News & What's New - January 2011
The Ides of Octember
31 Jan 2011
Just received the book The Ides of Octember, 'A Pictorial Bibliography of Roger Zelazny', compiled by Christopher S. Kovacs.
It is what the title says a pictorial bibliography, with lots of cover pictures –alas in black and white– and a huge amount of information on all known English language publications of Roger Zelazny's work. No foreign editions also.

The publisher, NESFA Press, did have a Roger Zelazny project, The Collected Stories of Roger Zelazny, to publish all of his short fiction –stories and poems– in six hardcover volumes. I bought all six of them, really beautiful hardcovers, and of course also the seventh volume, this Bibliography.
Although not in a matching hardcover, the bibliography is a trade paperback in a size to match the size of the six hardcovers, it's still a very wonderful book, and I love it!
It also 'helps' that my name is in this one and all six of the collections, with the Acknowlegdments.

The Ides of Octember includes the items Zelazny wrote about Farmer, and the one piece Farmer had written about Zelazny.

Michael Whelan
Interviews page
30 Jan 2011
Because of the discovery of the interview in Starburst No. 32, see under, I had to add an entry on the page with the interviews. With this I have also redone the page a bit, made new scans and checked the publications again.

Doing that I discovered another publication, the hardcover edition of Speaking of Science Fiction by Paul Walker, on ISFDB. Also an online PDF document of Alpha Log 6 (1978), with an interview I had never seen before.
The again moved links to the interviews at Bradley University and at the Peoria Journal Star have been renewed, and the Brazilian website of Intempol is not existing anymore.
See the Interviews with PJF page.

Dexter Dickinson
Interview with Phil Farmer
30 Jan 2011
Phil Farmer had a book signing session in the sf bookshop Forbidden Planet in London (UK) in January 1981. This month exactly 30 years ago. See the photo of Phil in the shop, with the owners: Mike Lake, Nick Landau, and Mike Luckman.

Phil stayed a few days in London and has been interviewed in the hotel by John Bowles. The interview goes mainly about the Riverworld series, from the start in 1952 with the for a contest written –but never published– novel I Owe for the Flesh, till the publication of the fourth Riverworld novel, The Magic Labyrinth in 1980. The novel saw its first British publication in January 1981, reason why Farmer was invited by his British publisher Granada to promote the book in London.

The interview with Phil has been published in Starburst No. 32, 1981. The book reviews in the column 'Book World' gave way in this issue to the interview.

A year later, in February 1982, published Laffont the first French translation of The Magic Labyrinth, as Le labyrinthe magique. On this occasion Jacques Chambon wrote an interesting essay about the 'complete' Riverworld series. At the time of publication of the fourth Riverworld novel it was generally thought of as the final novel in the series. But Farmer finished the series in 1983 with Gods of Riverworld.
Chambon's essay has been published in Orbites No.3 of September 1982.

Both publications were till now unknown to me. Reason why they were not included in the bibliography. Fred Fisher (Houston, US) discovered these publications, and the still missing information. He has sent me both and donated them to my collection, with the words: "...these items are an expression of gratitude to you for maintaining the site. For us collectors your bibliography is quite useful. to say the least."
Many thanks, Fred!


Luc Cornillon
New publications in 2010
19 Jan 2011 (corrected on 28 Feb 2011)
There are not that many new publications of Farmer's books in 2010, only five books. All five in one country, the US.
I have made pages with all new publications in the last six years (click on the years to go to the pages), and as you can see 2010 is the year with the lowest number of publications and of countries in which the books were published..
I have no idea what the reason might be for the declining numbers of book publications.

year books magazines countries
2010 5 - 1
2009 10 1 4
2008 19 4 7
2007 17 4 8
2006 18 4 5
2005 7 2 4

The most interesting of the 2010 publications is the anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (1): Protean Dimensions, from Meteor House.
Mike Croteau, webmaster of the Official PJF Home Page, has stopped with Farmerphile but edited and published last year a mighty interesting anthology.

Keith Howell
Interested in original Strange Relations art?
16 Jan 2011
Baen published in 2006 the omnibus edition of Strange Relations. Next to the collection with the same title it contains two novels, The Lovers and Flesh.

The striking cover for the omnibus edition had been done by artist Clyde Caldwell. On the website of this artist you can see a large picture of the original art.
Even better, if you have some extra money in your pocket you can buy the original oil painting (65×41cm) for the amount of only $ 7500. It is a bit too much for me, even if it is a very nice painting, and even if the second painting comes for free (only this month, see at the top of the shopping page).

Strange Relations painting by Clyde Caldwell.

Clyde Caldwell
More John Carmody in "A Few Miles"
14 Jan 2011
The fourth John Carmody story, the novelette "A Few Miles", was published in October 1960, in the All Star Issue of The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.
It has been reprinted in the collection Down in the Black Gang (1971) and in the collection with all John Carmody stories, Father to the Stars (1981). In this last collection the stories were illustrated by an uncredited artist, but some of the illustrations are signed by Do Marco (or maybe it is Domarco). The illustration of "A Few Miles" shows father John Carmody –with an egg attached to his chest– and Philip José Farmer himself, see below. All the illustrations in the book are as great as this one (but not with Phil...).

As you may understand the story page of "A Few Miles" has been restyled.

The interior illustration of "A Few Miles" by Do Marco.

Chesley Bonestell
Again two Canadian publications
11 Jan 2011
Last year October I already found five previously unknown books, all published or printed in the 1960s and 1970s in Canada. But now again two Canadian publications have been discovered by me, while restyling the story page of "Father's in the Basement".
The books, both containing the story, are the collection The Book of Philip José Farmer (DAW, 1973) and the by Damon Knight edited anthology Orbit 11 (Berkley, 1973).

The interior illustration by Jack Gaughan, of "The Alley Man", in The Book of Philip José Farmer.

Jack Gaughan
A meteorite came down on Riverworld
9 Jan 2011
This was not the Wold Newton meteorite, nor had it the same effect, but it nevertheless plays – or the search for it – an important part in this Riverworld story.
The first part of Farmer's novel The Fabulous Riverboat was first published as a serial in the magazine If in 1967, as "The Felled Star". The adventures of Sam Clemens, already living for twenty years on the Riverworld, and his companion Joe Miller, a gigantic prehistoric, lisping hominid. With the help of some Vikings they are looking and fighting for the fallen meteorite.

The story page of "The Felled Star" has now been redone.

One of the interior illustrations by Jack Gaughan.

Jack Gaughan
A discoverd Ukrainian omnibus
6 Jan 2011
The Ukrainian omnibus Врата времени (Gate of Time) has just now been discovered by me. It was published in 1992 by Zovnishtorgvidav Ukraini in Kiev, and contains three novels. Next to The Gate of Time (Врата времени), there are Inside Outside (Внутри и снаружи) and The Wind Whales of Ishmael (Летающие киты Исмаэля).

A new book page has been added for the omnibus, and the publications have also been added on the book pages of the individual novels.

Review of Up the Bright River
6 Jan 2011
Stephen Hunt's SF Crowsnest published an online review in December of the new collection Up the Bright River.
The reviewer, Gareth D Jones, liked many of the stories: "Although the stories encompass a wide variety of settings and themes, there’s a certain attitude and style that shows up among many of them – an irreverent humour, a disdain for the establishment, whether represented by the government, religion or the medical profession and a satirising of literature and of writing itself. Of the sixteen stories, several stood out to me as particularly effective or enjoyable."

One of the stories Jones particularly liked is "Father's in the Basement" (see under). You can read the full review here.

Bob Eggleton
Father's in the Basement
2 Jan 2011
The story "Father's in the Basement" by Philip José Farmer, originally published in Orbit 11 (1972), had been collected in only one of his story collections in the US, The Book of Philip José Farmer (1973).

It is a short and somewhat strange, unnerving story. Phil Farmer wrote this introduction to it: "Nowadays, Gothic has degenerated into a word meaning a shuddery tale wherein a lovely young woman, not too bright, is trapped in a huge shuddery old mansion with a handsome young man, sometimes middle-aged, who's suffering from the delusion he's Lord Byron or Rochester (not Jack Benny's). Also in the house are various other creatures, an old housekeeper or butler who is usually evil, or a young and handsome housekeeper who is usually evil, out to get the heroine and the hero in one way or another, a lost will, a mad wife locked up in a room in one wing of the crumbling castle, and various kindly victims.
In the old days, it meant a long novel, usually in three volumes, always taking place in an old castle or monastery with secret passages in the walls, ghosts, vampires, poisoners, trapdoors, and various monsters.
This Gothic isn't like any of the above."

Times have changed since this introduction, like Gothic stories have changed since, but this short story of Farmer still isn't anything like the other Gothic stories.
So, I'm glad that the editor, Gary K. Wolfe, has included it in the new collection of Farmer's stories, Up the Bright River.

Paul Lehr

Ready for take-off
2 Jan 2011
The new Farmer collection, Up the Bright River, is ready to ship with the publisher, Subterranean Press: "...all of these books are already printed and in our warehouse, or ready to be shipped to us as soon as we clear enough space. We’ll keep everyone abreast of progress with regular shipping updates."

So, it is just a matter of days or maybe one or two weeks when this new collection will arrive at our homes. That means if you ordered a copy!
If not, you still can order it from SubPress right here.

Bob Eggleton

Added Books
Five publications were added on the book pages in January.

The Book of Philip José Farmer
The Canadian edition of the DAW paperback publication (1973).

Gate of Time
The Ukrainian omnibus, Врата времени, with three novels (1992).

The Gate of Time
Publication with the title Врата времени in a Ukrainian omnibus, 1992.

Inside Outside
Publication with the title Внутри и снаружи in a Ukrainian omnibus, 1992.

The Wind Whales of Ishmael
Publication with the title Летающие киты Исмаэля in a Ukrainian omnibus, 1992.
These are the numbers for the book pages in January 2011.

1709 publications
1128 different covers

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