News & What's New - September 2008

Editor for the PJF Encyclopedia
30 September 2008

The Philip Jose Farmer Encyclopedia has an editor!
Paul Spiteri (UK) is going to co-ordinate activity and act as general editor. If you would like to be involved feel free to drop him a line and he can keep you updated on progress and let you know how you can help. At the moment Paul is looking at how best to present the information and what 'rules' we should try to adopt to ensure a consistent and professional feel to the encyclopedia.
As Paul writes: "I don't want people to go rushing off before we've thought it through properly."
You can write Paul an email at paul@pjfarmer.com.

The first few steps to create the Philip José Farmer Encyclopedia have been done. Rick Beaulieu arranged the web space and the installation of the software for the encyclopedia. The new website will be linked to the Official PJF Home Page. As soon as there is some content and we get the 'Go!' from Paul we will publish the new internet address.

Today I received the first enthusiastic reaction from Russell Wright (Australia): "Wow Rias. Great idea. Scarily GGGGRRRREEEEAAAATTTT amount of work. Which titles are you planning on doing, and do you have an outline as to what you want/expect?"
If you think of all the work that has to be done to write the many entries then it is scary, very scary even! But there is no deadline, it doesn't have to be ready —if it ever will be ready— before a certain date. Like the PJF websites it will be growing over the years.
The above information from Paul answers the question about the outline I think.

Philip José Farmer Encyclopedia
29 September 2008

A few months ago I launched the idea of starting an online Philip José Farmer Encyclopedia to some of the other Farmerphiles. An index with entries on all the names of the characters in Phil's writing, the places where the story plays, like planets and cities, the (recurring) subjects and themes in his writing, and anything else Farmerian that is worth mentioning in this encyclopedia. As long as it is about Phil and especially his work. Background information on his writing as far as is known, coming from interviews with Phil and his articles for instance.

The encyclopedia is not intended to redo what has already been done on both the Farmer websites, the Official PJF Home Page and this one, the International Bibliography. Or what already has been done on the Wold Newton Universe websites. The original idea is also not to start a Farmer Encyclopedia mixed with a WNU Encyclopedia. Of course there will be crossovers to the WNU. Phil Farmer started the idea of the Wold Newton Family, but the expanded WNU is not typical Farmer anymore.

The Philip Jose Farmer Encyclopedia has not been started yet. It will take a huge amount of time to write entries for the encyclopedia and to fill it with enough information before publishing it online.
Then why do I write about this project? To ask the readers for feedback on the idea and also to ask for help writing entries. Most or all of the people to whom I originally launched this idea have other obligations and they do have only small amounts of time to help on this project.
One of the Farmerphiles already volunteered to help out as an editor and to take the lead on this. But we need more volunteers.
So, if you want to and can help or if you have any ideas or other feedback on this project please email me (see menu) or email Mike Croteau of the Official PJF Home Page.

PJF Forum has moved
25 September 2008

As of today the PJF Forum is back online. The moderator of the forum, Rick Beaulieu, writes in his mail: "Sorry that the forum was down for so long, but I was having trouble with the upgrade that we needed to stop a spammer that was abusing the site. I was able to get the update installed on the new server, and have it working now." On the PJF Forum is more information from Rick about the move to a new server.
Please note that the forum has a new internet adres!


Back online
21 September 2008

The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page is now back online. With the first announcement it looked like it would maybe take at least several days before the site would be up and running again, but it is great news that it didn't take that long.

However, the PJF Forum is not yet back online again. The forum needs an update of the software to block all the spam messages it was getting every day.

Official PJF Home Page is down
19 September 2008

The site of the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page is temporarily offline since today. Mike Croteau, the webmaster, writes about why the site is being down: "It is being moved to a new server, but unfortunately hurricane evacuations have delayed things. If we need to post further updates, you will be able to find them on Phil's myspace blog. Hopefully the site will be back online in a just a few days."
Mike also invites everyone to visit his own new blog.


Soon now, the lettered edition of Venus
14 September 2008

Subterranean Press posted on their website, a day after the newsletter, that the first batch of traycases they will receive include the one for Venus on the Half-Shell and Others. The lettered edition will be shipped immediately as soon as the traycases have arrived at the offices.

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Locus with news about PJF (2)
13 September 2008

Chris Carey emailed what the news in Locus #572 is really about. While my copy of this issue is still on its way with the post, Chris received his.
Unfortunately, Chris writes, it's nothing we didn't already know: "Philip José Farmer resold Dare to IDW Press via Chris Lotts of the Ralph Vicinanza Agency. TV rights to his Riverworld series were optioned to Hallmark Productions via Lotts and Vince Gerardis of Created By."
Thanks Chris!

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Official PJF Home Page updated
13 September 2008

Mike Croteau published the monthly update of the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page right on time this month, on September 9th. Biggest news is that Farmer's agents have sold "a major TV option" on the Riverworld series, and re-sold rights to Dare to IDW Press to be published in their new line New Classics of the Fantastic.

Our good friend Mike also felt the need to correct something I mentioned earlier on this page, that his official PJF website will be redesigned soon. But I have given no indication as to when the restyling would take place. However, I'm just curious and would love to see the changes soon... But as I understand we will have to wait at least till next year before this happens.


Notes from the Underground
10 September 2008

Subterranean Press announced in their newsletter, Notes from the Underground, of today: "We're also expecting a large shipment of long overdue traycases for various lettered editions that could arrive at any time, and will be shipping those as soon a they're in our offices, and letting everyone know which titles are included. Got that? Good, there will be a test later."
This information can also be found on the website of Subterranean Press, under "Latest News".
Hopefully this shipment means that the traycases for Venus on the Half-Shell and Others do arrive too...

Bob Eggleton
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A new German article in January 2009
10 September 2008

The German journalist Christian Endres, who wrote an article about the Riverworld novels for Zitty recently, will write another article about Farmer and his work. This time mainly about Farmer's Wold Newton Family, which has been expanded into the Wold Newton Universe (WNU).
For this he has interviewed Win Eckert about the WNU and his book Myths for the Modern Age. As Win writes in his email, parts of the interview with him will be used in the article, but the complete interview will be published online at the German science fiction website Fantasyguide.de eventually.
The new article by Christian Endres will be published in the German science fiction magazine phantastisch! #33, the January 2009 issue. See the publisher's website.

New novels on German site
10 September 2008

Win Eckert has sent an email to alert us of the news at a German science fiction website Fantasyguide.de ("Neue Bücher von SF-Altmeister Philip José Farmer!") about the four new Farmer stories — a short story and three novels — written in collaboration with four different writers. This has been announced at Farmercon90 and mentioned earlier on this site.
The news about the collaborations is slowly but nicely spreading around it seems.
Thanks Win!

Locus with news about PJF
8 September 2008

The new issue of the magazine Locus, issue 572 of September 2008, will have some news about Philip José Farmer. See the online Table of Contents.
As I do not have the printed magazine yet I cannot tell you what this news is about exactly, but it probably is about the new novels by Phil Farmer and his collaborators as mentioned here earlier.

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Official PJF Home Page will be restyled
3 September 2008

At the Farmercon 90 weekend three grandsons of the Farmers were present also. One of them, Torin Farmer, who lives in the city of Dusseldorf in Germany, said that he was willing and so had offered to redo the website of the Official PJF Home Page. That website has not changed in the more than ten years of its existence. The webmaster, Mike Croteau, does not have the time to completely restyle the webpage. The site has become too big.

I know what it takes to redesign a complete website. More than two years have I been working on the new lay-out of the International Bibliography, and I'm still not finished yet. Some book pages have yet to be redone, also all the pages with the stories, and then the pages "Work About PJF" again, because they have become much too long.
It is not only the redesign which takes so much of my time, but also because I'm checking again all the info in the Bibliography against the books and magazines in my collection or in some cases against the online information.

This is not something Torin Farmer has to do when he makes the new design of the Official PJF Home Page. It sure will take him some time though to redo the website completely. I'm curious already how the new looks, and the navigation, of the site will be. And of course when it will be ready so we can see it online...

Torin Farmer, in the garden of his grandparents home in Peoria.


SubPress announcement
1 September 2008

Today Subterranean Press announced the new book by Phil Farmer they will publish next year, The Other in the Mirror: "...brings together three classic novels by Philip José Farmer: Fire and the Night, Jesus on Mars, and Night of Light. All three are united by one of SF’s central tropes, that of The Other".

The Other in the Mirror will be available in three editions:
- 26 signed leatherbound copies, in a traycase - $300
- 125 signed numbered copies, slipcased - $125
- fully cloth bound hardcover edition - $45

The omnibus will have 496 pages and the illustration on the dust jacket will be done by Bob Eggleton.
It can be preordered now with the publisher, see here.

The information with Forthcoming Books has been changed according to the announcement.

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German article online
1 September 2008

The writer of "Down by the Riverside", Christian Endres, sent me an email that his article had been published online also, since 19 August on the website of sf magazin, a German news and reviews site.
So, if your knowledge of the German language is good enough you can read it on the internet. Or have the page translated in your browser via Google for instance.

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Added Books
In September no new or newly discovered book publications have been added on the book pages.
Still no exact numbers right now. When the restyling is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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