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Obituary: Ernesto Vegetti (1943-2010)
29 January 2010

Today I received the very sad news that Italian fan Ernesto Vegetti died on January 16. He had been in hospital this month, seemed to recover from the operation, but died suddenly of a heart attack. He was 66 years.
Ernesto was a  major figure in the Italian science fiction world. He loved science fiction, wrote many articles and reviews, helped organizing conventions, and kept promoting the science fiction story in his country, Italy
He was maybe best known as the webmaster and bibliographer of the index of all Italian science fiction, the Catalogo SF, Fantasy e Horror.
But Ernesto was not only known in Italy however. He also helped many other science fiction fans and bibliographers around the world, with information on Italian publications. He helped me in the early days of this bibliography and stayed a regular contributor. He also contributed for instance a lot of information to The Internet Speculative Fiction Database (ISFDB).
Grazie e addio Ernesto!

Ernesto Vegetti
Mexican story publication in 1957
26 January 2010

Farmer's story "The Night of Light" was published for the first time in June 1957 in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Only a few months later, in October 1957, appeared the Spanish translation, "Noche de luz", in the magazine Ciencia y Fantasia no. 12. Farmer's name was misspelled on the cover as José Philip Farmer.

Till now I had assumed that the magazine had been published in Spain. I had no copy to verify the data. It is evident now that I was wrong. The magazine had been printed in Mexico.
This is the first Mexican Farmer publication in the bibliography, no other publication is known from this country. I have corrected the data on the story page, and on the Translated Stories index page. There is no publication of the story "Noche de luz" in Spain, that I know of. But there is a Spanish publication of the expanded story, the novel Noche de luz.

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Second Italian printing of Pianeta d'aria
20 January 2010

Unknowingly I had mixed up some data of the first and second printing of an Italian edition of The Wind Whales of Ishmael (Pianeta d'aria). Fanucci published the first one in June 1988 and the second one in July 1988. I didn't even know there were two printings!
Fred Fischer (Houston, US) observed on the book page, with his first printing at hand, the mix up of data. Because of his email I discovered I only have the second printing in my collection.
Now both printings are mentioned on the book page, with the correct data. Thanks Fred!

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The Evil in Pemberley House: 50% Off
18 January 2010

Subterranean Press in their latest newsletter: "With all of our new releases, we need to clear some space at the warehouse, so we're going to be running some Ebay auctions over the next few weeks...".
One of the books on eBay is the limited edition of The Evil in Pemberley House, written by Philip José Farmer and Win Scott Eckert. This edition is numbered, signed by Win Eckert and comes with a chapbook. Normal price is $60, on eBay now for $30.
So, if you want a copy of the limited edition, now is the time to buy one!

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Another book of reference
14 January 2010

Libraries Unlimited published last year the book Science Fiction Authors: A Research Guide by Maura Heaphy. One hundred authors were selected for this guide, and each entry contains a brief biography, a list of major works and a list with research sources.

You already guessed it, there is also an entry on Philip José Farmer. For visitors of this website there is nothing new with Farmer's entry in Science Fiction Authors: A Research Guide, or it must be that The Gate of Time is now part of the Dayworld series (it's not!) or that the novel The Lovers is "an extended fix-up" of "The Lovers" and "Moth and Rust" (also not true!).
Otherwise it is a handsome and affordable resource. And another good thing is that this website is mentioned in the book with the Farmer bibliograhies.

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More Flesh publications in Russia
11 January 2010

Just discovered are two Russian publications of the novel Flesh (Плоть). The books were published several years ago, in 1992 by The Soviet Composer in an omnibus, together with a detective by a Russian author.
And in 1994 by publisher Al-Fa in an omnibus, together with science fiction novels by Robert Silverberg and Edmond M. Hamilton.
Both publications and covers have been added on the book page.

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Kickaha's World
10 January 2010

According to Phil himself: "A Private Cosmos was not my title. An Ace Books editor changed Kickaha's World to the present title for some reason I've not been able to figure out." This comes from Farmer's foreword in the 1981 Phantasia Press edition of A Private Cosmos.
Because his original title hadn't been used with this novel Farmer planned to use it for the sixth World of Tiers novel, but that one got published as More Than Fire.

Farmer, in the above mentioned foreword: "Kickaha (a.k.a Paul Janus Finnegan) was a major but not lead character in the first in the series, Maker of Universes. He was not in the second, Gates of Creation. But by the time I wrote A Private Cosmos it was evident, to me at least, that Kickaha had displaced Wolff as the main character. The wild Hoosier trickster had taken over, and I did not object at all. The irrational, the true author, my unconscious, had dictated the choice of protagonist and the course of events."

Earl Evers in his 1968 review: "It is almost impossible to criticize any reasonably well done adventure fantasy of the ERB school—you either like it or you don't. If you don't, then you can put down the characteristics of the school itself. If you do, you can defend them. But there isn't much you can say about an individual book except to point out how well the author operated within the rather restrictive format..."
"...the whole series is worth reading. If you are an ERB fan, though, maybe you'd better not read it—"The World of Tiers" is Farmer's attempt to write swashbuckling adventure fantasy in the ERB vein, and he shows Burroughs up just about any way you judge the stories..."
"...The story line of A Private Cosmos isn't particularly believable in summary, (and I'm not going to summarize it) but the action keeps your eye moving fast enough so you don't notice. The details of background keep the inquiring part of your mind busy, so reader identification is almost total, which is about the best the writer of adventure fiction can hope to achieve. "All three "World of Tiers" books are a hell of a lot of fun to read, and I'll even recommend them to more "serious" sf readers who don't usually go for ERB-type adventure fantasy...".

The book page of this novel has been updated and restyled, with more publications, from 45 to 54, and lots more cover scans, from 20 to 52 covers.

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Russian World of Tiers omnibus
5 January 2010

A new publication in Russia of the first two novels in the World of Tiers series. These novels, The Maker of Universes and The Gates of Creation, have been published by Eksmo (Эксмо) in a paperback omnibus, Создатель Вселенных.
Eksmo, then together with Domino, published the complete series in two hardcover volumes in 2005 and 2006, and once again in 2008 with all seven novels in one large hardcover.

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2009 - The Year in Review
5 January 2010

Last year was an unlucky year. 2009 didn't bring us much happiness, to make an understatement.
We lost Phil Farmer in February at the age of 91. Many pieces have been written about this loss, on paper and on the web. His passing away was much grieved at. Thinking about this still hurts. We lost a great man and a wonderful and very gifted writer.
Only a few months later another loss, with the death of Phil's wife Bette. She passed away in June at the age of 86. Both Phil and Bette were, and still are, greatly missed by many of their friends and family.
I sure hope they do enjoy their stay on the Riverworld, and that they did find one another on the endless river banks of that world.

But we lost even more.
No new issues of Farmerphile after the fifteenth and final issue in January 2009. It makes my life as a bibliographer much easier, I still haven't had the time to completely index the last four issues, but as a Farmerphile I miss the quarterly publications. It has brought us lots of interesting pieces by and about Phil. Thanks Mike, Win, Paul and Chris for publishing and editing Farmerphile!
In June 2009 was the last and maybe final Farmercon, the Philip José Farmer Memorial Gathering. Phil and especially Bette loved these little conventions, and invited many of those present at their house after the convention. These special meetings will be missed dearly by many of us Farmerphiles.

The year 2009 brought eight new book publications, and one chapbook. Also one magazine, the before mentioned final issue of Farmerphile. Biggest new publication in 2009 will be the novel The Evil in Pemberley House, by Philip José Farmer & Win Scott Eckert. The novel was well received with positive reviews.

The new Riverworld mini series has been filmed in 2009. It will be aired in 2010 by Syfy.

The restyling of the book pages on this website, and rechecking every book publication at the same time, is in its final stage. Only the pages of A Private Cosmos, which will be ready any day now, and The Lavalite World have to be done. And then on with the story pages, eBooks, Audio Books, Works About pages and the other plans I have.

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Added Books
Fifteen publications were added on the book pages this month.

The Russian edition, Плоть, in an omnibus from The Soviet Composer, 1992.

Publication of Плоть in a Russian omnibus from Al-Fa, 1994.

The Gates of Creation
The Russian publication in an omnibus, Создатель Вселенных, from Eksmo, 2009.

The Maker of Universes
The Russian publication in an omnibus, Создатель Вселенных, from Eksmo, 2009.

A Private Cosmos
Nine publications were added with the restyling of this book page.

The Wind Whales of Ishmael
The second printing of the Italian edition Pianeta d'aria from Fanucci, 1988.

World of Tiers
The Russian omnibus Создатель Вселенных, with the first two novels in the series, from Eksmo, 2009.
These are the numbers for the book pages in January 2010:

1679 publications
1258 covers

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