News & What's New - September 2010
Dark Design the Third
30 Sep 2010

We knew about the first printing in hardcover of The Dark Design, of course, and yes, we also knew about Berkley/Putnam's 'Second Impression' of this hardcover.
But a good friend of mine, Willem Hettinga, informed me about the existence of the 'Third Impression', found by Michael Hutchins, one of his co-moderators at the ISFDB.
With thanks to both gentlemen the book page has been corrected.

Vincent Di Fate
Corrections and Additions
29 Sep 2010

I heard again from Fred Fisher (Houston, USA), he had some additional information for this Bibliography. First he made me aware of the price difference between the US and the Canadaion printing of the Signet Double of Flesh and Lord Tyger (1981). I hadn't noticed this before on my copy, but the books now have seperate entries on the book pages.

Fred also has a copy of the third Canadian printing of Flesh. I wasn't sure this printing existed till now. The information on the book page has been corrected.

And finally Fred has a copy of one of the German Flußwelt (Riverworld) novels from publisher Bechtermünz, that shows a 1996 publication date. The Bibliography only showed a 1997 publication date.

I checked this information and indeed did Bechtermünz publish the four hardcover books as well in 1996 as in 1997. All the involved book pages have been corrected with the new data.
Thank you Fred!

Robert Pepper
The Doll and Diamonds
27 Sep 2010

Again two story pages have been restyled. The first with the story "The Doll Game". This one was written a very long time ago but only published after its rediscovery in Phil's Magic Filing Cabinet. Farmerphile Issue No. 5 published it in 2006. The story is about how far 'love thy neighbor' goes.

And how far goes the love of a wife for her husband when diamonds are at stake? Farmer called the story "Don't Wash the Carats" one of his Polytropical Paramyths.
This illustration came with the Greek publication of the story. The artist is unknown, but it looks like one from Virgil Finlay.

Don't Wash the Carats

Farmer himself about the story: "Damon Knight, who bought it for Orbit 3, wasn't sure what it meant, and neither did, or do, I. But it, and other paramyths, make the same kind of sense that the French 'theater of the absurd,' which is dominated by Rumanians and Irishmen, does. However, my myths have the quality of being much more intelligible."

Keith Howell
Another Daughter
18 Sep 2010

While redesigning the story page of "Daughter" I came across conflicting information about an Italian publication. The story has been published as "Figlia" in the Grande Enciclopedia della Fantascienza. But I found two different publications, two titles and two covers, the one with No. 18 on it and the other with Volume 3 on it. Where these publications the same?

After more time searching on the internet I finally found the answer to this. The Grande Enciclopedia was published in 1980-1982 in monthly parts, like a very large magazine, of about 24 pages each. These parts had their own original cover, title and numbering.
The publisher Del Drago, had eight of these issues bound in hardcover volumes, for a total of eleven volumes. I found a copy of Volume 3, with the story by Farmer in it, for sale, and received it today.
The new information has been added to the story page.

Doc and the Doge
17 Sep 2010

Farmer had been invited by producer George Pal to write a screen treatment for the Doc Savage movie, Doc Savage: Archenemy of Evil. It would be a sequel to the 1975 film Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze. But this film didn't do very well and the plans for the second movie were shelved.
The yet unpublished manuscript was found in Farmer's archives and published for the first time in the extraordinary collection Pearls from Peoria (2006), as "Doc Savage and the Cult of the Blue God".

Phil Farmer wrote two stories under the pseudonym Jonathan Swift Somers III. Both stories are about a special private investigator, a genetically enhanced dog. Ralph von Wau Wau is a German Shepherd, but with an IQ of 200.
The second story, "The Doge Whose Barque Was Worse Than His Bight", was published in 1976 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, and only thirty years later reprinted in the above mentioned collection Pearls from Peoria.

Both story pages have been redesigned.

Keth Howell &
Charles Berlin
The Daughter of Mother
13 Sep 2010

All thirty-six publications of the short story "Daughter" are mentioned on the new story page. Most of these publications are in the collection Strange Relations, which has had thirty editions or printings in ten countries.
Checking every publication again I discovered that one of the German publications actually came from Austria, in the fanzine Pioneer from the SF-Klub Austrotopia. This country has now been added in the Index of Translated Stories.

"Daughter" is a sequel to the novella "Mother". Both stories have their setting on the planet Baudelaire, which is why I named the newly added series Baudelaire.

There is also a new page for the novella "Day of the Great Shout", which saw only two publications in magazines in the US and France, but has been published many times since as part of the novel To Your Scattered Bodies Go.

Jack Coggins
Six new story pages
10 Sep 2010

The short fiction pages of two Riverworld stories, "Coda" and "Crossing the Dark River", a story from early in Farmer's career, "The Celestial Blueprint", and the pages of three excerpts of Phil's work are redesigned.
The three excerpts are "The Caterpillar's Question", "The City Beyond Play" and "Cougar by the Tail". All three stories are written in collaboration with another writer, with Piers Anthony, Danny Adams and Tracy Knight respectively.

Just this week I received a copy of the German magazine Utopia Nr. 411 (November 1964), with the publication of the story "Die himmlische Blaupause" ("The Celestial Blueprint"). Much to my surprise this publication has only the first half of the story, the second part had been published in Utopia Nr. 413 (December 1964).
Pabel, the German publisher, used short stories to fill up the standard 64 pages of the magazine, if the –often abridged– novel or novella wasn't long enough.


Added Books
Five book publications were added on the book pages in September.

The Dark Design
The third printing of the first hardcover edition (probably early 1978).

The Dark Design
The German publication (Das dunkle Muster) from Bechtermünz, 1996.

The Fabulous Riverboat
The German publication {Auf dem Zeitstrom} from Bechtermünz, 1996.

The Magic Labyrinth
The German hardcover (Das magische Labyrinth) from Bechtermünz, 1996.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The 1996 German hardcover publication (Die Flusswelt der Zeit) from Bechtermünz.
These are the numbers for the book pages in September 2010.

1695 publications
1126 different covers

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