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After King Kong Fell - story page
25 July 2010

There is a new story page for "After King Kong Fell" with every publication of the thirty-five the story had, including its first publication in 1973 in Omega, an anthology edited by Roger Elwood.
Phil Farmer himself called it one of his favorite's stories: "While rereading it for preparation for this collection, I felt cold run over my skin when I was near the end".
In his foreword to the story in the same collection, The Grand Adventure, Phil also wrote what he first did with the story before publication: "When I was invited to be a guest of honor at the first science-fiction convention to be held in Kansas City, Missouri, I wrote this story and read it instead of giving a speech. It was well-received, and I later sent it my agent to sell."
After the story had been published it was nominated for the Nebula Award.

Thuy Le Ha
Cover of Up the Bright River
20 July 2010

Subterranean Press has posted the cover of Farmer's new collection Up the Bright River, edited by Gary K. Wolfe. It is to be published in December 2010. The cover is not yet credited on the website but it definitely looks like a painting by Bob Eggleton.

The contents looks very interesting, with great and diverse stories. Three of them are Riverworld stories, and one is the first part of the series Stations of the Nightmare.
* Attitudes
* How Deep the Grooves
* The Blasphemers
* A Bowl Bigger Than Earth
* Down in the Black Gang
* The Voice of the Sonar in My Vermiform Appendix
* Father’s in the Basement
* Toward the Beloved City
* Skinburn
* The Sumerian Oath
* Extracts from the Memoirs of Lord Greystoke
* The Two-Edged Gift
* Saint Francis Kisses His Ass Goodbye
* Crossing the Dark River
* Up the Bright River
* Coda
Fanzines and magazines
19 July 2010

In the last couple of weeks many items for my Farmer collection have been delivered at my home. I didn't have the time to check them all immediately, let alone to add the information in the bibliography. Most of the items are fanzines and magazines, with articles or reviews in them. Many of them were already mentioned on these pages, but now I can scan the covers myself and add the new ones or replace the earlier received covers.

But there were also two new articles about Farmer or his work. The first is a biography about Phil and an overview of some of his work by Tom Geddie. This was published in the Convention Program of Fantasy Fair, June 1982. Phil was one of the guests at the Fantasy Fair convention.
There are several Farmer ads in the program book.

The second is a short article, illustrated with some covers, about the World of Tiers series, by Tom Lindgren. Published in the fanzine Edgar Rice Burroughs News Dateline No. 20, November 1985.

David Martin

Farmer's stories in The Worlds
14 July 2010

There are two newly discovered stories by Phil Farmer in the anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (1): Protean Dimensions.
I have included the two stories, "Newly Born, Newly Dead" and "My Summer Husband" in the bibliography on separate pages. With the restyling of the story pages each story will get its own page, something I also did already with "The Adventure of the Three Madmen". The rest of the stories will follow in due time.

"My Summer Husband" reads something like an Indian myth, but with a surprising and erotic twist at the end. The other story "Newly Born, Newly Dead" had probably not been finished by Phil, but you won't notice this because it is not a 'normal' story with a beginning and an end.

Keith Howell
The Worlds of Philip José Farmer
12 July 2010

I have found or created a place for the new anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (1): Protean Dimensions, edited by Michael Croteau.
Till now there had been three anthologies, all three edited by Farmer himself. These are Mother Was a Lovely Beast (1974), Tales of Riverworld (1992), and Quest to Riverworld (1993). Both Riverworld anthologies have stories set in the worlds of Farmer, like the new anthology does. So what better place than to add The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (1): Protean Dimensions with the other anthologies?

I am still reading in the book and will add all the entries in the coming days.
If you are interested in one of the only five hundred numbered copies of The Worlds, you now can order a copy at the website of the publisher, Meteor House.

Keith Howell
Second or fifth printing of Hadon
5 July 2010

It isn't always easy to get all the printings right of the DAW Books publications. Because DAW once used a very strange way of counting the different printings.
In the case of Hadon of Ancient Opar there are two first printings, a US and a Canadian one. According to DAW policy the first Canadian printing is counted as a second printing overall. There is no second US printing to be found. A third US printing exists, as does a fourth US printing. But a fifth printing is nowhere to be found. I thought it might be a 'fourth' Canadian printing, counted by DAW as a fifth printing.

But no, to make things worse DAW Books had  the idea to publish a second Canadian printing, and to count that one as the fifth printing overall. You're still following this way of counting?
I finally found a copy of the second Canadian printing, which has exactly the same data as the fourth US printing, aside from the printing number and the Canadian publisher information.

There is a sixth US printing. And there is a seventh and an eight printing, both Canadian. Why DAW Books didn't print them as the third and fourth Canadian printings I don't know! Maybe the publisher got as crazy with their numbering as I did...
But as far as I know all the printings, US or Canadian, of Hadon of Ancient Opar are now on the book page.

Roy Krenkel
The Worlds of Philip José Farmer received!
5 July 2010

Wow! It already looked good with the picture of the cover, and yes, the table of contents looked very interesting. But to have the book actually in your hands and see and feel it for yourself...!
An anthology with a very diverse content, fiction and non fiction by Farmer, an interview with him, articles about him or his work, and fiction by others set in the worlds of Farmer. How much I do love the book as a Farmerphile, how much do I 'hate' it as a bibliographer: where on the pages of this bibliography do I put the anthology? Maybe I will have to start a complete new page or section, because this anthology is the first in the series of an annual publication of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer.

For now I will read some more of the contents, the two new stories, "Newly Born, Newly Dead" and "My Summer Husband" by Farmer, and eventually every other piece in the book. One of the coming days I'll decide where to put the information of the book, and start adding all the new material on the pages of this bibliography. Lots of fun also!

Maybe you can still order a copy of this numbered and limited edition, only 500 copies were available of which many were pre-ordered, with the editor, Michael Croteau. Send an e-mail to mike @ pjfarmer.com

Keith Howell

Added Books
No book publications were added on the book pages in July.
We only had The Worlds of Philip José Farmer #1, but that one was added on one of the anthologies pages.
These are the numbers for the book pages in July 2010.

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