News & What's New - January 2009
Cover art by Bob Eggleton
30 January 2009

The forthcoming omnibus The Other in the Mirror from Subterranean Press will have a cover by Bob Eggleton. Just this week Bob posted the new cover painting on his blog. Have a look at the blog and the picture there, click on it to see it even larger. Read the positive comments ("This has the golden age feel...", "This is a gorgeous painting...", "Fantastic!",) or leave one yourself, which will be answered by Bob.

I left this comment with the painting:
"Really great! I love this one, beautifully done. It gives that sense of wonder feeling, discovering something on an alien planet. Can't wait to have the book with this cover!"

This is again a book to look forward to, if only for the cover! The painting is depicting a scene from Jesus on Mars. It is by far the best cover this novel ever had. The other two novels in this book will be Fire and the Night and Night of Light. Could Bob do cover pictures for these two novels too please...?

See also the blog of Chris Carey, editor of the omnibus, who discovered the painting a few days ago. He likes the painting also: "Wow, this is truly awesome!"

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New publications in 2006
30 January 2009

Two pages had been added earlier this month, the new publications in 2008 and in 2007. Every new publication worldwide from a specific year together on one page.
As promised I now have added another page, for the year 2006 with eighteen books in five countries, and four new magazines in the US.

The new pages can be found on the News Archive page.

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Book page of The Dark Design is ready
26 January 2009

The first two books in Farmer's Riverworld series were both published in 1971 for the first time. The second book promised a third volume, which would answer the many still open questions. Readers had to wait a long time, till 1977, for part three, The Dark Design. To the disappointment of many that volume did not give all the answers. There would be coming a fourth volume (1980), and later even a fifth volume (1983).

Opinions on this third book of the series differed very much at the time of publishing. As Russell Letson wrote: "Readers who have been waiting several years for the solution to the mysteries of the Riverworld, however, will be frustrated, for instead of tying the strands together at the end, Farmer finishes with a multiple cliffhanger whose impact is only slightly softened by the final chapter he wrote to provide a transition to the next —and presumably for-real last— volume."
The late Lester del Rey wrote this in his review: "Still, this Riverworld is a really grand creation—one of the greatest inventions of science fiction. And The Dark Design adds a great deal to it. It's a book no reader should miss."

Nowadays you can read all five novels of the series without waiting for for the next novel to be published. Random House in the US still keeps the five novels in print, in Del Rey trade paperbacks. The translated novels are also available in Germany, Poland, Romania, France and Russia. A Spanish publisher had plans to publish the series this year.

The book page of The Dark Design has now been restyled. The old page had 54 publications and 21 scans, the new page brings 80 publications with 52 cover scans.

Have a look at this page at Wikipedia for an overview of the Riverworld story, or this page at Wikipedia for a description of the novel itself.

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Happy Birthday Phil
26 January 2009

Congratulations to Phil with his 91st birthday! It sure is an impressive milestone!
Phil isn't always in the best of health these days. He couldn't personally attend Farmercon 90 for instance. And he isn't writing himself anymore. Old age comes with limitations, alas.
But he knows what is going on about his books, and especially about the three before unfinished novels of his. These are completed by others writers, Win Scott Eckert, Christopher Paul Carey and Tracy Knight.
One of these books has already been sold and will be published later this year by Subterranean Press. Something to look forward to!

Phil in 2002
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Farmer in Fantasy
18 January 2009

In 2005 Don D'Ammassa had his Encyclopedia of Science Fiction published. In this encyclopedia are three entries about Farmer and his work.
Just now we found a copy of D'Ammassa's Encyclopedia of Fantasy and Horror Fiction (2006). This one has only one entry about Farmer's work, on the story "Sail On! Sail On!".

D'Ammassa: "The science fiction writer Philip José Farmer rarely ventured into fantasy, but this story from early in his career is certainly one of his best."

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New publications in 2008 and 2007
16 January 2009

What books were published in 2007? And in 2008?
All the new publications worldwide in a specific year are now together on one page. Two pages have already been made, for the years 2007 and 2008. More pages, from earlier years, might follow when I have some time to spare for it.

These new pages can always be found on the News Archive page.

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January update pjfarmer.com
13 January 2009

Webmaster Mike Croteau at pjfarmer.com brings news about two new forthcoming books, about a Farmer related story by Christopher Paul Carey & Win Scott Eckert, about Farmercon 91, and publishes nine new covers of anthologies with stories by PJF.
And he gives glimpses of the contents of Farmerphile #15 by giving just the titles of the stories and articles in this final issue. Check out the site for the reason why he does this.

Second printing of omnibuses
13 January 2009

I have found copies of the second printing of both World of Tiers volumes from the UK. Because of this finding some of the data already in the Bibliography had to be corrected: the publication date and the cover price.
The new information has been added to the book pages of the omnibus and the novels. Only for the novels where the book pages already have been restyled.

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The Evil in Pemberley House - at Amazon
13 January 2009

It seems that Subterranean Press will release the new novel by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, The Evil in Pemberley House, in September 2009. There is no information with the publisher yet, but the trade hardcover edition is already listed for pre-ordering at Amazon.com with a list price of $40.00.
The limited edition, which comes with a Chapbook, can only be ordered with SubPress.

See also Win Eckert's website about the novel.

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The Year 2008 in Review
4 January 2009

This website has been online for ten years now!
A lot has been changed for the site in these past ten years, but especially this last year. I'm still working on restyling the web pages, and checking every publication again while redoing the pages. More changes are yet to come.

The year 2008 has been a good year for Farmer fans, with eighteen new book publications —see this page— in seven countries, and also four new magazines.
All four magazines are Farmerphile issues. The publisher and the editors did a great job with every issue! Amazing how many new articles from so many writers and never before published material by Phil Farmer himself were published.
In 2008 we even had a completely new story, "Getting Ready to Write", and two excerpts from new novels to be published. Novels that were started by PJF but completed by two other authors, The Song of Kwasin and The Evil in Pemberley House. The last one has already been sold and it looks that it might be published in 2010.
We have to thank Mike Croteau for publishing the magazine Farmerphile. It has been an enormous boost for the publication of Phil Farmer's work in the US. The final issue of this wonderful magazine is planned for this month, January 2009. I still have some hopes that Mike decides to go on with Farmerphile.

We all had a great time at Farmercon 90 in Peoria. It was a pity that Phil himself could not attend, because he was too ill at the time. Hope that this year will be much better for Phil, and his wife Bette of course!

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Added Books
In January twenty-six book publications have been added on the book pages.
The Dark Design
Twenty-six publications have been added on the restyled page.
These are the numbers for the book pages in January 2009:

1570 publications
1106 different covers

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