News & What's New - May 2010
Works about PJF pages redone
30 May 2010

The last few weeks I have been working hard to redo the pages 'Works About PJF', see the index page.
There were till now only six pages with works about, but they were getting far too big. Also thanks to the fanzine Farmerphile, that published a lot of new material in the fifteen issues.
I had stopped adding most of the new material because I wanted to redo the pages for a long time. That has finally been done, and as you can see there are now twenty pages with works about Phil. The pages are more practical now, just have a look.

Many links on this site to the Works About PJF pages will not work properly at the moment, you might end on the wrong page. This will be corrected in due time...

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Riverworld: The Dark Design
30 May 2010

Next month, early June, will Tor publish the second book in the Riverworld series, as a tie-in with the new Riverworld movie from Syfy Channel.
The Dark Design is the third novel in the series, of which Lester del Rey wrote in his review: "...this Riverworld is a really grand creation—one of the greatest inventions of science fiction. And The Dark Design adds a great deal to it. It's a book no reader should miss...".

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Copies of Pearls from Peoria
25 May 2010

Announcement from Subterranean Press: "While clearing out dozens of boxes of old Advance Reading Copies from one of the SubPress basements, we stumbled across a title we thought long out of print. Philip Jose Farmer’s Pearls from Peoria remains not only the longest Farmer title we’ve published (at over 770 pages), but also the most popular. And we have 24 copies of the second trade printing in perfect condition.
If you missed this one the first time around, snag a copy and marvel at the wide variety in the 60+ pieces of fiction and non-fiction".

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Cover and contents of The Worlds of PJF
17 May 2010

This book, The Worlds of Philip José Farmer: Protean Dimensions, was announced here before on April 5th and April 9th for publication in June 2010, at Farmercon V in Seattle. The cover and the contents of this book are now known.

* Foreword by Paul Malmont
* The Bite of the Asp by Randall Garrett
* Newly Born, Newly Dead by Philip José Farmer
* It Could Make a Great Fantasy by Laura Wilkes Carey
* My Summer Husband by Philip José Farmer
* Sail On! Sail On! by Philip José Farmer
* Read On! Read On! by James Gunn
* Comment on “Sail On! Sail On!” by Philip José Farmer
* The Legend of Mishiwapo by Philip José Farmer
* Philip José Farmer’s Adventures in Hollywood by Jack Mertes
* Bordering on the Absurd by Danny Adams
* Infamy by Edward Morris
* Le Maréchal by Paul Spiteri
* The Pollinators by Rhys Hughes
* Is He in Hell? by Win Scott Eckert
* The Blakeney Family Tree by Win Scott Eckert
* No Trees of Earth by David Bischoff
* A Kick in the Side by Christopher Paul Carey
* Flesh Endures by Dennis E Power
* The Final Flight of Greatheart Silver by Chris Roberson
* A Writer’s Prayer by Philip José Farmer

You can order a copy with the editor, Mike Croteau, at the Official PJF Home Page, for only $20 (plus shipping).

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Riverworld (2010) on DVD
7 May 2010

RHI Entertainment will bring the new Riverworld mini series on DVD in June in the US. Bridge Entertainment will do the same in my country, the Netherlands.
I have added the new information about these DVDs on the page Miscellany, and also updated the complete page.

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Free eBooks and Audio Books
6 May 2010

The free Audio Book The Green Odyssey, from LibriVox Recordings, already had been listed on the page of audio books and eBooks. But LibriVox has two more free Farmer audio books, of the stories "Rastignac the Devil" and "They Twinkled Like Jewels". According to LibriVox these stories are in the public domain.

The three titles, the novel and both stories, are also available as free eBooks. They are in multiformat for most of the known eReaders and can be downloaded from ManyBooks.
The new information has been added on the page with Audio Books & eBooks.

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King Kong again
4 May 2010

Phil Farmer did love the original King Kong movie (1933). Many years later it inspired him to write the story "After King Kong Fell" (1973).
This story was nominated for a Nebula Award in 1975. It has been printed and translated many times in as many anthologies and collections. What I didn't know was that the story had also been printed in the documentary study of King Kong, The Girl in the Hairy Paw. The study has been edited by Ronald Gottesman and Harry Geduld. The book was published by Avon in April 1976.

The Girl in the Hairy Paw is an oversize paperback. It has more than 250 pages full with essays, reviews, analyses, info about the production process, stills, photos, posters, comics, cartoons, and more, and of course the one story about King Kong by Farmer.

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Riverworld as eBook
2 May 2010

The new Riverworld omnibus from publisher Tor Books is also available as an eBook. It can be bought for the price of $9.99 from Tor Books (webpage) or from Barnes&Noble (see webpage).
I have added the publication on the page Audio Books & eBooks At the same time I have added all the other eBooks and Audio Books that I'm aware of also.

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