News & What's New - July 2008

Farmercon 90
24 July 2008

On Friday July 25th we will be flying to the USA. At first we fly to Peoria, to attend Farmercon 90 on Saturday. We stay for the weekend in Peoria, where we hope to meet Phil and Bette Farmer and a lot of other Farmerphiles too. It will be great to meet them again.
On Monday we'll fly to Seattle. We are going to make a tour by car in the states Washington and Oregon, visiting many interesting places and cities. Around mid August we will be heading back to our own home in the Netherlands.
So, you will have to wait for a report and photos of Farmercon 90 till we have returned home. It will be the next update of the site. See you then!
World of Tiers book page is ready
23 July 2008

Again a book page has been redesigned, the one with the omnibuses and boxed sets of books with the novels of the World of Tiers series.
The old page had 28 publications, but there are now 44 publications. Most of the added omnibuses were published in Russia in the early 1990s. In the same period several books were published in Ukraine also. I discovered two omnibuses from the Ukrainian publisher Gemma, one with the novels 1 and 2, and another one with the novels 5 and 6 of the World of Tiers series. But no information if there is an omnibus with the novels 3 and 4.
Added also are the two new Lithuanian omnibuses —see the previous entry— Nuosavas kosmosas and Lavalitinis pasaulis.

Because of the added omnibuses, some other pages have changed too. On the book page of the novel The Maker of Universes are six new additions: four Russian and two Ukrainian publications. Behind the Walls of Terra has five publications newly added: three Russian, one Ukrainian and one Lithuanian.
Three other book pages with novels of the World of Tiers series, The Gates of Creation, A Private Cosmos, and The Lavalite World, will have the new information when those pages are getting restyled.

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Correction Lithuanian World of Tiers
17 July 2008

Last week I received the first two Polish books for my Farmer collection. Also for the first time the postman delivered three books from Lithuania. I had discovered bookshops in both countries where these books could be bought online, and where the staff was friendly enough to help me in English.

When I received the three Lithuanian books it became clear that what had been written before - see the entry of 22 June 2008 - about the publications was not entirely correct. Both books are omnibuses and each contains two novels of the World of Tiers series.
Nuosavas kosmosas contains the novels The Gates of Creation and A Private Cosmos, and Lavalitinis pasaulis contains the novels Behind the Walls of Terra and The Lavalite World.
The bookpages of these novels will soon be corrected with the new information.

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Red Orc's Rage book page restyled
13 July 2008

The book page with the information on all publications of the novel Red Orc's Rage has now been restyled. Although not part of the continuing story line, this novel belongs to the World of Tiers series.
Red Orc's Rage was well received by the critics: "In this art-imitates-life-imitates-art novel, nearly half the action chronicles Jim's exciting and disturbing adventures in other worlds. The result is a powerful blend of psychology and fantasy..." (Reading for Pleasure, #20) and "Farmer's work is always interesting. Here he is more interesting than usual. So go forth and buy and read. And then ask yourselves: Are there any other SF books or series that might lend themselves to similar uses?" (Analog, February 1992). See more reviews.

But it seems that the readers did not share the same enthusiasm. The novel got only two editions in the US, a hardcover in 1991 and a paperback a year later. It has never been reprinted. Tor Books, the publisher of the novel, did not even include it in their two World of Tiers omnibuses, published in 1996 and 1997.
The French publisher La Découverte however did include the novel in their omnibuses of the series in 2005.

Maybe the fans were disappointed because Red Orc's Rage is not really a sequel to the series. Jean-Marc Lofficier wrote in his review on this: "Red Orc's Rage is not, properly speaking, a sequel to the previous Tiers books, but it does fill in many gaps, including new, tantalizing hints about the Lords' origins. It also reveals the identity of the mysterious British figure seen by Kickaha in The Lavalite World. This alone makes it a must for any serious Farmer follower." (Starlog #190, May 1993).

As I said, the book page has been restyled now, with more information and new cover scans. A before unknown Ukrainian edition has been added on the page.

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Has Farmer given up on writing?
8 July 2008

It seems that Philip José Farmer has abandoned writing new stories and novels completely.
From the year 2005 on we have seen more previously unpublished fiction than in many years before, but none of those stories were newly written. They all came from the 'Magic Filing Cabinet', as the editors of Farmerphile like to call it.
From Farmer's own archives also. Stories which for different reasons were not sold at the time they were written. But nothing completely new has been written by Farmer in a decade. The last of these has been published in 1999, the Tarzan novel The Dark Heart of Time.

The most recent announcements of new books were done in 2000, with A Hole in Hell, a sequel to Nothing Burns In Hell, in 2002, with The Fanged and the Glittering One, a slightly futuristic fantasy or mystery novel, and in 2003, with The Rain Crow or Aromatic Swine Drive, a noir mystery novel.
But these announcements have been withdrawn. I am afraid that with so many other announcements we never will see these novels in print, at least not written by Philip José Farmer himself. He will have his reasons, but it is still a shame...

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Contents of new omnibus
7 July 2008

The July 2008 issue of Locus announced the contents of the new omnibus The Other in the Mirror, to be published by Subterranean Press next year.
The omnibus will contain the novels Fire and the Night, Jesus on Mars and Night of Light.

It looks like a strange combination, a lesser known mainstream novel with two science fiction novels.
Fire and the Night had only one publication in the US before, in 1962. Jesus on Mars also had one edition in the US and a reprint, both in 1979. Night of Light (1966) has been reprinted many times, the last time in 1983.
Maybe a combination of the novel Night of Light with the other stories in the Father Carmody series, published in the collection Father to the Stars (1981), would have been more in the line of expectations.
See Forthcoming Books.

Forthcoming books
1 July 2008

The limited, lettered and traycased edition of Venus on a Half-Shell and Others has not been shipped yet. There is a delay with the traycases.
The publisher, Bill Schafer from Subterranean Press, wrote to me "The cases are overdue from the supplier. I've got an email in to them asking for updates on this one and other cases. Look for an update in our newsletter as soon as I can get an answer out of them."

A second attempt with an email - see the entry on 18 June - to the publisher, Chris Roberson, of MonkeyBrain Books got a very quick response this time.
Two Hawks from Earth will be published, not in the Summer of 2008 but in the Spring of 2009, in a trade paperback. The book will have a cover illustration by Lee Moyer. Preordering information will be available on the website by this fall, promised the publisher.
See Forthcoming Books.

Bob Eggleton
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Added Books
Twenty-nine publications have been added on the book pages in July.
Behind the Walls of Terra
Five added publications, a Lithuanian edition, one from Ukraine, and three from Russia.
The Gates of Creation
The Lithuanian edition, Pasauliu vartai, from Eridanas (omnibus, 2008).
The Maker of Universes
Six publications were added, four from Russia and two from Ukraine.
Red Orc's Rage
The Ukrainian edition, Ярость Рыжего Орка, from Gemma (omnibus, 1995).
The World of Tiers
Sixteen publications were added on the book page, with books from Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania.
Still no exact numbers right now. When the restyling is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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