News & What's New - June 2009
New edition of Dare
30 June 2009

It has been out of print in the US for nearly thirty years, the novel Dare. It is one of the first written novels by Farmer, originally scheduled for publication in 1953 as A Beast of the Fields, but it appeared in book publication for the first time only in 1965.
Dare had two editions from Berkley Books, in 1979 and 1980, and in 1980 also a hardcover edition from Gregg Press.

Now IDW Publishing has a new edition, in their series 'New Classics of the Fantastic', in a trade paperback, with a cover by Dave Gutierrez. It has a foreword by series editor, Clifford Meth: "...Phil Farmer was one of the elite Grand Masters of Science Fiction, and recognized as such by one and all. His body of work, six decades after it began, is still some of the very best our genre has produced..."

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It arrived today!
23 June 2009

My copy of the trade edition of the omnibus The Other in the Mirror arrived today. The limited, numbered or lettered editions will be shipped on a later date when the slipcases and traycases for these editions have been produced and received by the publisher.

Subterranean Press did again a wonderful job with this book, it has dark yellow cloth covered boards and gilt lettering on the spine. The wrap around cover by Bob Eggleton is stunning, very beautiful indeed.
Christopher Paul Carey wrote an interesting foreword, about the concept of The Other and how the three novels included in the omnibus each deal with this concept.

You can order your copy of the trade edition with the online bookshops or directly from the publisher. There are also copies left of the lettered edition, the numbered edition has already been sold out.

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Kudos for The Evil in Pemberley House
21 June 2009

The first three reviews of the forthcoming novel The Evil in Pemberley House, written by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, are all very positive. Two of them were already mentioned earlier on this site, see here and here.

Publisher Subterranean Press mentions these two and yet another review on the website, and gives the conclusion: "Early reader reaction to this Wold Newton concoction is, as you can see, quite positive–the tale wrapped inside Glen Orbik’s utterly perfect dust jacket."

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French editions added
18 June 2009

French publisher Le Livre de Poche (Laffont) keeps the Riverworld books in print with regular reprints every two or three years, it seems.
Recently discovered are the December 2006 reprint of Le Monde du Fleuve (To Your Scattered Bodies Go) and the February 2007 reprint of Le noir dessein (The Dark Design).
With these books the publisher now gives the information which printing it is, the eighth and the sixth respectively. This means that one printing of both books is still unknown to me, one of both is still missing on the book pages.

I also found the fifth printing of June 2006 of Les Dieux du fleuve (Gods of Riverworld), which will be added on the restyled page. Hope to finish this page soon.

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Update Official Farmer site
16 June 2009

Mike Croteau updated the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page on June 14th. With news about Farmercon IV, where Bette Farmer could not attend anymore. A special page about her was added in the program book. Only a few days later Bette passed away.
Several people I had contact with are still in a state of shock about her death.

Mike had also some more happier news with the update, about a discovered reprint of the story "Totem and Taboo" and even a completely new, or rather before unknown, very short story by Phil, "Christmas Seal's Fight", which is his first published fiction. It has been published when he was only ten years old!
I will add these items on this site very soon.



Bette Farmer

5 April 1923 - 10 June 2009

Today I received the very sad news that Bette Farmer, Phil
Farmer's wife for a very long time (68 years) passed away
yesterday at her home. She was 86.
Not four months after Phil left this world, and now Bette.
will be missed by many, her family and friends and by
all who
had the honor of knowing her.
Bye Bette.
The Other from Earth
11 June 2009

Bill Schafer, publisher of Subterranean Press, replied on my question if he had any news about The Other in the Mirror as follows: "We are shipping the trade copies in the next couple of weeks, right after we finish the new Robert Silverberg."
So, we might receive it somewhere this month or early July.

From Christopher Paul Carey I received the news about the publication of the new edition of Two Hawks from Earth.
Chris Roberson, publisher of MonkeyBrain Books, made an announcment on his blog and wrote in a news group that this book "is at the printers now, and due to ship sometime in the next month or so."
The new information has been added on the publisher's website.

See also Forthcoming Books.

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More delay with new books
2 June 2009

At the end of March Subterranean Press spread the news that The Other in the Mirror was ready and awaiting pickup at the printer. So this new book could be expected to ship somewhere in April. Early May, still no book received, I asked the publisher when it would be sent, and he replied that it would be one of the next three to four books that would be shipped.
It is now early June and we still have not seen this book. Hope to receive it somewhere this month.

About another new book, Dare from IDW Press, I received a message from Amazon that the publication seemed to be delayed. It should have been published at the end of May. Amazon could not yet provide the book or a new date.

Already mentioned earlier was the delay in publication of Two Hawks from Earth.
I hope this doesn't mean that one or more of these publications will not be published at all anymore...

See also Forthcoming Books.

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100 Must-Read Science Fiction Novels
1 June 2009

A & C Black Publishers in London, published in 2006 in the series 'Bloomsbury Good Reading Guides' the small and handsome paperback 100 Must-Read Science Fiction Novels.
In their foreword "About This Book" the writers, Stephen E. Andrews & Nick Rennison, state that they not intended to provide a list of the 100 best novels, but have chosen "...100 books to read in order to gain an overview of the rich and diverse writing to be found in SF...".

One of the chosen novels is The Lovers by PJF. In the entry on this novel the writers give a brief description and review, "...typically audacious Farmer, a perfect starting point for exploring the lively imagination and historic contribution of this generously spirited author...".
Also mentioned are some of Farmer's other erotic work, like The Image of the Beast, Blown, and A Feast Unknown.

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Added Books
Seven publications were added on the book pages this month.

The new edition from IDW Publishing, 2009.

The Dark Design
The 2007 French reprint, Le noir dessein, from Le Livre de Poche.

Fire and the Night
The publication in the omnibus The Other in the Mirror, 2009.

Jesus on Mars
Publication in the omnibus The Other in the Mirror, 2009.

Night of Light
Publication in the omnibus The Other in the Mirror, 2009.

The Other in the Mirror
The trade edition of this omnibus with three novels from Subterranean Press, 2009.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The French reprint, Le Monde du Fleuve, from Le Livre de Poche in 2006.
These are the numbers for the book pages in June 2009:

1618 publications
1144 different covers

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