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28 February 2009

It has taken me some days to gather my thoughts, to gather them enough to write some words about the role Phil has played in my life..To share some of my memories with the rest of the world. You can read it here.

Phil in 2002
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PHILIP JOSÉ FARMER, 1918 - 2009  

Today, 25 February 2009, Philip José Farmer died at his home in Peoria, Illinois (USA). He was 91.

My thoughts are with his wife Bette, their two children, their grandchildren and the great-grandchildren. They and all his
friends and fans around the world will miss him dearly.

There are many thoughts in my head, but I can't find the words
to say them. I'm feeling sad, very sad.

Hope to see you one day on the banks of the Riverworld, Phil.
Love you.
Interview with the editor of a new Farmer book
22 February 2009

The Other in the Mirror is the fifth book by Philip José Farmer that will be published by Subterranean Press. The first four books were collections, but this time it is an omnibus with, as the publisher calls it, 'three classis novels united by one of SF's central tropes, that of The Other.'
Who is this other and why the three classic novels? To get answers on these and other questions we had an interview with the editor of the omnibus, Christopher Paul Carey: "Farmer has always had a unique way of seeing things and of putting them together on the printed page".
Read the full interview here.

The omnibus will be published next month, March 2009. The three editions, two limited and the trade editions, can be pre-ordered witt the publisher, the trade edition only can be pre-ordered also from one of the online bookshops.
The cover is done by Bob Eggleton, who won an award for this painting.

Chris Carey
Farmerphile received
22 February 2009

The final issue of Farmerphile, number 15 of January 2009, arrived this week. Somewhat later than normal, because of the printing problems with this issue (see below).
The contents of the magazine is again very interesting. Like the previous two issues there is an excerpt from a new, yet to be completed novel, Cougar by the Tail. Farmer had started this western novel many years ago and Tracy Knight is busy completing this western.
Read the magazine's full description on the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page, where you also can order a copy.

I haven't had the time yet to read the magazine, only some snippets here and there. I will take my time to read it completely, because it is for real the final issue. No more Farmerphile issues in the future. It brought me a lot of work to index the contents in this online Bibliography, for that I'm glad the magazine stopped (...), but I will surely miss Farmerphile as a fan!

Thanks to the publisher, Mike Croteau, and the editors, Paul Spiteri, Christopher Paul Carey and Win Scott Eckert, for these fifteen fantastic magazines. You all did a great and wonderful job!

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Not known story publications
21 February 2009

Fred Fisher (Houston, USA) emailed to me information about some missed story publications.
Houghton-Mifflin published a second edition of the college textbook Introductory Psychology Through Science Fiction with the story "Mother", in 1977.

In the same year Prentice-Hall reprinted the story "Open to Me My Sister" in The Sociology of the Possible, also a college textbook in trade paperback.
Both publications have been added to the story pages.
Thanks for the new information and the cover pictures Fred.

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Prize winning Bob Eggleton
18 February 2009

As we mentioned before, the forthcoming omnibus The Other in the Mirror from Subterranean Press will have a fantastic cover by Bob Eggleton.

Bob attended Boskone 46 in the weekend of 13-15 February 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts. There was an Art Show at the Boskone convention.
His cover for The Other in the Mirror as well as Bob himself have won awards at this convention.
Bob in his email: "The cover itself, won a show award at Boskone, an SF con in New England this weekend. I also won 'Best Artist' which was nice."

Congratulations Bob!
Both awards are fully deserved.

The award wining painting.

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photo by: Deborah A. King
Votes for Venus (2)
16 February 2009

Maybe you want to read yet another review of Venus on the Half-Shell and Others before you take it in consideration to vote for the collection in the Locus Poll. You can read the recently published review here.

Ed Morrissey in his review: "...a terrific collection of Farmer's "fictional author" works...", "The entire collection is mostly entertaining..." and "...it's great to have these witty and imaginative novels and stories available again...".

If you already have Venus on the Half-Shell and Others, you know what a great collection of stories and novels this is, You do not need to read another review.
Otherwise, the trade edition of the collection is still available for ordering with the publisher, Subterranean Press, and with Amazon for instance.

Bob Eggleton
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February update pjfarmer.com
16 February 2009

As Mike writes there were 'major printing problems' with the final issue of Farmerphile, number 15. Reason why the update of the website was somewhat belated. Most of the update information on the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page this month is about the new issue of Farmerphile, describing the contents of the magazine. Sixty pages with interesting items.
I haven't received my copy yet, but hope to get it soon.

Votes for Venus
15 February 2009

The "2008 Recommended Reading List" has been published in the February 2009 issue of Locus. When I looked at the list with Collections I missed, much to my surprise, the really wonderful collection with Farmer's fictional author stories, Venus on the Half-Shell and Others.
I wrote a review about this collection in February 2008, and called it a superb collection. Robert M. Telendis wrote in his review: "This is one of those delights that is almost impossible to describe...". The collection got a starred review from Publishers Weekly (nearly at the bottom of that page),

So, if you are a Locus reader and vote for the Locus Awards, then please do not forget Venus on the Half Shell and Others. I am not telling you to vote for the book (you should!), but all I ask is that you do not forget about this collection when you're filling in the Locus Poll. As you will understand it will have one vote at least, mine!

Bob Eggleton
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Riverworld mini-series
12 February 2009

This news about a new Riverworld mini-series was seen on Cinemaspy.ca (posted on February 7, 2009).

Vancouver is 'Riverworld'

The SCI FI Channel mini-series Riverworld, based upon the Hugo Award-winning books of author Philip José Farmer, will begin shooting in Vancouver April 2. Stuart Gillard (Charmed) will direct for veteran producer Robert Halmi.
Located millennia in the future, the 'Riverworld' is an Earth-like planet whose surface has been terraformed to consist of one long river-valley, with an average depth of 1.5 miles, shallow near the shore then plunging to enormous depths towards the channel. The banks expand into wide plains then climb into jagged hills before a sheerly impenetrable mountain ridge, taller than the Himalayas. While the valley averages 9 miles in width, the river is 20 million miles long.

The story begins when the whole of humanity, from the first homo sapiens to people of the 21st century are simultaneously 'resurrected' along the banks of the river. Everyone awakens in a body equivalent to that of their twenty-five year old selves, except in perfect health and free of any previous genetic or acquired defects.

Robert Halmi, who celebrated his 85th birthday on January 22, is busy ramping up a slate of miniseries. In addition to Riverworld, he has two other projects for SCI FI Channel that have been greenlighted for production: The Phantom, and Alice, a contemporary retelling of "Alice in Wonderland." Halmi also has a couple of minis in development at ABC, including Planet Earth Conspiracy, a globe-spanning drama tackling climate change, and a possible adaptation of "The Grapes of Wrath."

This news can also been seen on Vancouverfilm.net,
There is no news yet about this project on Sci-Fi Channel.

A scene from the 'old' Riverworld pilot
episode done by Sci-Fi Channel.

The Evil in Pemberley House at SubPress
8 February 2009

The new novel The Evil in Pemberley House can now be preordered with the publisher Subterranean Press.
This novel, written by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, will be published in September 2009 in two editions. The trade edition, a fully cloth bound hardcover, will sell for $40. The limited edition —200 numbered copies, signed by Win Scott Eckert, with bonus chapbook— is priced at $60.
Glen Orbik will do the cover illustration. If it will be like one of his 'Dangerous Dames & Pulp Noir' series, then it sure promises to be a very attractive cover!

Publisher's website: "The Evil in Pemberley House is a darkly erotic novel with broad appeal to readers of pulp and popular literature, particularly followers of Doc Savage, Sherlockians, and fans of Farmer's own celebrated Wold Newton Family."
Do not wait too long if you want to have one of the limited editions. They might be gone before you know!

See also Win Eckert's website about the Pemberley House novel.

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That was fast!
4 February 2009

Wow! The correction of Farmer's name on the cover of the omnibus The Other in the Mirror has been done very fast. We have sent an email to the publisher, Bill Schafer of Subterranean Press, only yesterday. Today you can see the corrected cover on the publisher's website.

The publisher changed the cover, but you can still see the cover with the misspelled name on at least one other site, see Amazon.com.

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SubPress shows new cover, but...
3 February 2009

The new omnibus The Other in the Mirror, to be published by Subterranean Press, is now shown on the website of the publisher with its designed cover. The painting is done by Bob Eggleton, as we already mentioned a few days ago.

But the cover is not correctly designed. The first name of Farmer is spelled as PHILLIP, with two L's also. I have emailed this mistake to the publisher, who on his turn emailed the designer to correct the mistake. For the time being you will see the cover with a misspelled name.

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Final issue of Farmerphile published!
2 February 2009

Issue number 15, January 2008, of the quarterly magazine Farmerphile has just been published. It is the final issue of this wonderful magazine, solely dedicated to the works by and about Philip José Farmer. You can buy your copy at the Official PJF Home Page for $11.

I have not yet received my copy of number 15. Mike Croteau, the publisher, gives the table of contents at his site. This issue has again, like the last two issues did, an excerpt of a yet unpublished new novel. The western novel, Cougar by the Tail, has been finished by Tracy Knight. There is an interview with this writer as well.

Number 15 also has original material from Phil: "Buddha Contemplates His Novel", "Riverworld Dawn", and "Myadzian Journal". Further, there are contributions from Robert Weinberg, Ed Gorman, Allan Steele, Danny Adams, Win Scott Eckert, Paul Spiteri, Dennis E. Power and David Lars Chamberlain.

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Tracy Knight

Added Books
In February no new book publications were added on the book pages.
A new magazine has been received and older story publications had been found, but no new or newly discoverd books this month.
These are the numbers for the book pages in February 2009:

1570 publications
1106 different covers

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