News & What's New - December 2009
The Other Log in Brazil
30 December 2009

Only five different Farmer novels have been published in Brazil (index). Maybe because the Portuguese books were imported and sold in Brazil also, that no other books were published.
One of Brazilian publications is the translation of the novel The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, which has been published by two different publishers. As O Outro Diário de Phileas Fogg by Editora Global (1974) and as O Diário de Bordo de Phileas Fogg by Francisco Alves (1987)..

None of the other Brazilian books have had the honor of being published twice or even even being reprinted. Not even the in 1988 Nova Award winning O Planeta do Rio (To Your Scattered Bodies Go).
Not only did The Other Log of Phileas Fogg have two editions, but also a reprint of one of them. I just discovered that Editora Global reprinted their publication O Outro Diário de Phileas Fogg in 1980 with a different cover.

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German omnibus Bizarre Beziehungen
26 December 2009

A copy of the second printing of the German omnibus Bizarre Beziehungen (Strange Relations) from the publisher Heyne (1993) has been found. We already had the information about the third printing, but the second one was until now missing in the bibliography.
The omnibus contains the novels Die Liebenden (The Lovers) and Eine Frau pro Tag (A Woman a Day), with the story collection Bizarre Beziehungen (Strange Relations).

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More of The Lovers
16 December 2009

Thanks to Fred Fischer (US) two more publications of the novel The Lovers are known now, which brings the total amount of publications of this book to 50.
Fred emailed me the information about the second printing of the Ballantine/Del Rey paperback, of March 1981. And also about the second printing of the Spanish publication, Los Amantes, from publisher Orbis, 1986.
Strangest thing is, that I discovered that I do own a copy of the second printing of the Orbis publication. It seems I had totally forgotten to check the book and include the information in the bibliography. This has been corrected with the updated information.

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The Dark Design from Tor in 2010
13 December 2009

You already could pre-order Riverworld from Amazon, a book that will be published in March 2010 by Tor. This omnibus includes the first two Riverworld novels, To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat.

Now you also can pre-order the third Riverworld novel, The Dark Design, from Amazon. Tor will publish this one in June 2010. List price is $17.99.

According to the list "Forthcoming Books through September 2010" in the December 2009 issue of Locus, issue 587, which also shows the above mentioned books, no more Riverworld titles are planned till that month. We will have to wait if and when they will be published by Tor.

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Story publication added
13 December 2009

From France I received three anthologies and three magazines, all with stories by Phil. Five of these story publications were already known in the bibliography, but the sixth is new. The story "Attitudes" (the same title in French) has been published in the anthology Histoires de planètes, which has had three printings. The one of March 1976 is new on these pages.

When I'm finished restyling the book pages I will start redoing the story pages. More information and more scans will be added on those pages.
First I have to finish the last two book pages. Right now I am working on the page of A Private Cosmos and then at last on The Lavalite World.
Before I start on the story pages I will add a new page with eBooks and Audio Books. So, lots of work to do.

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Philip José Farmer estate sale: 20-40% off
10 December 2009

Just for the month December only the Official PJF Home Page has a 20% discount on all books that are for sale from Philip José Farmer's Estate Sale. If you buy several books the discount can go up to 40%.
Take a look at all those wonderful editions, many of which are signed by Farmer. Now is the time to buy some of these books. So, if you want the very rare hardcover edition of A Feast Unknown (The Fokker D-LXIX Press, 1975) or the first hardcover edition of To Your Scattered Bodies Go (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1971), or any of the other books for reasonable prices, now is the time!

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New audio books
1 December 2009

Recorded Books (search for 'author': Philip Jose Farmer) brought in 2000 the first complete audio version of the novel To Your Scattered Bodies Go. It was then taped on six audio cassettes.
That version has been republished in March 2008 on seven CDs. The price is $44.95 for nearly eight hours recording.

In June 2009 Recorded Books published the second Riverworld novel, The Fabulous Riverboat, on eight CDs. This recording of nine hours will also cost you $44.95.

Both recordings can be downloaded from the website of www.audible.com (search for Philip Jose Farmer) and will cost you $27.97 for the first, and $24.49 for the second novel..

Recorded Books will bring the third Riverworld novel, The Dark Design, as an Audio Book in March 2010. Narrator of all recordings is Paul Hecht.

I have announced it before this year, that maybe I should make a new page with Audio Books and eBooks. I didn't know where to put all the new audio and e-publications. This page is now in progress (= ready) of becoming real. Very soon I hope.

Added Books
Seven publications were added on the book pages this month.

Bizarre Beziehungen
The second printing of this German omnibus, 1993.

The Lovers
The second printing from Ballantine/Del Rey, 1981.

The Lovers
The second printing of the Spanish publication, Los Amantes, from Orbis, 1986.

The Lovers
In the second printing of the German omnibus Bizarre Beziehungen, Heyne, 1993.

The Other Log of Phileas Fogg
The Brazilian publication, O Outro Diário de Phileas Fogg (a second printing), from Editora Global, 1980.

Strange Relations
In the second printing of the German omnibus Bizarre Beziehungen, Heyne, 1993.

A Woman a Day
In the second printing of the German omnibus Bizarre Beziehungen, Heyne, 1993.
These are the numbers for the book pages in December 2009:

1664 publications
1222 covers

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