News & What's New - March 2009
The Other in the Mirror is ready
29 March 2009

The new omnibus The Other in the Mirror is 'completed and awaiting pickup' at the printer, according to the publisher's website. So maybe the book will be shipped this coming week by Subterranean Press, at least the trade edition. It takes several weeks to months before the limited editions are ready to ship, because of the production time for the slipcases and especially the traycases.

If you haven't ordered the book yet, now is the time when it is still available.

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Another one of The Dark Design
29 March 2009

The book page of the third novel in the Riverworld series The Dark Design was restyled in January 2009. It seemed that I had missed one publication, the 'Second Impression' of the first hardcover from Berkley/Putnam.
My good friend Willem Hettinga has a copy of this one, which he showed to me. Thanks Willem!

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27 March 2009

Online shop Amazon.com brings for their own Kindle ebook reader two titles by Farmer, the novel The Green Odyssey (at Amazon) and the story "Queen of the Deep", which is better known as "Son" (at Amazon).

I am still not sure what to do with ebooks in the bibliography, where to place them for instance. Or if I should include them at all? They seem to come and go, and if they stay longer the data of these publications differ most of the time, with different ISBN's and publishers.
Maybe I should make a new page with information on ebooks. I will think it over. For now the above publications have not yet been included in the bibliography.

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Dead sparrow
27 March 2009

I finally received my copy of Locus issue 578, March 2009. This issue brings the earlier mentioned review of The Other in the Mirror.
But there is also a list of Forthcoming Books which mentions a book publication of a completely new Farmer story! Or so it seems at first glance. Death of a Starship, a novella to be published by MonkeyBrain Books in December 2009. Is this a completely new or an earlier, retitled story?

I have been made happy with a dead sparrow, as a Dutch saying goes, which means that I have been fobbed off.
Death of a Starship is a new book by Jay Lake, see his Full Bibliography (PDF). An error on the part of Locus also.

Cover for Dare?
25 March 2009

Both Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble show on their sites this picture as the cover for the new edition of Dare, to be published in May 2009 with IDW Publishing.
The picture does not show any lettering, no name and no title, so I'm not sure this will be the actual cover illustration of the new edition of Dare.
IDW Publishing already published two novels in their new series "New Classics of the Fantastic", Nightwings by Robert Silverberg and Hothouse by Brian Aldiss. The titles for this series are selected by Harlan Ellison, according to the information on the publisher's website.

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Popular culture
20 March 2009

In 2001 the Bowling Green University Popular Press published a 1010 pages thick book, The Guide to United States Popular Culture. The more than 1600 entries in this book define popular culture in the USA. One of the entries, about Philip José Farmer, has been written by Steven E. Connelly, who is a Professor of English at the Indiana State University.

I do not have a copy of this book. The Guide is still available with Amazon.com for $149.95 or with Barnes & Noble for $119.96 (ISBN 0879728213).

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Farmer not famous in Terre Haute (and Peoria)
18 March 2009

Michael Millington has published a great Farmer tribute in the Indiana Statesman of the Indiana State University in Terre Haute, the city were Phil was born January 26, 1918.
Only the first four years of his life did Phil live in Terre Haute, Indiana, before his family moved away. First to Mexico, Missouri and about a year later to Peoria, Illinois, where he has lived most of his live.

"It's surprising how many people here in Terre Haute don't know that he was born here. I had a number of people come up to me asking about the article, and they were all surprised to find out about the Terre Haute connection", Millington writes in his email to me.
It doesn't surprise me though. Phil was not even very well known and he sure wasn't 'a famous person' in his home town, Peoria. See Peoria's Famous and Infamous.

More tributes and articles can be found on the special Remembrances Page at the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page.

Phil in 2002
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Interview with Win Scott Eckert
8 March 2009

Greg Hatcher at Comic Book Resources has written a column with an introduction to the Wold Newton Universe and has had an interview with Win Scott Eckert, the co-author of the newest addition to this universe, The Evil in Pemberley House. The interview is about the book as well as about Phil Farmer.

The Evil in Pemberley House will be published in September 2009 with Subterranean Press. The publisher also has some news about the production of the book.
Thanks for the information, Win!

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Locus reviews The Other in the Mirror
8 March 2009

In the March 2009 issue of Locus is a 'Short Take Review' by Gary Wolfe of Farmer's The Other in the Mirror.

I haven't yet received my copy of this issue, but both Christopher Paul Carey and the publisher, Subterranean Press, did receive their copies and published the review online on their own websites.
Gary Wolfe: "Another author who has far more in his cabinet than he’s often given credit for is Philip José Farmer, although Subterranean Press has done an impressive job over the past few years of reminding us of his eclecticism...".

Tracking Phil Farmer's Influence
4 March 2009

Gary Wolfe started a discussion on the collaborative blog Locus Roundtable, about the influence Phil Farmer and others SF writers have on younger writers.
Wolfe: "And I wonder if others see Farmer’s influence bubbling to the surface now in a far more visible way than it ever did during the '70s and '80s."

Several people already wrote a comment. I'm curious what names will be mentioned, of authors influenced by Phil Farmer. Chris Roberson and Charles Stross already came along. I think Spider Robinson could be a candidate.

Interviews with Phil
2 March 2009

Many, many words have been written about Phil these last couple of days since he passed away. An outpouring of tributes, memories, thoughts, memorials, articles.
The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page has published a long list on the main page with links to these texts.

The articles were not published in the US only. It reached the news sites in my country, the Netherlands (see here), but also in many other countries, like Italy (see here) and France (see here) for instance.

The March 2009 issue of the SF Site reprinted an interview with Philip José Farmer from 1975, conducted by David Truesdale. It had been published in 1975 in Tangent No.2. An Epilogue has been added to the original interview.

Danny Adams, grand-nephew of Phil and co-author of the wonderful novella The City Beyond Play (2007), has published online the first part of an interview he had with his uncle Phil in 1997.

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Added Books
In March only one book publication was added on the book pages.

The Dark Design
The second impression  of the hardcover from Berkley/Putnam, 1977.
These are the numbers for the book pages in March 2009:

1571 publications
1106 different covers

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