News & What's New - December 2008
Restyling and statistics
31 December 2008

Two years ago I started with the restyling of the one hundred book pages. There are still seven pages to go before I'm finished with that part of the website. Right now I'm working on the book page of The Dark Design. It will take some time before this page is ready.

When I started changing the book pages I stopped giving the numbers of the books and covers on these pages. The last time they were counted, in November 2006, we had 1275 publications and 750 different cover scans on the book pages.
Today there are 1544 publications, consisting of 1055 books and 236 omnibuses with two or more novels or collections, and 1061 different cover scans.
So, a lot has already been added and more will follow with the last seven pages. Hope you like it.

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More Green Odysseys
31 December 2008

Just discovered another two earlier publications in France of The Green Odyssey, L'odyssée verth (03/1984) and L'odyssée verte (02/1990).
French books do not give much printing information, only the date of publication at the back of the book. For that reason it is not always easy to know how many printings a certain book has had.
Both books, with cover illustrations by Wojtek Siudmak, have been added on the book page.

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Friends of ERB
29 December 2008

In February 2008 I received information from Christian Gitton (France). He had found an issue of the fanzine La Tribune des amis d'Edgar Rice Burroughs, No. 64, March 2007, which is a special PJF issue. There were too much Farmer articles for one issue it seems, so the 'PJF Special' continued in issue number 65.
Christian helped me to get both issues. That happened several months ago. After I received the issues I put them on my desk, to include the information on the website. But new magazines and books piled upon them in no time and I discovered just now that I had forgotten the fanzines a bit. It is time to correct this.

In number 64 there are three PJF articles, covering nearly half of the 44 pages the fanzine counts. Maurice Leborgne gives in his article a summary of the online article by Dennis E. Power, "Triple Tarzan Tangle". Next is the translated foreword for the 2006 edition of Tarzan Alive by Win Scott Eckert. And finally a very long article by Michel Vannereux about the ERB related books by Farmer.
Number 65 of La Tribune des amis d'Edgar Rice Burroughs continues with three articles, all by Michel Vannereux, about ERB related books and articles by Farmer.

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Romanian books received
26 December 2008

Patience, that is what you need when you try to order books from some foreign countries.
It is great that today so many book shops also have an online shop, but the website is written in the language of that particular country, of course. When you try to order some books through the online shop the owner thinks that you do understand the language, naturally. Because when you order books in their language you do have to understand the language, why else would you order the books? It takes some explaining that I do not want to read the books, only want them for my collection of Farmer books.
They don't say it, but surely must think that I'm crazy. Maybe I am, ordering so many books just to put them on some shelves...

It could also be the reason that only a few of the book shops that I try to contact with e-mails in English respond with a positive and helpful answer in the same language.
Many times have I tried to get the editions from Romania, but only last month did one of the book shops reply. A few days ago six books were delivered at my home address, the five Riverworld novels and the third of the Dayworld series, Dayworld Terminus (Dayworld Breakup).

The Riverworld books, with cover illustrations by David Ho. However, these dark and stylish pictures have nothing to do with the contents of the five books.

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German article about Riverworld
21 December 2008

Christian Endres (Germany) wrote an e-mail to me in November about an article in a German magazine, Nautilus Abenteuer & Phantastik Nr. 57, December 2008. He also helped me with a copy of the magazine, because I could not order one from the publisher. Vielen Dank Christian!

The article from Markus Jungvogel, "Welt ohne Tod" ("World Without Death"), is about Farmer's Riverworld books. In this very interesting piece Jungvogel describes the setting of the Riverworld, the events that take place in the five novels, and the purpose of the artificial Riverworld. Although the novels deal with some serious questions about ethics and philosophical questions about religion, they also seem a kind of satire to the science fiction genre as a whole to Jungvogel.

In the same issue is also an article by Christian Endres himself, about the 'controversial classic' from Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland. Christian gives an interesting view on this "most cryptical and controversial novel from the British literature" —that I have read once as a child only— and states that even Farmer's Riverworld refers to Carroll's classic book.

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The Fabulous Riverboat restyled
13 December 2008

The book page of the novel The Fabulous Riverboat has finally been restyled. On the old page you could see 75 publications, with only 25 covers. The restyled page now brings 106 publications, with 70 cover scans!
As with the previous pages that have already been restyled I checked every entry again with the books from my collection or with the information online if I still do not have the book.

Like with the missing 20th printing of the Berkley Books edition of To Your Scattered Bodies Go, there is no proof to be found of a 19th printing of The Fabulous Riverboat from Berkley Books. My guess is that both the 19th printing of To Your Scattered Bodies Go and the 18th printing of The Fabulous Riverboat had an extra (small) printrun, for the publisher to be able to include these books in the boxed set of Riverworld books in 1981. The third novel in the series, The Dark Design, can be found in the boxed set with the 8th printing, but with two different publication dates.

I also found a publication from the United Kingdom that had been mentioned for years on the page Ghost Editions, the Panther printing of 1980 with the cover price of £1.25.
This one is mentioned as an existing book in the Galactic Central bibliography Philip José Farmer: Good-Natured Ground Breaker, but I could not find an actual copy of the 1980 printing. According to the later printings, that mention all of the previous printings from the name changing publisher Panther - Granada - Grafton or HarperCollins, there is no 1980 edition.
However, there are two printings which both claim to be the third printing from 1979. But the lettering on the cover is very different —see the book page— and the price is different. Strange thing is that I had both books in my collection for years but never before compared the two. That has been corrected now, as has the page with the Ghost Editions.

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Latest update of pjfarmer.com
12 December 2008

With the December update of the Official PJF Home Page are eight newly discovered letters from Phil, published in different fanzines over the years, added to the site. Only two of them were mentioned earlier on this page. The others were unknown to me, they will be added soon to the letters page.
There is more interesting news on the website of my good friend Mike, a photo of Phil, a book cover, a book in which Phil is quoted, the newly announced novel The Evil in Pemberley House, and an update on Farmercon 91.

Two German Riverworld books received
7 December 2008

The last two translated novels of the five novels in the Riverworld series have been received from Germany. The novels, published by Piper in November and December 2008, are Das magische Labyrinth (The Magic Labyrinth), which includes an extra story "Die Überquerung des dunklen Flusses" ("Crossing the Dark River"), and Die Götter der Flusswelt (Gods of Riverworld), which includes also an extra story, "Den glänzenden Fluss hinauf" ("Up the Bright River").

Both included stories were never before published in Germany. But why the other Riverworld stories, "A Hole in Hell" and "Coda", and maybe even "Riverworld War", have not been included in the new German translations is unknown. Their publication would have made the Riverworld series complete in the German language. The story "Riverworld" had already been included in the first of the German books in this series, Die Flusswelt der Zeit (To Your Scattered Bodies Go).

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More good news from SubPress
3 December 2008

Subterranean Press announced that they have acquired a new novel by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert: The Evil in Pemberley House — a darkly erotic novel that is part of Farmer’s Wold Newton canon. The limited edition will include a chapbook with a whole host of unpublished background material.

The completion of the novel by Win Eckert had already been announced at Farmercon 90 in Peoria last July.
An excerpt of The Evil in Pemberley House has been published in Farmerphile #14. There is also an interview with Win in the same issue. You can order a copy of the magazine at the Official PJF Home Page.
See also Win Eckert's special website about the novel.

The publication of the book by SubPress is very good news indeed. Congratulations to Win, and to Phil of course!
I can't wait to see and read it. Alas, a publication date hasn't been announced yet.

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The Other in the Mirror
3 December 2008

"A peek at the Advance Uncorrected Proof of the upcoming Phil Farmer omnibus, The Other in the Mirror, due out March 2009 from Subterranean Press. Rejoice: Bob Eggleton, who did the gorgeous cover illustration for Phil's last collection, will happily be on board for this book's cover as well."
Chris Carey, the editor of the book, wrote this on his blog a few days ago. The book is in progress as you can see. It can be pre-ordered at the website of SubPress. None of the three editions have been sold out yet, but —as with previous PJF editions from SubPress— that might happen any day now.

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Added Books
In December thirty-five new book publications have been added on the book pages.
The Fabulous Riverboat
Thirty-one publications have been added on the restyled page.

Gods of Riverworld
The German edition (Die Götter der Flusswelt) from Piper, 2008.

The Green Odyssey
Two French editions, L'odyssée verth (1984) and L'odyssée verte (1990), both from Presses Pocket.

The Magic Labyrinth
The German edition (Das magische Labyrinth) from Piper, 2008.
These are the numbers for the book pages in December 2008:

1544 publications
1061 different covers

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