News & What's New - October 2008

Easy reading edition
28 October 2008

The novel The Green Odyssey is a book in the public domain. It is freely available on the internet, as text, as audio files (mp3 and ogg files), or you can buy it for a few dollars on CD, see on eBay, or download it as eBook or download it to your Kindle.

Publisher Waking Lion Press had two editions in 2006 and republished it in July 2008 in their line Boomer Books, "books designed especially for comfortable reading". You can buy this Boomer Books edition for $12.95.

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Lettered Editions in Stock and Shipping
19 October 2008

Chris Carey alerted me that today Subterranean Press posted on their website that they are getting some long-awaited lettered editions out the door. One of these lettered editions is that of Venus on the Half-Shell and Others. The lettered editions will be shipped no later than Tuesday, the 21st of October.
It still meens that I have to wait another couple of weeks before I have the book in my hands, but after so many months I can wait that bit longer...

Bob Eggleton
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Price winning story in Danish fanzine
19 October 2008

It is not an easy story to translate, the Hugo Award winning story "Riders of the Purple Wage" (1967), but still it has been translated in seven different languages: French, Danish, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and in Czech.
The second time the story was translated was for the publication in the Danish fanzine Månedens bedste science fiction #16, April 1977. The cover of the fanzine has been scanned by Hans Kiesow (Denmark) which he sent to me.
Thank Hans!

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Cover of Two Hawks from Earth
16 October 2008

Not the publisher, MonkeyBrain Books, but Amazon.com is the first with the preordering information on the new edition of Farmer's Two Hawks from Earth, the revised version of The Gate of Time.
The very nice cover illustration —I love it— is done by Lee Moyer. The new painting, without the text, can be seen on his website.
This edition will have a new afterword by Chris Carey.

The book is scheduled for publication in May 2009. See also Forthcoming Books.

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New Polish editions
16 October 2008

In August 2008 publisher Mag came with three new editions. The first, Gdzie wasze ciała porzucone (To Your Scattered Bodies Go), is a reprint of the 1997 edition. That is also the case with the second book, Najwspanialszy parostatek (The Fabulous Riverboat). Both books have new cover illustrations.
The third book, also the third Riverworld novel, Mroczny wzór (The Dark Design), is completely new. It has been translated by Robert Waliś.

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The fourth and fifth Riverworld books are scheduled for publication by Mag in 2009. See Forthcoming Books.
I received the information of these new editions from Robert in Poland. Thanks Robert!

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Farmerphile #14: Wold Newton issue
15 October 2008

The October 2008 issue of Farmerphile will be published in a few weeks time. It contains several articles by Wold Newton Universe fans, like Art Sippo, Rick Lai, Dennis Power and Win Scott Eckert. For a special reason the magazine reprints Phil´s story "Tongues of the Moon" and has other Farmer items.

Table of contents:
This Played in Peoria? - by Art Sippo
A Whale of a Time - by Leo Queequeg Tincrowdor
Tongues of the Moon - by Philip José Farmer
The Voice of Farmer in My Vermiform Appendix - by Rhys Hughes
Creative Mythography - by Win Scott Eckert
Farmerphile Interviews Win Scott Eckert
Excerpt from The Evil in Pemberley House - by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert
Say, What's the Big Idea? - by Michael Carroll
The Doc Ravage Presidential Campaign - by Rick Lai
Bibliophile - by Paul Spiteri
Boris the Bear: Wold Newton and Philip José Farmer - by Steve Mattsson
Oh the Humanity - by Dennis E. Power
Unpolished Pearls from the Magic Filing Cabinet:
- Greartheart Silver - by Philip José Farmer
- Doc Wildman's Coat of Arms - by Philip José Farmer

You can order your copy for only $11 at the website.

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Official PJF Home Page updated
15 October 2008

Again right on schedule this month, on the 9th of October, Mike Croteau published the update of the Official PJF Home Page. With all kinds of additions to the site: cover scans of fanzines and books, nine humorous inscriptions by Phil, an uncorrected proof, a cover proof, and promotional items, etceteras.
There is also lots of news about the contents of the forthcoming issue of Farmerphile # 14.


No reprint of Farmer interview
13 October 2008

A year ago I doubted if the publisher Dinoship actually ever would publish the announced book Haunters of the Dark. In this collection of interviews by Philip A. Shreffler would also be an old (1979) interview he had with Phil.
Today I am pretty sure this book will not be published anymore. Amazon.com finally cancelled my order for this book, because they were not able to obtain it from any of their sources.
The website of the publisher hasn't changed or been updated in a very long time. My emails to the publisher, Bob Madison, stayed unanswered.

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Two rare Farmer books for sale!
13 October 2008

Fantastic Literature Limited, "the UK's largest and best online purveyor of out of print books, rare books and used books in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, crime, thrillers, ghost stories, weird tales and macabre fiction", has some Farmer paperbacks for sale with the latest booklist H08 of October 2008.
Two of the offered books are very rare, The Gate Is the Sun and Farmer on Mars. You can buy these novels for £1.45 and £1.95 respectively. I already have both books, under a different title that is (see here and here), but maybe one of the readers is interested in these? One tip though, read the descriptions in the booklist carefully...

strange title
Father John Carmody stories in French
9 October 2008

In September 2008 the publisher Le Livre de pôche came with a new edition of the collection La nuit de la lumière. The book contains the collection with four stories Father to the Stars and the novel Night of Light. Today I received my copy.
This collection, which contains all the John Carmody stories, was published before in France by Terre de Brume in a trade paperback in 2006.

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Cover artist of The Lovers
7 October 2008

There are only a few Greek editions in my collection of Farmer books. Both editions of The Lovers, Οι Εραστες in Greek, are still missing, alas. The information in this bibliography comes from several sources on the internet.

The cover artist of the 1996 Para Pente edition stayed unknown. Russell Wright (Australia) mailed about the missing information of the cover artist. It is done by John Bolton (website), the title of the illustration is "Shameless" and it's from his rare, 1994 Vampir portfolio.
Russell did sent along a picture of the painting. Click on the cover to see that painting. Thanks Russell!

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Added Books
In October six new book publications have been added on the book pages.
The Dark Design
The Polish edition (Mroczny wzór) from Mag, 2008.
The Fabulous Riverboat
The 2008 Polish edition (Najwspanialszy parostatek) from Mag.
Father to the Stars
The French edition (La nuit de la lumière) from Le Livre de pôche, 2008.
The Green Odyssey
The 2008 edition from Waking Lion Press / Boomer Books.
Night of Light
The French edition (La nuit de la lumière) from Le Livre de pôche, 2008.
To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The Polish edition (Gdzie wasze ciała porzucone) from Mag, 2008.
Still no exact numbers right now. When the restyling is finished I will give these numbers again.

These are the about numbers, the last time - in November 2006 - they were counted:

1275 publications
750 different covers

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