News & What's New - March 2010
Dutch Riverworld (2010) DVD new release date
23 March 2010

The Riverworld (2010) movie, the Dutch version on DVD had a release date of March 16, 2010. As I wrote before I ordered a copy with bol.com. This was done on March 14th. Shipping time was said to be one or two days from the day of release on. This changed in the past week in three to six days and right now it says "probably 6-8 weeks".

I asked in a local DVD shop if they had the movie or when it would become available. After checking it in the computer the answer was that the movie would only be released on June 22, 2010.
This is the same date as the release date of the US version. It seems the Dutch company, Bridge Entertainment, had to correct the release date, alas.

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The Magic Labyrinth announced
21 March 2010

In just another week Tor will publish the first book in the Riverworld series. An omnibus, Riverworld, with the first two novels in the series, To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat.

The third novel in the series, The Dark Design, has been scheduled by Tor for publication in June 2010.
And now the publication date of the fourth novel, The Magic Labyrinth, has also been announced by Tor. It will be published in November 2010.
See Forthcoming Books.

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Riverworld TV premiere in the Netherlands
20 March 2010

Some days ago I discovered that the new Riverworld movie would have its premiere on DVD in the Netherlands, see the previous entry. This was much to my surprise, because like many others I thought the movie would have its premiere on TV in the US with Syfy on April 18, 2010. And only some time after the show on Syfy would the DVD being distributed.

It even gets more strange than I discovered before. It seems the new Riverworld movie had its world premiere on Dutch and Belgian television! Syfy (NL) had it programmed on January 31, 2010. The only proof for this, that I have been able to find online, is this information from the Belgian TV Guide Humo. According to the time table it would have been the first part of the series, for about one and a half hours. Or... could it maybe have been the 2003 version of Riverworld? I have asked Syfy (NL) a question about this and hope to receive an answer. Will be continued.

Regarding the Dutch DVD, which I ordered nearly a week ago, I still haven't received it. There is no information if the release date has been changed, and I have no idea what the reason is for this delay.

Peter Wingfield
(as Burton)
Riverworld (2010) on DVD in the Netherlands!
15 March 2010

With the previous entry I mentioned that I will have to wait seeing Riverworld till it comes out on DVD. I checked Amazon and the DVD and Blu-ray will both be released on June 22, 2010. If the given run time on Amazon of 90 minutes is correct than you only get the first part of the mini series. Both parts together have a run time of something more than three hours.

Riverworld may have its premiere on April 18, 2010, but that is only the US premiere. It seems the World premiere goes to Latin America. MIchael Sacal wrote a comment on March 14 on the Sci-Fi Wire announcement page: "Apparently part one of Riverworld will air tonight on Studio Universal in Latinamerica and both parts will air tomorrow night according to their website, so I'll get to watch it before it airs in the US." However, I could not find any proof of Michael's statement on SciFi Channel of Latin America.

The Riverworld (2010) movie will be released on DVD on March 16, 2010 in my country, the Netherlands. Both parts on two discs. See the DVD cover at right. I ordered my copy with bol.com. This is the regular English language version with Dutch subtitles (on/off), but take note, because of the region code (Region 2) it cannot be played in the US on a regular DVD player. And your TV must be able to show the PAL system, the US uses the NTSC system. Most modern TV's have no problem with both systems.

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New Riverworld (2010) page
14 March 2010

The new Riverworld minI series will have its premiere in April, see the previous entry on this page.
Because of this I have made a new Riverworld page on the site with the trailer and information about the movie: the cast and director, many screen shots, a synopsis and links to other sources. For instance a link to an interview with Robert Hewitt Wolfe, the writer.

Phil Farmer and his wife have seen the first Riverworld movie in 2003, but they aren't around here anymore, alas, to see if this time the story keeps a bit more to the story in the books. I'm very curious if it does, but I'm afraid I will have to wait till this version is for sale on DVD.

Alan Cumming
New Riverworld movie on Syfy in April
13 March 2010
"Syfy's Riverworld debuts in April in one 4-hour block!", with this title Sfi-Fi Wire announces the new Riverworld mini series. The official trailer of the new Riverworld movie can be seen here.
From the announcement: "Syfy has set an April 18 premiere date for Syfy's upcoming four-hour TV movie Riverworld, which will air in one block starting at 7 p.m. ET/PT. The movie, starring Battlestar Galactica's Tahmoh Penikett and V's Laura Vandervoort, is based on the books by Philip José Farmer and takes place on a world where everyone who has ever lived on Earth is resurrected simultaneously in an unusual afterlife.
Syfy sets sail this spring with the 4-hour Sunday night television movie, Riverworld premiering Sunday, April 18 from 7-11 p.m. (ET). Starring Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica/Dollhouse), Laura Vandervoort (V/Smallville) and Alan Cumming (Tin Man). Riverworld is an epic adventure featuring familiar characters in an unfamiliar world and is based on the popular award-winning series of novels by Philip Jose Farmer. Riverworld is produced by Reunion Pictures and will be distributed internationally by RHI Entertainment.
Matt Ellman (Penikett) is an American war zone reporter who has witnessed the worst of humanity first-hand, yet still grasps on to an optimistic spirit. When a suicide bomber kills both Matt and his fiancé Jessie (Vandervoort), they awaken separated in a mysterious world where everyone who has ever lived on Earth seems to have been "reborn" along the banks of a seemingly endless river. Determined to locate Jessie, Matt joins forces with a 13th century female samurai warrior named Tomoe (Jeananne Goossen) and American novelist Sam 'Mark Twain' Clemens (Mark Deklin). Together they sail upriver in search of its source, and to discover where they are and who put them there".
See the full announcement at SfiFi Wire.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Literarture
12 March 2010

In the past years many reference books and books with critical studies about the science fiction field and its authors were published. And Philip José Farmer can be found in several of them (see here). As these books are mostly published in the US and are not to be found in a local (university) library in my home town in the Netherlands, I have to do an extensive search to know if Phil is included in a certain book. Because I want to include the information in this bibliography.

When I receive a book it is always exciting to open the book and to discover what's in there about Phil. Hopefully something new or something we missed, but sometimes it's a bit of a disappointment, like with this book, Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature 1975-1991 (1992) by Robert Reginald. Nothing wrong with the book itself, it's huge, 1512 pages, and list all the books by any of the known sf&f authors, published in the US during the years 1975 till 1991. Plus there are some other lists (series index, doubles index and also major awards lists). But what's in the book about Phil was already completely known in this online bibliography, alas...

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Two remembrances of Phil
7 March 2010

Many obituaries, remembrances and other pieces have been written last year, after Phil had passed away. Most of the online publications have been listed on a special page at the Official PJF Home Page. The following two are not in that list.

Dr. Edgar L. Chapman, professor emeritus of English, wrote a remembrance for Bradley Hilltopics, a magazine of the Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. Chapman describes Farmer's relation with the University (he studied there) and his writing career since: "...Just how good a writer was Phil Farmer? Well, he wrote mostly for a genre which is still often disparaged and whose works are often undervalued or ignored by “mainstream” critics. Of course, there is a tradition in scholarship on the genre which is about a generation old, but even this academic tradition has had to battle for respectability within universities. Since Phil wrote a number of novels of vigorous adventure, it would be easy to dismiss his work as merely commercial. But Phil produced some works of solid quality..."
You can read the Bradley Hilltopics issue online at Issuu.com (the remembrance is on page 3), or the somewhat extended version of the remembrance on the website of the Bradley University.

Win Scott Eckert wrote a remembrance, "Doc Savage Loses An Author", for the in November 2009 published Big Book of Bronze, Volume 2. Win mentions the Doc Savage related works by Farmer: "...Phil Farmer loved Doc Savage, and he's responsible for the fact that I love Doc as well, as I received Doc Savaga: His Apocalyptic Life along with fifteen or so Bantam reprints from a family friend when I was eight years old. Phil was a trickster, and didn't always express his affection for Doc in the most straightforward way..."
There is photo with the article of Phil with a woman and a baby. The caption claims this woman to be Phil's wife Bette and their child, it is however not his wife, but Mary Turzillo (Brizzi) and her child. They visited the Farmers at the time. See here for the photo and the correct information.
If you want you can order the Big Book of Bronze here.

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New publications in 2009
7 March 2010

All of the new publications of Farmer's work in the year 2009 have been put together on one page, like we had done before for the years 2006, 2007 and 2008.
Eleven publications (nine books, one chapbook and one magazine) in three countries (US, Russia and Spain) were published in 2009.

Also added is a page with the new publications in 2005, which counted seven books and a boxed set, plus two magazines, in four countries (US, France, Germany and Russia).

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Finally, all the book pages are ready!
2 March 2010

Halfway 2006 I started the redesign of this website, and later that same year I started with the book pages. Next to the redesign I wanted to redo the book pages, with checking every publication again and adding much more information and cover scans. It has cost me a lot of work and time to do all that. It took me more than three years to change only all the book pages.

The last of the 102 book pages has now been redesigned. It is the page of The Lavalite World, the fifth book in the World of Tiers series. The number of publications changed from 35 to 39 and the cover scans more than doubled, from 15 to 36 scans. I haven't been able yet to track down a copy of the 1986 Berkley Books edition, reason why there is no scan of it.

It was thought for a long time that The Lavalite World was to be the final and concluding novel in the World of Tiers series. The first four novels were published in a five year period, from 1965 till 1970. The Lavalite World followed not until 1977.
In his foreword in the 1983 Phantasia Press edition of The Lavalite World Farmer assured the readers that there would be two more books in the series, Kickaha's World and The Garden of Evil. The sixth book in the series was published only sixteen years after the fifth, and had a completely different title, More Than Fire (1993). A seventh novel in the series has never been written by Phil, but he wrote a connected novel instead, Red Orc's Rage (1991).

In the above mentioned foreword Farmer writes about the novel: "...the lavalite world has no predictability or stability at all except for the areas immediately around the large bodies of water, and these can't be inhabited very long. On the lavalite world, mountains become plains in a few days and vice versa. Rivers and lakes form and are gone in a short time. All life has to keep moving to survive, and even then the place towards which the life is running may change in form before the life gets there.
Nor are there, as here, the reassuring points of the compass and the rising and setting of the sun. There is no determinable north, south, east, and west. No sun. No familiar landmarks. No place to put down roots or even a place to stay for more than a week. There is little rest for both wicked and innocent.
It's a hell that makes Earth look like paradise...Whew!"

See also some reviews of the novel, and the Wikipedia entry on the World of Tiers series.

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Added Books
Four publications were added on the book pages in March, all four of The Lavalite World.
These are the numbers for the book pages in March 2010:

1683 publications
1279 covers

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