News & What's New - October 2009
"El fabuloso barco fluvial" arrived
30 October 2009

The first novel in the Riverworld series, A vuestros cuerpos dispersos (To Your Scattered Bodies Go), was published in September 2007 in Spain by La Factoria de Ideas.
Now after two years it's time fort part two of the series, El fabuloso barco fluvial (The Fabulous Riverboat). It has been published in a large trade paperback. The book can be bought for € 20,95.

This edition comes with a very nice cover painting by Jim Burns. The painting has originally been made for the novel Darwinia by Robert Charles Wilson. All US and UK editions have used the same cover, see here. It is a nice picture, even if it's not really Riverworldish.

At the end of the book is a four pages long bibliography of Phil's books, with –as far as they are translated– the Spanish titles. According to the information in this bibliography La Factoria de Ideas will also publish the other three Riverworld books, The Dark Design, The Magic Labyrinth and Gods of Riverworld. There is no indication when these novels will be published.

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Philip José Farmer estate sale
30 October 2009

If you are looking for some rare Farmer books, even signed by the Grand Master himself, then you should pay a visit at the special page at the Official PJF Home Page for the books from the estate sale.
It has been a sad year, both Phil and Bette Farmer have passed away. Their house had to be cleared out and all the original artwork and books are being sold.

So, if you want copies of the Essex House editions of A Feast Unknown, Blown, or The Image of the Beast, all signed by Farmer, or any one of the other hundreds of books, you should go that special page. I already had received my ordered copies. Write to the webmaster, Mike Croteau, for the books you want. His email address is there.

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Night of Light in Greece
24 October 2009

Books from Italy, Spain, France, and Germany were delivered at my door these past few weeks. The latest shipment I received were three books from Greece. All books were added to my Farmer collection. Most of them were already known in this International Bibliography. In some cases I had to add or correct small pieces of information, and replaced the cover scans with the ones I made of the received books.

From Greece I received two anthologies with stories by Phil, but also a till now unknown translation of Night of Light (Η Νύχτα του Φωτός) from publisher Locus-7 (2007). See the website.
We missed it when it was published in 2007, but now have added the information on the book page and on the page New Publications 2007. It is only the fifth Greek book by Farmer, so far.

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Reviews of The Evil in Pemberley House
24 October 2009

While I still haven't had the time to read this novel, even when it's on the top of my priorities, others did. They put their thoughts about the novel in a review. And like with the previous reviews the new ones are again very positive.

Ron Capshaw reviewed The Evil in Pemberley House for The Washington Times: "Fans who have argued that Farmer had tamed himself since that era when he had the "real" Tarzan being homosexually raped by a villain will not be disappointed by "Pemberley." The heroine is violated in every possible way. But as with other pulp treatments by Farmer, she does not lose her heroic stature as a result. "Pemberley" shows the golden age Farmer with all his virtues and flaws. "Pemberley" is horrific but not from any of the supernatural doings in Darcy's old home; instead, it is how casually the author allows his pulp heroine to be raped and tortured that conjures up true shock value — quite a feat for a story originally written in 1973, when the Internet was a Pentagon project and pornography had to be sought out rather than ordered online."
Read the full review.

Robert M. Tilendis wrote a review for greenmanreview.com: "Needless to say, nothing is as it seems, no one is what they profess to be, there are plots within plots, the ghost does show up, but Patricia has much more to worry about than a ghost who simply wants love." and "Patricia is hardly your typical helpless female. Once she frees herself of the restraints being used to hold her down, she makes short work of her captors, who flee into the night and on every subsequent appearance are still sporting bruises. The story progresses this way -- although the actual sexual encounters are few -- to a bloody and very satisfying finale."
Read the full review.

The Evil in Pemberley House can still be ordered with the publisher, Subterranean Press.

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Announced Books
21 October 2009

There was a very big announcement at Farmercon 90 in Peoria, July 2008. Phil Farmer had given permission to four authors to complete some unfinished stories of his. Two of these have been published by now.

Paul Spiteri finished the story "Getting Ready to Write", published in Farmerphile Issue No.13, July 2008.
Win Scott Eckert completed the novel The Evil in Pemberley House (Subterranean Press, 2009).

But the other two novels have not been published, nor are there any concrete plans yet –that I know of– to have them published in the near future. I now have added the two announced, but unpublished novels, on the page Announced Books. The third Opar (or Khokarsa) novel, The Song of Kwasin, completed by Christopher Paul Carey, and the western novel, Cougar By the Tail, finished by Tracy Knight.
I sure hope these two novels also will get published at some point in the (near) future.

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It Didn't Play in Peoria
20 October 2009

Farmer wasn't well known in his own home town Peoria. But at last there is some recognition for Phil as a Peorian residence, which he was for most of his life.
Greg Wahl and Charles Bobbitt have written the book It Didn't Play in Peoria (2009), with the subtitle 'Missed Chances of a Middle American Town', about "...the city's history from this unique perspective of missed changes, lost causes, and plain bad luck–a cautionary tale of Middle America..."

Is Phil then a 'missed chance' for Peoria, like the man on the cover, Charles Lindberg, had been?
Not really, it seems. Chapter 8 has the title: "They Didn't Stay in Peoria...But One Came Back". The one that did come back to Peoria is Phil. "Peoria's as good a place as any to watch the world go to hell in a handbasket," he claimed.

Next to the piece about Phil's life and writing career, till his death last February, there are also two photos in the book from the Farmers.
See the publisher's website about the book.

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The Other in the Mirror: also 50% Off
13 October 2009

Subterranean Press posted even more auctions on Ebay, with yet another title by Farmer, The Other in the Mirror.

This omnibus with three novels by Farmer has only been published in June 2009, with a price of $45.00 for the trade edition, Now is the time to buy one of these great and beautifully crafted omnibuses, for only $22.50.

We haven't seen yet the limited, lettered and traycased edition of The Other in the Mirror.

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Venus on the Half-Shell: now 50% Off
7 October 2009

Subterranean Press just posted this in their Newsletter and on their site: "We've just posted nearly 30 new Ebay auctions, some older titles, some new, some never offered before, all of them at 50% off."
Books by Philip K. Dick, China Mieville, Charles de Lint, George R.R. Martin and many others. And also one title by Philip José Farmer, Venus on the Half-Shell and Others.

So, if you still do not have this collection of Phil's 'fictional author stories' yet, you can buy one now for only $19.00. There are only 25 copies of each book listed on eBay.

Bob Eggleton
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Story in former East Germany
5 October 2009

In the German Democratic Republic, better known as East Germany, has only one Farmer story been published. That happened in 1988 with "Der Dienstagsmensch" ("The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World") in the anthology ad libitum. Sammlung Zerstreuung Nr.9.
Publisher Volk und Welt had a series of about twenty-five volumes in this 'Collection Amusement'. The editor, Reinhard Lehmann, used for number 9 in the series  a story by Farmer also, which he took from the (West) German collection Der Dienstagsmensch.

The discovery of and information about the East German publication comes from Ralf Lux (Germany). He also made a scan of the cover. And thanks to him I have been able to order a copy of the book in Germany, which I hope to receive somewhere this week. Vielen dank, Ralf!

This publication has been added on the story page, and the index page with translated stories has a 'new' country: East Germany.

Ralf wrote me why we could be sure this was the only Farmer publication in (former) East Germany. Hans-Peter Neumann has compiled a bibliography of all East German science fiction publications, with only this Farmer entry.

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A correction
4 October 2009

In the bibliography are three Spanish books from the publisher Acervo, Los Amantes (The Lovers), Dare (Dare) and Noche de luz (Night of Light). The first two are trade paperbacks, bound in plain cardboard, with a dust jacket. The dust jackets have been glued to the spine of the books.

The third book however, Noche de luz (1979), which edition was till recently not yet in my Philip José Farmer collection, is definitely a hardcover and not a trade paperback as stated before on this site.
Fred Fisher (US) discovered this when he received his copy, after which he emailed me about it. Just received my own copy from Spain, a hardcover with in blue paper covered boards and silver lettering on the spine and front board. The information on the book page has been corrected.

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Added Books
Two publications were added on the book pages this month.

The Fabulous Riverboat
The Spanish edition, El fabuloso barco fluvial, from La Factoria de Ideas, 2009.

Night of Light
The Greek edition, Η Νύχτα του Φωτός, from Locus-7, 2007.
These are the numbers for the book pages in October 2009:

1642 publications
1179 different covers

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