News & What's New - June 2008

Brazilian publication of Flesh
28 June 2008

There still are publications of Farmer's work out there that we do not know of. Once in a while one of those publications is discovered, like this book from Brazil.
In 1971 Sabiá published Carne in a trade paperback, an in portuguese translated edition of the novel Flesh. This edition has been added on the book page.

The search for yet unknown publications will be continued. If you have information about books missing on these pages, please let me know. Any help is welcome.

Eugénio Hirsch
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World of Tiers in Lithuania
22 June 2008

Publisher Eridanas in Lithuania published in 1994 the first novel in the World of Tiers series, Visatų kūrėjas (The Maker of Universes) as number 13 in their book series 'Pasaulinės fantastikos aukso fondas' (PFAF). The book series went on, but no further parts of the World of Tiers series were printed.
Recently I discovered that Eridanas had published another two novels of the World of Tiers series, thirteen and fourteen years after the first came out. Strangely enough not parts two and three, but the novels three and five of this series.

In June 2007 Eridanas published Nuosavas kosmosas (A Private Cosmos), and in February 2008 Lavalitinis Pasaulis (The Lavalite World), the numbers 416 and 424 in the publisher's book series.
There is no indication on the publisher's website that the other parts of the World of Tiers series will be published at some later time.

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Forthcoming books
18 June 2008

Two dates for the forthcoming books have been set. First for the omnibus The Other in the Mirror from Subterranean Press, which can be expected in March 2009 according to Locus magazine. There is no news on this yet on the publisher´s website.

French publisher Le Livre de pôche announces September 2008 as the publication date for the collection La Nuit de la lumière. See the publisher's website.

I have still no idea if the earlier announced publication for this summer of Two Hawks from Earth will actually take place. There is no information on the publisher's website about this and my email to the publisher, MonkeyBrain Books, did not get any answer.

Farmercon 90 in July
18 June 2008

Next month, on July 26th, will Farmercon 90 take place in Peoria, hometown of Phil and Bette Farmer. With the latest update of The Official PJF Home Page came some more information where it will take place, and what the program will be. For more information on this, see the page Upcoming Events.

You can also vote for the Farmerphile Awards for Best Article and Best Artwork. Voting can be done on this page, where you will find the nominated articles (you can read the articles online if you don't have the issues of Farmerphile) and the nominated artwork (also online).
My wife and I will attend Farmercon 90 in Peoria. Hope to meet some of you too next month!

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Received The Empire of the Nine artwork
18 June 2008

Last week came the parcel with the original artwork of the omnibus The Empire of the Night. It looks on the large format (66×43cm) even more impressive than on the cover of the book. Lord Grandrith en Doc Caliban engaged in a battle with their enemies, with the Nine vaguely in the background. It is a great painting! I am a proud owner of it. Of course the copyright of the painting is still with the artist, Mark Salwowski.

Mark Salwowski
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Two months work for one book page
12 June 2008

The book page of To Your Scattered Bodies Go, the largest book page on this site, has finally been restyled. It has been an enormous job and it took me nearly two months to finish the page with all the new information and all the new cover scans.
The old page had 89 publications and 30 covers, but now you will see 122 publications and 80 covers scans. There are several more US, German, Italian, French and Japanese publications added.
Strangely enough I cannot find proof of the 20th printing of the Berkley Books edition. Maybe this one has only been used for the boxed set of Riverworld books in 1981?

Tim O'Neil wrote a blog entry on December 23, 2007 about the cover art of the different editions of To Your Scattered Bodies Go, that starts with the line: "There is no field in publishing more cursed with lame book covers than that of fantasy and science fiction."
You can now make up your own mind on this with all the shown covers on the book page. There are several I like and especially dislike. My favorites are the ones by John Stevens for the Ballantine/Del Rey edition (1998) and by Keith Scaife for the HarperCollins edition (1993), and also the one by Manchu for the French Le Livre de Poche edition (1992).

Ira Cohen
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Venus on the Half-Shell and Others reviewed by the Green Man Review
2 June 2008

Online magazine Green Man Review published in their latest issue a review by Robert M. Tilendis of Farmer's collection Venus on the Half-Shell and Others: "...a collection of examples of just how out-there Farmer can get... ...These stories are, aside from being a lot of fun, supremely literate, even erudite and probably, on some level totally scandalous... ...Carey's doing a wonderful job of bringing us the stories of Farmer, and this collection is right on target...".
Read the full review here.

Bob Eggleton
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Added Books
Thirty-six publications have been added on the book pages in June.
The Brazilian edition, Carne, from Sabiá, 1971.
The Lavalite World
The Lithuanian edition, Lavalitinis Pasaulis, from Eridanas, 2008.
A Private Cosmos
The Lithuanian edition, Nuosavas kosmosas, from Eridanas, 2007.
To Your Scattered Bodies Go
Thirty-three publications were added on the book page, with books from the US, Germany, Italy, France and Japan.
Still no exact numbers right now. When the restyling is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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