News & What's New - April 2009
Introduction to the Wold Newton Universe
24 April 2009

Henry Covert has written two parts of an introduction to the Wold Newton Universe (WNU). These articles were published in Astonishing Adventures Magazine, Issue Four of August 2008, and in Issue Five.of December 2008.

The first article tells who Farmer is and what the concept of the Wold Newton Universe really is. In his second article Covert introduces the members of the WNU and many of the stories that belong to this universe.
Interesting articles, especially if you are new to the WNU.

A third part is promised, but as I understand from the author's blog, that article will not be published in Astonishing Adventures Magazine anymore.
Covert: "I have another possible venue for it, but it's way too soon to confirm anything."

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Early review of The Evil in Pemberley House
24 April 2009

There is yet another early review of the new novel The Evil in Pemberley House, written by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert.

Art Sippo published the review on his blog: "...The denouement of the story is an extended action sequence in which Pat Wildman confronts the real villains and triumphs over them. She is depicted as fighting virtually nude in clothing that has been shredded during the action ... Overall, this was a fun book to read. It had action, adventure, mystery, sex, violence, and a large dose of Wold Newton connections. I think the collaboration between Eckert and Farmer was excellent. They made their own contributions to the plot and the final editing gave a satisfying flow to the narrative. The story also left open the possibility of a sequel or two. Or more. If there are any other outlines in Phil Farmer's filing cabinet, I for one would like to see Win Eckert be permitted to flesh them out into full fledged novels..."

Read the full review here.

The Evil in Pemberley House will be published later this year by Subterranean Press, where it already can be pre-ordered. The Limited Edition will come with an exclusive chapbook of bonus materials that includes Philip Jose Farmer’s original outline for the novel, as well as an extensive family tree for the Wold Newton Universe.

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Fanzine Wold Atlas
22 April 2009

Roger Reus (USA) has sent me an e-mail with the missing information of the fanzine The Wold Atlas Issue number 4, Winter 1978.
I do not have a copy of this issue and for that reason did not know the exact contents and data. But Roger does have a copy and could tell that only two items were missing, the 'Trivia Quiz' and a drawing of PJF. And now we also know the names of the cover artists.
The new information has been added on this page.
Thanks Roger, I appreciate your help!

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German article about the WNU
17 April 2009

In the German magazine Phantastisch! No. 34 of April 2009 is a long article, "Moderne Mythen" (Modern Myths), written by Christian Endres. He interviewed Win Scott Eckert for this and wrote a very interesting article about the Wold Newton Universe.

Christian and Win received the following e-mail from me:
"Ich habe das magazine Phantastisch! #34 heute bekommen! (I received the magazine Phantastisch! #34 today!)
Sorry you cannot read German Win, because the long article about Farmer, you and the WNU is a great piece to read! It's written by a very enthusiastic writer, who seems to love the puzzling and more than often dazzling Wold Newton Universe. It is a great piece and a very readable introduction to the concept of the WNU. I love it!
My compliments to you, Christian.
Vielen dank/many thanks for this issue!"

For an outsider to the Wold Newton Universe Christian did a marvelous job explaining to the general public how the interesting but complex WNU 'ticks'.

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Locus remembers Phil Farmer (2)
17 April 2009

I received my copy of Locus issue 579, April 2009, two days ago. Nearly five pages about Phil, with an obituary by the Locus staff, many photos —some of them in color— and five appreciations, written by Gary K. Wolfe, Joe Haldeman, Christopher Paul Carey, Mary A. Turzillo, and Richard A. Lupoff.
Wolfe: "...The SF field can justly celebrate writers for the elegance of their style, the ingenuity of their ideas, the meticulousness of their world-building, but what you hear most often about Farmer is simply the sheer immensity of his imagination, and his courage in following wherever it lead..."

Locus's editor Charles N. Brown explains in his 'Editorial Matters' why the section of appreciations on Phil Farmer is shorter than it should be (because of the special 90th birthday issue last year), but I still 'miss' an appreciation by Harlan Ellison for instance.

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The Evil in Pemberley House reviewed
17 April 2009

The new novel The Evil in Pemberley House, written by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, will be published later this year by Subterranean Press.

John Allen Small wrote 'An Early Review' on his blog: "The novel, entitled The Evil In Pemberley House, is a story in the tradition of such gothic romance novelists as Marilyn Ross, Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart, whose books were a staple of my mother's reading diet for many years ... But in the best tradition of such tales, that inheritance comes complete with a ghostly curse – and an unusual supporting cast of questionable character and unclear motives ... All in all, the novel is a fascinating tale that puts a unique spin on a number of popular works from the past. Farmer and Eckert have woven a number of elements some readers might previously have viewed as disparate into a literary tapestry that is at once faithful to the source material, while expanding and elaborating on those familiar characters and situations in such a way as to make readers want to go back a re-read them again in order to get the broader picture."

Read the full review here.

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The Other in the Mirror reviewed
17 April 2009

Steven H. Silver has written a review of the new omnibus The Other in the Mirror for the Mid-April issue of the SF Site.
Silver: "While the first two novels included in The Other in the Mirror focus on Christianity as the religion of choice, in Night of Light, Farmer has created his own religion on the planet Kareen ... The most science fictional of the three novels, Farmer manages a good mix of philosophy and potboiler in the story."
Read the full review here.

While the book was ready at the printer more than two weeks ago, there is still no shipping update on the publisher's website or in the newsletters when this book will be shipped.

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Beautiful cover by Glen Orbik
14 April 2009

Subterranean Press now shows the final cover illustration and design for the forthcoming novel by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert, The Evil in Pemberley House.
The artist Glen Orbik did a marvelous job with a beautiful and sexy lady in distress. It is a great cover!

Win is very happy with the cover illustration: "To say I'm pleased would be a gross understatement. The cover is reminiscent of those magnificent '70s paperback Gothics...which in fact is exactly what The Evil in Pemberley House is--except for the paperback part."

See Win Eckert's website about this novel.

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Locus remembers Phil Farmer
8 April 2009

An obituary of Philip José Farmer and a series of appreciations are published in the April 2009 issue of Locus. The appreciations are from Gary K. Wolfe, Joe Haldeman, Christopher Paul Carey, Mary A. Turzillo, and Richard A. Lupoff, according to the online Table of Contents.

I haven't received my copy yet, so I cannot tell you more about it right now. You can buy this issue of Locus, see the information at the bottom of the before mentioned Table of Contents page.

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New computer
8 April 2009

Last week I bought a new computer, because the —very— old one started to make strange and loud noises with the fan of the power supply unit. The new computer and the software had to be installed, and the data had to be transferred from the old computer to the new one.
It took me some days before this was finished far enough to start working again on the website.

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