first or second printing.
Lee Barrie (US) has a copy of the third printing and has sent me proof of the printed ISBN in this one, on the copyright page and the dustjacket. A new entry has been added on the book page. Thanks Lee!
With this mystery solved, now I can sleep again at night...

Milton Glaser
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Original art of The Empire of the Nine
26 May 2008

Recently a friend of mine, Willem Hettinga, discovered the website of artist Mark Salwowski. He also noted that on the page 'Art For Sale' one of the offered artworks was the cover of the British omnibus The Empire of the Nine. The artist of the cover of this omnibus got no credit for his work by publisher Sphere Books, and till now I did not know who the artist was. The book page has been corrected with the name of Mark Salwowski.
Not only that, but I have also bought the original art from the artist. It is the first original cover art based on Farmer's work in my already huge Farmer collection. I hope to receive the painting at the end of this week.

Mark Salwowski also did another cover for one of Farmer's books —for which he did receive credit in the book—, the 1985 printing of the British edition of Strange Relations.
If you like artwork, then the website of Mark Salwowski is certainly worth a visit.

Mark Salwowski
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used with permission)
Romanian edition of The Magic Labyrinth
25 May 2008

In November 2007 did Romanian publisher Nemira finally publish the fourth translated novel in the Riverworld series, Labirintul magic (The Magic Labyrinth). The first three novels, Fluviul Vietii (To Your Scattered Bodies Go), Vasul Miraculos (The Fabulous Riverboat) and Planul Misterios (The Dark Design) were all three published in June 2006. The first three novels had also been published in 1998 in trade paperbacks by the same publisher. There is no information online if Nemira will also publish the fifth and last of the Riverworld series, Gods of Riverworld.
I am still trying to get the Romanian editions, but till now with no success.

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Review of Up From the Bottomless Pit
16 May 2008

Nathan Brazil has written a review, nearly a year after the collection had first been published, of Up from the Bottomless Pit and Other Stories for the Mid-May 2008 edition of SF Site.
It is a very positive review: "The combination of Subterranean Press and Philip José Farmer is a terrific example of how well publishing can work when a publisher is blessed with the brains to spot a good thing." and "Every story has something to say, even if one or two show their age."
Read the full review here.

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Sherlock Holmes issue of Farmerphile
16 May 2008

Last week I received Issue number 12 of the quarterly magazine Farmerphile. Fans and readers of Farmer know that he has a very broad spectrum of interests, as well in stories about Tarzan, Doc Savage, The Shadow, Sherlock Holmes, and other detectives and (super) heroes, as in topics like religion, sexual relations, environment, myths and paramyths, to name just a few. Those interests were used by Farmer throughout his writings, his fiction as well as his non-fiction.

The theme of Farmerphile #12 is about two of Farmer's subjects of study and writing: Sherlock Holmes and Sufism. Bette Farmer writes in her column about some of the meetings of a local scion society of Baker Street Irregulars, George Scheetz tells even more about these meetings. And a 1975 speech by Farmer of how Sherlock Holmes had been in contact with Sufi masters.
There are more articles about Sherlock Holmes and Sufism, a discussion on The Other Log of Phileas Fogg that goes 'deeper' than the earlier article by Dave Bonte (see under) —but that had been written for a completely different audience— , an short article about a 'new' Wold Newton Family member, Jongor, a piece about comic books, and some interesting "Unpolished Pearls" by Farmer himself.
Artist Keith Howell did a marvelous job with the cover!

So, there is enough to enjoy. You can order a copy at the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page, see here.

Keith Howell
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What Jules Verne didn't tell
5 May 2008

Just before our short vacation to Spain came an email from Dave Bonte (Belgium) with information about an article written by him for the official journal of the Dutch Jules Verne Society, De Verniaan Issue No. 42, Spring 2008. The issue has several articles about Captain Antifer (1894) and Around the World in Eighty Days (1873).
Dave Bonte's article is about the interstellar story behind the second novel, written by Farmer in his The Other Log of Phileas Fogg. About the battle between the Eridaneans and the Capelleans, two alien races stranded on Earth, and the role of Captain Nemo in this story. An interesting piece, but you have to be able to read Dutch in this case.

Our vacation in Spain was very nice, we had lovely weather. But, alas, I had no luck, no Spanish books by Farmer could be found in the places where we have been.

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Added Books
Two publications have been added on the book pages in May 2008.
The Magic Labyrinth
The Romanian edition, Labirintul magic, from Nemira, 2007.
Tarzan Alive
The third printing from Doubleday.
Still no exact numbers right now. When the restyling is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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