News & What's New - August 2009
Interview with Win Scott Eckert
26 August 2009

Some years ago a few unfinished manuscripts were discovered in Farmer's filing cabinet. One of them was the unfinished novel The Evil in Pemberley House, which Phil had started early 1970s probably. Win Scott Eckert was very excited about the rediscovery and developed the very bold plan to finish the novel.
And with success! Subterranean Press will publish the novel shortly, see under. We had an interview with Win about The Evil in Pemberley House. Read it here.


The King of the Beasts
22 August 2009

In July (see here) we added a second printing of the textbook Beyond Time and Space, which includes Farmer's very short story "The King of the Beasts".
Recently discovered are the third and fourth printings of this book. And even a reprinted edition with the somewhat changed title Stories Beyond Time and Space (1992), which book has had at least two printings. The contents of this one is the same as before.
The book is intended for classroom use. Each story has a short introduction, and is further accompanied with "Vocabulary Preview", "Recall", "Infer", "Vocabulary Review" and finally "Critical Thinking".

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The Evil in Pemberley House ready to ship
21 August 2009

In the latest newsletter from Subterranean Press is the announcement that the novel The Evil in Pemberley House, written by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, "...is completed and awaiting its turn in our shipping queue...". So, watch your mailbox the coming weeks, it may arrive very soon now!

Jackie Cassada at Library Journal has reviewed the novel, which has been cited on SubPress's website.
Or read the complete review on the Library Journal site.

We have asked Win Scott Eckert for an interview about the book. This might be published next week!

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Worlds of Philip Farmer
12 August 2009

In the period 1996-1998 Polaris published a series of twenty-three hardcovers, Миры Филипа Фармера. Most of the books are omnibuses with two novels. The complete series brings a great deal of Farmer's oeuvre, with thirty-six novels, one collection, and thirty-six stories.
When the series started in 1996 Polaris had its offices still in the Latvian capital Riga. The books are in Russian however. Later on Polaris moved to Moscow. So, the books are counted as Russian publications, rather than as Latvian.

I have restyled the page and have checked all the information again. There are no new publications added, we already had the twenty-three books, but the old page had only seventeen covers. The other six have now been added.

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The City Beyond Play: 60% off
9 August 2009

The novella The City Beyond Play has been published in 2007 by PS Publishing (UK). This novella was started in 1970 by Phil Farmer and much later finished by Danny Adams, Phil's grandnephew.
From the cover text: "SF with a delightful anachronistic twist, The City Beyond Play is superb rollicking entertainment, echoing simultaneously The Tempest and The Compleat Enchanter. If you've ever wondered what you'd do if dropped alone into the High Middle Ages, The City Beyond Play is the perfect survival manual."

I loved to read the novella when it was published, I really did. The reason why I do mention the book here again is that, if you have missed the book on publication, now is the time to buy one of the last copies of the trade hardcover edition. They were sold for £10.00 originally, but PS Publishing is selling them at the moment with 60% off, for only £4.00 (about $6.40).
The same discount, called Midsummer madness by the publisher, goes for all pre-2008 titles.

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Tarzan in Paris
6 August 2009

If you live in Paris in France or if your vacation happens to bring you there, and of course if you're interested, you might want to go to a museum. Because the Museé du quai Branly has a special Tarzan exposition.
This Tarzan exposition started on June 16 and ends on September 27. See for the complete info the website of the museum. The French text of the website can be switched to English.
If you are not able to visit the museum you still can buy the catalog of the exposition for € 19,50, see here.

Thanks for sharing this information Christian Gitton. Merci!

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Burroughs Bulletin #81: Farmer issue
4 August 2009

Lee Barrie (US) read in the just published Burroughs Bulletin #79 the announcement that Issue #81, to be published in February 2010, will be a commemorative issue to Phil: Philip José Farmer Issue: The Tarzan Tales.
According to Lee: "Articles are welcome for this issue, especially concerning his ERB-related works like Tarzan Alive, Lord Tyger, Lord of the Trees, Mother Was a Lovely Beast, Adventure of the Peerless Peer, Flight to Opar, Hadon of Ancient Opar, Dark Heart of Time and any other books, particularly like, such as Time's Last Gift or the Riverworld series."

The deadline for Issue #81 is December 15, 2009.
See here for the address (snail and email) to send the articles to for this issue. Payment information for a subscription is also given.
See here, nearly at the bottom of the index page, for the announcement of BB#81.

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Booklist reviewed The Evil in Pemberley House
4 August 2009

The new novel The Evil in Pemberley House, written by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert, has been reviewed by Booklist (see here for the online version, you have to register).
Subterranean Press mentions this - again very positive - review (see an earlier entry on this site) on their website: "Part pulp romance, part erotic thriller, Farmer and Eckert’s yarn is a steamy, intriguing addition to Wold Newton lore."
It looks like we will get a very promising novel with this one if we rely on all the positive reviews.

Subterranean Press announced that the novel will be shipped somewhere this month. Hopefully it arrives on time for me, so I can take the novel with me to read it while on vacation in Italy. I am looking forward to the book.
If you haven't yet ordered your copy, maybe you should do it now before they are all gone!

See also the special website (blog) for this novel.

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New edition of Two Hawks from Earth
2 August 2009

The novel Two Hawks from Earth has a gorgeous new edition from MonkeyBrain Books. My copy arrived in the mail two days ago.
The alternate history novel appeared for the first time in 1966 under the title The Gate of Time. In 1979 the novel was restored with Farmer's original title Two Hawks from Earth. Farmer also restored some of the text and added a few chapters. In his foreword, included in this edition too, Farmer explains why he did this.

Christopher Paul Carey has written a very interesting Afterword, giving background information about the novel, and states that the novel "...not only stands out among these examples of Phil's science fictional melting pot experiments, it also sparkles as a jewel of the entire alternate history genre...". Christopher also addresses the differences between the 1966 text in The Gate of Time and the revised and restored text in this version.

Today I visited Europe's largest bookfair in Deventer, Netherlands. By coincidence I found there a copy of the 1966 edition of The Gate of Time, which edition I already had in my collection. But much to my surprise this one appeared to be the Canadian printing, which I didn't know existed till today.
So for that reason there are two new publications added on the book page.

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Added Books
Two publications were added on the book pages this month.

Gate of Time
The 1966 Canadian edition from Belmont Books.

Two Hawks from Earth
The new edition from MonkeyBrain Books, 2009.
These are the numbers for the book pages in August 2009:

1638 publications
1176 different covers

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