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Painting of the Mother
28 June 2010

I had the art book for many years, since its first publication in 1979, and I knew it had something related to Farmer in it, but I just had forgotten to include this piece of art in the bibliography.
We needed Lee Barrie (Rockford IL, US) to remind us of the picture and description of the Mother by Wayne Barlowe in the art book Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials. The painting is based on Farmer's story "Mother", also published in his collection Strange Relations.

Thanks Lee!

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Another letter by PJF
27 June 2010

Lee Barrie (Rockford IL, US) did find again another published letter by Phil, this time a letter in the fanzine Erbania issue #79, Fall 1998.
Phil thanked "...for the latest ERBANIA, as usual, an interesting issue, especially Bob Barrett's absorbing and informative piece on various aspects of the Tarzan novels...". This piece held some information Phil used in his own Tarzan novel, The Dark Heart of Time. He also describes the reason why he connects Tarzan to "..a certain Hemingway short story...".

The information of this published letter has been added on the Non Fiction: Letters page.
Thanks again Lee!

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Limited edition, order your copy now!
22 June 2010

Only a few days to go for Farmercon V in Seattle, in the weekend of June 26-27, where a new anthology will be released. This anthology, The Worlds of Philip José Farmer: Protean Dimensions, can be pre-ordered from Mike Croteau, see here.

Rastignac the Devil in book format
21 June 2010

Last weekend I received the Wildside Press edition of Rastignac the Devil. It has been published as a double book, bound back to back like the old Ace Doubles, with a novella by Randall Garrett, Despoilers of the Golden Empire (1959).
The book was announced for May, but has a publication date of June 2010.

I have added a new book page in the section Novels & Collections. The story had been published solely in book format before, in 1973 in Italy.

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Riverworld: The Dark Design received
16 June 2010

Tor has published the third Riverworld novel, The Dark Design, in a nice trade paperback. It has the same movie still on the cover as the omnibus with the first two novels, Riverworld, but this time in red instead of blue.

Today I received a copy of the book for my collection. The information about this publication has been added on the book page.

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More letters by PJF
15 June 2010

Roger Reus (Richmond VA, US) did sent me a while ago the information of a piece by Phil in the.Science Fiction Times issue #461 of December 1968. It is published in the section 'News from the Authors', but it looks like a letter or part of a letter, so I put it on the page Letters in the bibliography.
The complete text reads: "Since Baycon I've written the last half of a novel, an afterword to another, a 10,000 word story for IF, and an outline for another novel. Besides working a 40-hour week at Douglas Aircraft. Also, I've been looking for a house to buy since I got back.
I'm preparing the first draft of the initial pamphlet for REAP and also working out ads and the legal angle."

Recently Lee Barrie (Rockford IL, US) made me aware of a letter in the fanzine The Gridley Wave issue #13 of January 1964. This one was missing on the Letters page, which has now been corrected.
The original letter on the pages of The Gridley Wave can be read online, see here.

Thanks Roger and Lee!

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Riverworld (2010) on DVD in the Netherlands
9 June 2010

Last week, in our vacation to Portugal, has the Dutch version of the Riverworld (2010) movie on DVD been delivered at our home address. It had been sent to me on May 31, according to the invoice, which is weeks before the official release date of June 22, 2010. See the earlier news on this.
The definitive Dutch cover of the DVD (at right) looks very different from the tentative cover and is now more looking like the US cover does.

The tentative Dutch cover.
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The tentative US cover.
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I already have seen the first (downloaded) part of the movie, some weeks ago, but didn't like it that much that I wanted to watch part two right away. I will give it a second try soon now I have the DVD. Maybe I'll succeed in watching both parts... I'll let you know.

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Another eBook
8 June 2010

Wonder eBooks has another story by Farmer that is in the public domain published as an eBook. It's the story "Some Fabulous Yonder", published for the first time in April 1963 in the magazine Fantastic.
Amazon lists the publication on its site as an eBook for the Kindle, but it is not yet available with them. The website of the Wonder Publishing Group gives no information yet about this publication.

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Rastignac the Devil
8 June 2010

It is cheap for publishers to print stories that are in the public domain, they do not have to pay anymore for the rights to publish it. Farmer's novella "Rastignac the Devil" is such a story. It's already available a a free audio book and as a free eBook (see here), but now you also can buy a trade paperback with the story.
Wildside Press has published in May as #3 in their series Wildside Double this story, bound together with Despoilers of the Golden Empire, by Randall Garrett. The paperback (ISBN 978-1434410054) has a price of $14.95.

I ordered a copy with Amazon.com. As soon as I have received the book a new book page will be added in the bibliography.

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Back from a short vacation
8 June 2010

My wife and I had a week vacation in Portugal, in the city Albufeira in the south of Portugal. It has been a hot week with temperatures from 35º till 40º C (95-104º F).
Most we did over there has been reading while on the beach. Some of the books I have read in this week are Boneshaker by Cherie Priest and Death of a Starship by Jay Lake. Very different stories, but I love them both.

Boneshaker has its setting in Seattle, but a completely other city than we have today. Hopefully Farmercon V will –at the end of this month– be held in today's Seattle, rather than in Boneshaker's Seattle. You wouldn't love to be there in that case I can assure you.

Albufeira beach

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Two book publications were added on the book pages in June.

The Dark Design
The new edition from Tor (2010).

Rastignac the Devil
The new publication from Wildside Press (2010).
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