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The Magic Labyrinth - page restyled
28 May 2009

The Magic Labyrinth (1980) is the fourth novel in the Riverworld series and was originally intended to be the final one in the series.
Farmer wrote this foreword to the novel: "Now ends the Riverworld series, all loose ends tied together into a sword-resisting Gordian knot, all the human mysteries revealed, the millions of miles of The River and the many years of quests and The Quest completed."
But still many questions were left unanswered and so Farmer wrote a fifth and this time for real the final novel in the series, Gods of Riverworld (page not yet restyled).

The book page of The Magic Labyrinth has now been restyled. Every publication has been checked and rechecked, and the books were scanned and the covers added on the page. The old page had 43 publications and 17 cover scans, the new page has 75 publications and 47 scans.

Read an overview of the Riverworld series, or the description of the The Magic Labyrinth, at Wikipedia.
Or read the review of the series by Steve Lazarowitz at the SF Site, where the reviewer still thought that the series ended with The Magic Labyrinth.
Even better, read the novel yourself...!

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Ackerman and Farmer
24 May 2009

I received my copy of Dark Discoveries Issue 13, Spring 2009. This issue, as announced before, has an article by Henry Covert, "Ackerman and Farmer: A Strangeness of Mind". This article is about the meetings between Forry and Phil, in the flesh as well as in the writing, and their enduring friendship of 55 years.
Farmer wrote a commendation about Ackerman in the Lunacon '74 Program Book, wrote a parody of him —with the character Woolston Heepish— in the novel The Image of the Beast, and let Forry appear as himself in the sequel, Blown.

James R. Beach, the publisher, writes in his foreword about the new looks of Dark Discoveries, but also promises us: "...look for a feature on Farmer in an upcoming issue..".
Dark Discoveries #13 can be ordered here.

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Another Russian omnibus
17 May 2009

All seven novels of the World of Tiers series had been published in two omnibuses, in 2006 and 2007, by the Russian publishers Eksmo (Moscow) and Domino (St Petersburg).
In November 2008 the series was reprinted by the same publishers, and this time all novels together in only one large omnibus of 1024 pages, Многоярусный мир.

The new information has been added on the book pages of the omnibus and the separate novels, except for the three pages that haven't been restyled yet (that will follow a.s.a.p.), and also on the page New Publications in 2008.

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Wildside Books in 2007
15 May 2009

The novel The Green Oyssey has been printed and reprinted several times since it is in the public domain.
Waking Lion Press had two editions in 2006 and one in 2008 (see here). But we hadn't noticed until now the editions from Wildside Books, a hardcover under the imprint Borgo Press and a trade paperback under the imprint Brownstone Books. Both editions —with the misspelled first name PHILLIP on the cover— were published in September 2007, and have now been added on the book page.
The trade paperback can be bought online with Amazon and B&N, the hardcover at B&N only.

These books have also been added on the page New Publications in 2007.

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Russian Riverworld omnibus
13 May 2009

The  Russian publishers Eksmo (Moscow) and Domino (St Petersburg) jointly published in May 2007 the first Riverworld omnibus, with the first three novels in the Riverworld series.
It seems I missed the second omnibus, that came some months later, in November 2007, in hardcover, Мир Реки: Магический лабиринт. This omnibus contains the last two Riverworld novels in the series, Магический лабиринт (The Magic Labyrinth) and Боги Мира Реки (Gods of Riverworld).

I discovered this omnibus while working at the restyled page of The Magic Labyrinth, which is not yet ready to put it online.
The information has also been added on the page New Publications in 2007.

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Article in Dark Discoveries #13
11 May 2009

The magazine Dark Discoveries #13, Spring 2009, a special Forest J Ackerman Remembered issue, has an article "Ackerman meets Philip José Farmer".
This article is by Henry Covert: "...check out my article on Phil's relationship with Forry Ackerman in the new issue of Dark Discoveries magazine".
Henry Covert also wrote the introductions to the Wold Newton Universe for Astonishing Adventures Magazine, see here.
Dark Discoveries #13 can be ordered on this site. I am looking forward to my ordered copy.

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Farmercon IV
11 May 2009

Less than a month away will Farmercon IV, The Philip José Farmer Memorial Gathering, be held in Peoria. On Saturday June 6th, 2009 at the Lakeview Branch of the Peoria Public Library.
On the programming a "Panel on PJF's Legacy" and the guests are invited to share "What PJF taught me".
See the Official PJF Home Page for the full program.

I will not be able to attend this special Farmercon, alas. I cannot make it this time, but I sure wish everyone attending a very good time and hope you will share a lot of happy memories of Phil.

Discovered story publications
10 May 2009

In February I received information from Fred Fisher (lives in Houston, Texas, USA) about two story publications, till then unknown on these pages.
Later on Fred, a PJF fan and enthusiast collector of PJF's books internationally, asked my home address because he had "...something that I would like to send to you as a token of appreciation for your tremendous help via your website".

This week I received a box from him with two books, and a very nice letter, in it. The books are the second edition in paperback of The Sociology of the Possible, with the story "My Sister's Brother", and the anthology Great Tales of Science Fiction, Galahad hardcover (1994), with the story "The Sliced-Crosswise Only-on-Tuesday World". The last one was still unknown on this site till now.
Thank you Fred, I do appreciate the gift very much!
Fred answered on my thanks with: "I wish you years of continued good luck with the ongoing work that you do, and I appreciate greatly the service you provide."

I searched some online sources to check why I had missed the 1994 hardcover of Great Tales of Science Fiction from Galahad. But I discovered that I had not only missed this edition but also two others, the Arbor/Castle hardcover from 1986 and the Crown/Galahad hardcover of 1988 (I'm not sure if this one is a Book Club Edition).
And while I was checking I also discovered a reprint of the original anthology, The Arbor House Treasury of Science Fiction Masterpieces. That one was reprinted by Priam in 1984 in a trade paperback. See the story page.

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Delayed publications
4 May 2009

The new Subterranean Press omnibus The Other in the Mirror was ready with the printer at the end of March. But we have not yet received the book from the publisher, nor did we receive information when the book would be shipped.
My e-mail today to the publisher, Bill Schafer, got the reply that The Other "is one of the next 3-4 books that will be shipped."
We will have to wait a little more...

MonkeyBrain Books announced a new edition of Two Hawks from Earth to be published in the Summer of 2008. The publication date shifted to May 2009, but it seems the date has been changed again. Amazon.com now gives July 25, 2009 as the publication date.
The publisher's website still does not give any information about this novel, the site hasn't been updated in more than a year.

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No Locus Nomination for Venus
4 May 2009

I have been away on a short vacation to Spain (found no new Spanish PJF books for my collection, alas) and for that reason saw it only just now.

The 2009 Locus Award Finalists have been announced at Locus online a week ago. Much to my disappointment Venus on the Half-Shell and Others is not among the five finalists in the catagory 'Collection'.
My petition to Vote for Venus hasn't helped it seems.

The publisher of Venus, Subterranean Press, does have two other (also great) collections as finalists.

Bob Eggleton
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Added Books
In May 40 new book publications were added on the book pages.

Behind the Walls of Terra
The 2008 Russian publication in the omnibus Многоярусный мир.

The Green Odyssey
The 2007 editions from Borgo Press (hardcover) and Brownstone Books (trade paperback).

The Magic Labyrinth
Thirty-two publications have been added and thirty cover scans on the restyled page.

The Maker of Universes
The 2008 Russian publication in the omnibus Многоярусный мир.

More Than Fire
Publication in the Russian omnibus Многоярусный мир, 2008.

Red Orc's Rage
Publication in the Russian omnibus Многоярусный мир in 2008.

The 2007 Russian omnibus, Мир Реки: Магический лабиринт, from the publishers Eksmo & Domino.

World of Tiers
The Russian omibus Многоярусный мир with all seven novels, from the publishers Eksmo & Domino.
These are the numbers for the book pages in May 2009:

1611 publications
1140 different covers

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