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More Evil and Evolution
25 Oct 2010

The gothic horror novel The Evil in Pemberley House, started by Philip José Farmer and completed by Win Scott Eckert, has been published by Subterranean Press last year. An excerpt of this novel was published a year before that in Farmerphile Issue No. 14 (2008).

The limited edition of The Evil in Pemberley House came with an extra chapbook, that contains the original outline for the novel by Farmer.

Both the excerpt and the outline are now on restyled story pages, as has been done with "The Evolution of Paul Eyre", the third part of Stations of the Nightmare. First time published in the anthology series Continuum, edited by Roger Elwood, in 1974. All four parts were published in novel form by Tor Books in 1982.

Vincent Di Fate
Essence and Evil
20 Oct 2010

One of Farmer's never before published mainstream stories, "The Essence of the Poison", had been found in his archives. It was his earliest story, written in 1941, but only published in 2006 in Farmerphile Issue No. 4.

In 1990, on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of H.P. Lovecraft's birth, some writers were asked to contribute a story in the Lovecraft tradition. These stories were published in the Souvenir Book of the World Fantasy Convention 1990. Farmer's story, "Evil, Be My Good" has since been reprinted many times in the anthology The Ultimate Frankenstein. This anthology has been translated and printed in five countries. New on this page is the Japanese translation.

David Mattingly
Recognized as an outstanding author
19 Oct 2010

In 1952 Phil published his first two science fiction stories, "The Lovers" and "Sail On! Sail On!". Both stories were immediately a huge success. A year later Phil won his first Hugo Award, as 'Most promising new author'.

Because of his award Farmer was honored by the Bradley University in Peoria, were he had been a student, with an article in the October 1953 issue of Bradley Hilltopics. It is one of the earliest articles written about Philip José Farmer. I wouldn't have known about this, if the article hadn't been reprinted, or rather republished and this time online only, in the Summer 2009 issue of Bradley Hilltopics.

This same issue had already been mentioned on this site, because Edgar L. Chapman had written a remembrance about Phil. This remembrance appeared both in the printed version of Bradley Hilltopics and in the online version, see here.
When I checked the online version I also saw the 1953 article about Phil, but forgot to include it in the Bibliography. This has now been corrected, thanks to Christopher Paul Carey, who reminded me of the old article.

Phil (1950)
Another two Canadian editions
18 Oct 2010

I announced it on October 12th, that two more Canadian publications were on their way to me. I received them today, copies of Down in the Black Gang (Signet, 1971) and Tarzan Alive (Popular Library, 1973).

With the Canadian Ballantine printings the publisher had its hometown still in New York (US), but with these two publications the publishers had their residence in Canada, in Ontario or Toronto. Otherwise both the Canadian books are exactly the same as their US counterparts.
The new information has been added on the book and story pages.

Gene Szafran
More Riverworld publications
14 Oct 2010

The omnibus Riverworld from publisher Tor already has its second printing, only a few months after the first one came out. This information has been added on the book pages of the omnibus and of the included novels, To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat.

On the page of the first novel, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, we also added another Science Fiction Book Club edition. It is a printing found by Lee Barrie, who has sent me the information.
This one has no date code. The SFBC number, changed from 2676 to 02676, is printed on the back of the dust jacket. With no printing information it is nearly impossible to state when this printing has been published. The SFBC changed the numbering system to a five digit number somewhere at the end of 1985, so this one is probably from 1985 or most likely from 1986.

More Canadian editions
12 Oct 2010

After so many years working on the Bibliography you would think that you had covered all editions and printings in the English language. But there are still printings that I didn't know about, even if they were published some fifty years ago.

Now and then one is discovered, but this time I have discovered a total of five not previously known editions. All five are Canadian editions (or printings).
Today I received copies of Dare (Ballantine, 1965), Strange Relations (Ballantine, 1960), and Time's Last Gift (Ballantine, 1972). These publications all state "Printed in Canada" on the copyright page, but otherwise look and are exactly the same as the US editions. The new information has been added on the book pages.

Still on its way to me are copies of Down in the Black Gang (Signet, 1971) and Tarzan Alive (Popular Library, 1973). These will be added on the book pages when I have received them.
I wouldn't be surprised now if there might be a few more Canadian editions, who knows?

Gene Szafran
Down with a Cat
8 Oct 2010

Farmer wrote a story for a Special Hugo Awards Issue of the magazine If (or Worlds of If) in 1969. The editor, Frederik Pohl, had asked Phil for this story, "Down in the Black Gang". According to Farmer the story is "at least one-half autobiographical and wholly therapeutic."

Phil wrote this one story, "Duo Miaule", much earlier, somewhere in the 1950's, but it got only published in 2008 in Farmerphile Issue No. 11. It had been rediscovered in Phil's archives, the Magic Filing Cabinet.

These two story pages have been redesigned.

Jack Gaughan
Fantasy Newsletter #50
4 Oct 2010

I had to search for a very long time, but finally found a copy for sale of the Fantasy Newsletter (The News Monthly of Fantasy & Science Fiction) #50 of August 1982.
This issue has an interview with Philip José Farmer, conducted by E.E. Gilpatrick. After nearly thirty years there is not much of news value in the interview, but I still wanted to have a copy of the issue and read the interview.

It's about Phil's late starting as a writer, his ambition to become a mainstream writer instead of a genre writer, his childhood ambitions to write stories or novels about Tarzan, Doc Savage, Oz, and Sherlock Holmes. The interview is also about fandom, teaching sf, about going back in time to when you were young, and about what advise Phil would give to his son or daughter if they "wanted to be a great writer like their father". Phil's answer to that? "I'm not a great writer! Well-known, perhaps..."

John Gandour

Added Books
Eight book publications were added on the book pages in October.

The Canadian printing of the Ballantine edition (1965).

Down in the Black Gang
The Canadian printing of the Signet edition (1971).

The Fabulous Riverboat
The second printing in the omnibus Riverworld, from Tor (2010).

The second printing of the omnibus from Tor (2010).

Strange Relations
The Canadian printing of the Ballantine edition (1960).

Tarzan Alive
The Canadian printing of the Popular Library edition (1973).

Time's Last Gift
The Canadian printing of the Ballantine edition (1972).

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The second printing in the omnibus Riverworld, from Tor (2010).
These are the numbers for the book pages in October 2010.

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