News & What's New - April 2010
Audiobook of Dark is the Sun
28 April 2010

In November 2009 we announced the news that Blackstone Audio would publish Farmer's novel Dark is the Sun as an audio book. It has now been published and I have received a copy of the MP3-CD, more than 14 hours on one disc. The novel is read by Rebecca Rogers, who has a clear and warm voice.
Next to one MP3-CD the audio book can also be bought on 12 audio CD's or on 11 audio cassettes. See the new page Audio Books & eBooks for more details.

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First impressions of Riverworld
19 April 2010

The first online reactions of people who watched the premiere of Riverworld are the same as with the 2003 version of the movie: "The film is not anything like the books", "The characters are not the same as in the books", "Not good", till "I enjoyed it" and "Great show!". So, nothing is new.
I haven't seen the movie yet and will have to wait till it is available on DVD, in June 2010. Only then can I give my opinion of the new Riverworld movie. But from what I have read and seen so far I'm afraid it won't be much better than the previous version, only much longer.
Read the viewers comment on Syfy Forum or on IMDb.
For more information see the special page here or at Syfy.
Riverworld on Syfy
18 April 2010

Today on Syfy (US) the premiere of the new Riverworld mini series of four hours! Hope you all enjoy the movie. If you want to know more about the ideas that are used in the movie just read the Riverworld books.

Alan Cumming
The Magic Labyrinth in France
14 April 2010

Publisher Robert Laffont in Paris (France) brought in July 2009 a new printing of Le Labyrinthe magique (The Magic Labyrinth), under the imprint Le Livre de Poche. According to the information in the book it is the seventh printing. This means that we miss a printing of this publisher on the book page, probably one published in or around 2006.

This publication has also been added on the page New Publications in 2009.

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The Worlds of Philip José Farmer pre-order
9 April 2010

In the latest Farmer newsletter Mike Croteau, webmaster of the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page, had more news about The Worlds of Philip José Farmer: Protean Dimensions. It will be a numbered, limited trade paperback edition. The release date is June 26th, during FarmerCon V in Seattle.
Mike: "We have not yet determined exactly how many copies of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer will be printed. This number will be partially up to you. We would like to help determine the demand for this book by asking you to order a copy now. The book will be about 200 pages and will cost $20.
Here's what I can tell you about the book so far. The Worlds of Philip José Farmer: Protean Dimensions will contain: A Foreword by Paul Malmont - An interview of Philip José Farmer from 1997 by Danny Adams - Articles about Farmer by Randall Garrett, James Gunn, Laura Wilkes Carey, & Jack Mertes - Farmer inspired fiction by David Bischoff, Chris Roberson, Rhys Hughes, Win Scott Eckert, Edward Morris, Dennis E. Power, John Allen Small, Paul Spiteri, & Gabriel Weltstein - and of course never-before-published material by Philip José Farmer himself!"

Look for more information and ordering info on this page. Or write an email to Mike to pre-order your copy. You do not have to pay yet.

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Riverworld omnibus arrived
7 April 2010

On March 30th Amazon.com sent to me a copy of the new omnibus Riverworld, published by Tor. Today I received my copy in the mail. The publication is a tie-in with the new Riverworld movie, scheduled to be aired by Syfy channel on April 18th. The cover shows pictures from this movie and the text on the cover is referring to the movie from Syfy.

The omnibus contains the first two Riverworld novels, To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat. It is for the first time in the US that these two novels are published together in one omnibus. The first time both novels were published together in one book was in France in 1979 by publisher Robert Laffont.

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The Worlds of Philip José Farmer
5 April 2010

On February 9th Mike Croteau, webmaster of the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page, announced the return of Farmerphile. It would become an annual anthology with work by and about Phil.
In the meantime the title changed from Farmerphile Annual #1 to The Worlds of Philip José Farmer: Protean Dimensions.
It will still be published on June 26th, at Farmercon V in Seattle. Mike published a list of contributors on this page. Check that page for more upcoming news.

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Added Books
Four book publications were added on the book pages in April.

The Fabulous Riverboat
The publication in the omnibus Riverworld from Tor, 2010.

The Magic Labyrinth
The 2009 French edition, Le Labyrinthe magique, from Le Livre de Poche.

An omnibus with the first two novels in the Riverworld series. Published by Tor, 2010.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The publication in the omnibus Riverworld from Tor, 2010.
These are the numbers for the book pages in April 2010.

1687 publications
1121 different covers

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