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Essay about Farmer and Rosny Ainé
31 Aug 2010

Black Coat Press published this year seven books, omnibuses, with the works of the French author J.-H. Rosny Ainé (1856-1940).
One of the volumes is The Mysterious Force, which contains Hareton Ironcastle's Amazing Adventure. This is the original of the by Phil Farmer translated and retold Ironcastle. Now you can compare the two publications, if you wish.

The seventh volume of Rosny's work, Helgvor of the Blue River, has an Afterword by Paul Wessels & Jean-Marc Lofficier. They are analyzing Rosny's writings and ideas In this very interesting essay, and mention the shared ideas and themes in both the works by Rosny and Farmer, like philosophy, politics, love between a human and an alien, and Sufism.
With the last subject the writers are referring to an essay by Christopher Paul Carey, "How Much Free Will Does a Pumpkin Have? (Philip José Farmer and Sufism)", published in Farmerphile Issue No.12, April 2008. This essay can be read online, as well as the Afterword by Paul Wessels & Jean-Marc Loffiecier (see here).

Jean-Marc Lofficier wrote another article before about Rosny and Farmer, published in Farmerphile Issue No. 2, October 2005.

Vincent Laik
The Song of Kwasin to be published?
25 Aug 2010

Earlier this year, in February, I asked Christopher Paul Carey if something was known about the publication plans for The Song of Kwasin. He could not tell us anything at that moment, but: "...later this year I expect to be able to announce some exciting news...".
Only an excerpt of the novel has been published so far, in Farmerphile, Issue No. 13, July 2008. This issue is still available at the Official PJF Home Page.
Well, it's now later this year, but we still haven't received an announcement about The Song of Kwasin.

However, Chris writes on August 21 in his blog about when we might see The Song of Kwasin in print: "...to hold on on just a little longer, it's in the tubes...".
I really hope that this might mean that we finally can look forward to the third novel in the Opar (Khokarsa) series. We still need a little more patience to know for sure it seems.

Christopher's entry in his blog is also interesting because he gives a family three with the genealogical relationships between the characters in the Opar (Khokarsa) series.

Vladimir Verano
Last two Riverworld novels from Tor
22 Aug 2010

The cover of the fourth novel in the Riverworld series, The Magic Labyrinth, has been made known by the publisher Tor. The novel is scheduled for publication in November 2010.
See the publisher's website.

The publication date of the fifth and final Riverworld novel, Gods of Riverworld, has been set for February 2011.
See also Forthcoming Books.

New works about Phil?
22 Aug 2010

If you search one of the online bookshops, like Amazon or B&N, for available books by Philip José Farmer you will now get several new books about Farmer also. Or... are they really about Phil? Because according to the titles the books are about a lot of other people or works too.
Titles like: Works by Philip Jose Farmer: Novels by Philip Jose Farmer, Riverworld, Short Stories by Philip Jose Farmer, Wold Newton, Wold Newton Family. Yes, that's is the title of only one book! See the cover at right.
There is another one that starts with Novels by Philip Jose Farmer: etc. etc., and another Doc Savage: Philip Jose Farmer, etc. etc. There are at least three more books.

What are these books and who has written or edited them? All these books have been published by Books LLC, and the texts in the books all come from...Wikipedia! Yes, that's right. Books LLC copied and pasted the Wikipedia texts and put them in a book, Okay, they added a table of contents and even an index, and all the pages are neatly numbered, but that's all that is original next to the Wikipedia articles.

If you want the online articles printed in a book, that's fine, just buy them. But the contents is for free on the internet on Wikipedia. These pieces are regurlarly updated with new information, the books are not. Or maybe they are, because they are printed on demand.

If you want to know what is in the first book I mentioned, Works by Philip Jose Farmer: Novels by etc. etc. have a look at this page at Wikipedia, everything that´s under 'Subcategories´ is in the book of 342 pages.
And have a look at this page at Wikipedia for the contents of Doc Savage: Philip Jose Farmer, etc. etc.
I will not add these books in the bibliography.


Another seven short fiction pages
19 Aug 2010

The pages of two poems, "Beauty in this Iron Age" and "Black Squirrel on Cottonwood Limb's Trip", and the pages of five stories are restyled.

The five stories —most of them dealing with religion— are "The Biological Revolt", a never reprinted story because the editor of the magazine had it rewritten without permission, "The Blasphemers", a novelette about the search for divinity, "The Blind Rowers", a short story about retribution, "A Bowl Bigger than Earth", a novelette about the afterlife, and "Brass and Gold (or Horse and Zeppelin in Beverly Hills)", one of the stories in the series 'Polytropical Paramyths'.

Farmer himself called "Brass and Gold" one of the Beverly Hills Trilogy. This story and the other two, "Down in the Black Gang" and "Riders of the Purple Wage", were written at a time while he and his family lived in Beverly Hills. All three stories take place there.

Joseph Tauber
Ed´s Checklist
17 Aug 2010

Philip José Farmer loved the Tarzan novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Phil liked the Tarzan character so much that he wrote several stories about or related to him, and even wrote a biography about Lord Greystoke, Tarzan Alive.

As I said there are many references in Farmer´s work to Tarzan, and so, it´s no wonder that we come across Phil´s name and stories in Ed´s Checklist, the ultimate checklist of all the editions and printings worldwide of the works by Edgar Rice Burroughs! Printings from over thirty nations in Newspapers, Magazines, Fanzines and Books. Listed also are Pastiches, Art Books and Reference Books.
Ed´s Checklist is compiled by Lee J. Barrie, who has done an extraordinary job collecting all the data in the checklist of nearly 600 pages.

There are only two copies printed of the book. One copy will be going to the University of Louisville, where the Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Collection is at. The second copy will be auctioned off at the Annual DUM-DUM, August 21, 2010 in Chicago. All auction funds go to support the Memorial Collection.

Ed´s Checklist is not for sale as a book, but you can buy a copy of the checklist on CD-Rom. The checklist is a standard PDF document. The CD-Rom comes with many cover scans of the international editions. For US$30 plus shipping you can buy a copy of the checklist. Order your copy from Lee J. Barrie at leejb10003 @ comcast.net (note: delete the spaces around the at-sign).

SubPress has eBay Auctions
12 Aug 2010

Subterranean Press has the news that they have a ton of auctions on eBay. One of the many books SubPress is selling through eBay is the trade edition of  Farmer´s and Eckert´s The Evil in Pemberley House.

The original price was $ 40, but it is for sale now at eBay for only $ 12. So, if you haven´t a copy yet (or want a second one or for a gift maybe) now is the time to snatch a copy from eBay. It's really a bargain for such a great story!

Glen Orbik
The Alley Man & Attitudes - story pages
7 Aug 2010

Two new story pages have been finished. The pages of "The Alley Man", a story about an anthropologist who investigates the last pure-blooded Neanderthal still alive, and "Attitudes", the first story about Father John Carmody, are now restyled.
"The Alley Man" has had 46 publications in nine countries since its first publication in 1959 and "Attitudes" had 27 publications in ten countries since the original publication in 1953.
Philip José Farmer wrote about "The Alley Man" in his introduction to the story: "This seems to have called forth either cries of "Bravo!" or "Abomination of abominations!"... Most of the opinions must have been the "Bravo!" it seems, because the story got nominated for the Hugo Award. It didn't win, alas. Daniel Keyes's story "Flowers for Algernon" did win the award that year.

Lord Greystoke Chronology
2 Aug 2010

I did receive a copy of the newsletter with the ERBzine Weekly of late July. Lee Barrie (Rockford IL, US) was so kind to send me the newsletter.
In the newsletter with ERBzine 1501 is "A Chronology of Lord Greystoke", adapted from Farmer's Tarzan Alive. If you are interested in the chronology you should check this volume of ERBzine, see here. I didn't see any references however to the events in Farmer's Tarzan novel, The Dark Heart of Time (1999).
Thanks Lee!

Jean-Paul Goude

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