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Blue, Red, Purple and... Green
27 Dec 2010
The cover, or rather the color of the fifth and final novel in the Riverworld series, Gods of Riverworld, has now been announced by publisher Tor.
All four books —the first two novels were published in one book— have the same movie still, but in different colors. This has not been a big or very creative job with the covers, but you can instantly tell that the four books are part of the same series. It also helps that the series title, Riverworld, flashes big on each cover.

Tor will publish this novel in February 2011. You can pre-order it with the publisher or with any of the online bookshops.

The plump and bustling Father
21 Dec 2010
Mary Turzillo Brizzi wrote about the Father John Carmody stories: "Farmer jolts readers with religious speculation. In the Father Carmody stories, collected in Night of Light and Father to the Stars, a hardened murderer, John Carmody, partakes of religious rites on the planet Dante's Joy and emerges a saint and father to a god."
Roger Zelazny liked the Father Carmody stories very much, so when they were collected in Father to the Stars he gladly wrote a Foreword in the book.

The story page of the second one of the Father Carmody stories, "Father", has now been redone. There have been 42 publications globally of this story.

Nicholas Solovioff
A story that launched Farmerphile
11 Dec 2010
The premier issue of Farmerphile (2005) published a very funny story by Phil Farmer, "The Face thaut Launched a Thousand Eggs". The story was written in 1953, but had stayed unpublished since.
This story and the other unpublished manuscripts in Phil Farmer's files has been the reason for Michael Croteau to launch the solely to Farmer dedicated fanzine Farmerphile.

The editor, Christopher Paul Carey, wrote this in his intoduction to the story: "...a story which makes use of all the wit, derring-do, and reference to mythology that readers have come to expect from the Wizard of Peoria. At a very young age, Phil Farmer devoured Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey ... While Homerian currents run throughout many of Phil's stories there is perhaps no more clever tribute to the ancient Greek bard than "The Face that Launched a Thousand Eggs." Here Homer's Greeks are metaphorically woven throughout and meshed with the fraternal 'Greeks' of college campus life."

This story page has now been restyled.

Keith Howell
Books Blog: Back to the Hugos on PJF
8 Dec 2010
The British newspaper The Guardian had a feature on Philip José Farmer's To Your Scattered Bodies Go.
Sam Jordison posted his piece on November 12, 2010 in the Books Blog: "f you can forgive the clumsy exposition, overt sexism and attacks on personal enemies, this one is just about worth reading".

Sam concludes his piece with: "The pace is all out of whack and there are big problems with the expansion and contraction of time. The end, meanwhile, descends into utter farce and doesn't even bear describing, beyond the coining of the lovely word "chronoscope" for a device that looks back into time to record human histories and project them onto new bodies. Even at his worst, Farmer has great ideas. Which makes the book just about worth reading – even if doing so is pretty painful."

Read the complete text —and all the comments from readers— at the website of The Guardian.

Phil in 1977 in Denmark. Photo: Lars-Olov Strandberg

Bob Eggleton
The Fabulous Riverboat, parts I and II
6 Dec 2010
The serial "The Fabulous Riverboat" had been published in two parts in the science fiction magazine If in June and August 1971.
Both parts have been translated in French and published, again in two parts, in the French magazine Galaxie, in 1972.
The short fiction page with this serial has now been restyled.

Both parts were included in the 1971 novel The Fabulous Riverboat, the second novel in Philip José Farmer's famous Riverworld books.

Jack Gaughan

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