News & What's New - February 2010
Riverworld omnibus cover
28 February 2010

The announcement came last year, that the Riverworld books had been resold to publisher Tor.
The first of the books, Riverworld, will be published at the end of March 2010. This is an omnibus with the novels To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat. Tor shows this cover online.

The publication is definitely a tie-in with the new Riverworld movie, which will be aired in April 2010 in the US on Syfy (see the trailer). There is no news about the Riverworld mini-series on Syfy yet, but the air date has been announced on Cinemablend.

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A new Farmer collection!
21 February 2010

Subterranean Press will publish at the end of this year another new story collecton by Farmer, Up the Bright River.
According to the news from SubPress: "Philip Jose Farmer may no longer be with us, but we’re proud to continue our history of publishing his work. The latest, Up the Bright River, is a 120,000 word compendium of short stories that show off the many worlds Farmer created and worked in, including the first appearance of the last three Riverworld tales in a Farmer collection. Up the Bright River is very much a celebration of Phil’s wide ranging legacy, lovingly edited by Gary K. Wolfe."

The new collection is planned for publication in December 2010 and will cost $40.00. It can already be preordered from Subterranean Press.

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Burroughs Bulletin #81: a PJF Tribute Issue
14 February 2010

Phil Farmer loved the Tarzan books in his youth, which he mentioned on several occasions in his books and articles. The character Tarzan played a major role in much of Phil's work, often under a disguised name. Finally he was able to fulfill a childhood dream, to write and publish a 'real' Tarzan novel, The Dark Heart of Time (1999).

The magazine Burroughs Bulletin #81 celebrates the work of Philip José Farmer, with articles about his ERB-related work. Win Eckert's "Foreword" to Tarzan Alive (2006) has been reprinted. Christopher Carey wrote a very long and extensive biography and memoir of PJF, and where his life and work interacted with that of ERB or his creation Tarzan. Henry G. Franke III gives a bibliography of Phil's ERB-Related work, and also an article about PJF's Incarnations of Tarzan. There is also a very short piece about Tarzan Alive by Septimus Favonius.
Both the front cover as well as the back cover of this issue show pictures of Tarzan Alive publications.
Visit the Burroughs Bibliophiles if you want to order a copy of Burroughs Bulletin #81.

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Danish publication
14 February 2010

Phil Farmer was one of the three Guests of Honor at the convention Fabula77 in Copenhagen, Denmark, in May 1977. The other two were Brian W. Aldiss (UK) and Niels E. Nielsen (Denmark).
The Danish organization Science Fiction Cirklen published a pamphlet, En anden verden, with one story each by all of the three Guests of Honor. Farmer's story "Seventy Years of Decpop" was translated as "Halvfjerds års folkefald".

This translation had already been included in the bibliography, but I did not have a copy of the publication. Last week I received a copy of it from Mike Croteau, webmaster of the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page. It came from the estate of Phil, the story has been signed by him.
I had to correct some of the data on this publication in the bibliography.

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Farmerphile Annual
10 February 2010

Farmerphile is back!. This is exciting news from Mike Croteau, which he announces with the February update of the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page.
Just a week ago we were speculating about a new start of Farmerphile, and here comes the news about Farmerphile Annual. Great news indeed!

The anthology Farmerphile Annual 1 will become available with Farmercon V in Seattle on June 26th.
Farmercon V will be in Seattle the weekend of June 26th. Also in Seattle that weekend is the Hall of Fame induction at the Science Fiction Museum, and the Locus Awards ceremony.
My wife and I visited Seattle, and of course the Space Needle and the Science Fiction Museum in this city, in 2008. The museum is housed near the Space Needle in a striking building. See the photo.

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"The Freshman" in Spain
8 February 2010

Farmer's story "The Freshman" was published for the first time in May 1979  in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. In 1990 editor James Turner included the story in his Chtulhu anthology, Tales of the Cthulhy Mythos, published by Arkham House.
This anthology was translated and published in Spain in 2001 by Valdemar. Years later the Spanish edition has been published again, now in two parts, by the same publisher. In 2007 appeared the second half of the book as Cuentos de los Mitos de Cthulhu: 2. El legado, with Farmers story "Matriculado en primero".
I discovered this publication only recently and had ordered a copy in Spain, which arrived last week.

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Burroughs Bulletin #81
5 February 2010

It was announced last year (see here) that issue #81 of the Burroughs Bulletin will be dedicated in tribute to Philip José Farmer. This issue has now been published by the Burroughs Bibliophiles. A copy of this issue is on its way to me, so I haven't seen it yet.
The website of  the Burrouhs Bibliophiles does not show yet the contents of issue #81, but you can see it on the site of Christopher Paul Carey. Chris also noted that the numbering on the cover is wrong —it says New Series #80 where it should say New Series #81— and he corrected the numbering on the cover scan on his site.
If you want to order a copy of the special Farmer issue of the Burroughs Bulletin be sure to order issue #81!

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2010, a dull or exciting year?
4 February 2010

In my contact with Christopher Paul Carey I 'complained' somewhat about 2010 becoming a bit of a dull year for Farmer fans, compared to the last few years. No new books announced and no Farmerphiles anymore. There are plans for a Farmercon this year, but that will not be like the ones we had in Peoria, with Phil and Bette.
On this Chris said: "By sometime later this year I expect to be able to announce some exciting news for Philip José Farmer fans."
He would not tell me anything more. I wonder, do you think Chris is talking about The Song of Kwasin? Or about a new start of Farmerphile? It seems we will have to wait till later this year for the answer.

Regarding Farmercon, this is from Mike Croteau in the PJF Newsletter of January 2010: "In the spirit of keeping Phil in our hearts and our minds, and perhaps in the public eye, we believe we have settled on the time and location of Farmercon V. This year's event will move from Peoria to Seattle, the weekend of June 26th. Also in Seattle that weekend, is the Hall of Fame induction at the Science Fiction Museum. NO, Phil is not being inducted this year."
Watch the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page for more news about Farmercon V.

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Review of The Other in the Mirror
1 February 2010

Robert M. Tilendis wrote last month a review of the omnibus The Other in the Mirror, which has been edited by Christopher Paul Carey.
The review has been published online with The Green Man Review: "...It contains three short novels that contain some of Farmer's most probing examinations of character.
Carey, in his Introduction, frames his discussion of these three novels within Hegel's concept of the Other —that which is different than us— as a means of addressing Farmer's approach. In Hegel's sense, we achieve a state of self-aware freedom by coming to understand the Other and incorporating it within ourselves. In Farmer's hands this becomes a multi-layered phenomenon as identity —a key element of this idea— moves from the individual to the group to the Other and back again.
But what Farmer is describing in these novels is not the realization of self, but the breakdown of the boundary between self and other..."

Telendis concludes his review as follows: "Philip José Farmer was throughout his career an iconoclast, tackling subjects within the framework of science fiction that other writers in the field avoided. (Remember, he's the man who brought sex into science fiction —in 1952, when sex was seldom discussed publicly— even post-Kinsey.) In these three novels he's done it again. And being by Farmer, of course, they are eminently readable, seductive and rewarding."
Read the full review here.

Copies of the omnibus The Other in the Mirror can still be bought from its publisher Subterranean Press, or from any of the online book shops.

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