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Discovered story by Phil Farmer
28 Feb 2011
Exciting times!
The question is, did Philip José Farmer write the newly discovered story, "The Many Dooms of Harold Hall" as by Charlotte Corday-Marat, or did he not?
Last weekend I received my copy of Bizarre! Mystery Magazine No.2 of November 1965, with the story.
As promised in the previous entry I will let you know what I think of the story and if Farmer might have written it.

There is no hard evidence (yet) that Farmer has written the story. There is only the same pseudonym, Charlotte Corday-Marat, that Farmer had used with the story "The Princess of Terra". The magazine gives no information who the real author is.

I have read the story several times now, and to me it feels like a Farmer story. It is not a great story, but Farmer could have written it. But I'm not completely convinced yet that he actually wrote the story, but as I said, he could have. There are references in the text that are related to his interests, which he has shown too in other stories.

But there are some reserves as to if Farmer really wrote this story. Not only I have my doubts, but also some of the other Farmerphiles, like Mike Croteau, webmaster of the Official PJF Home Page, Win Scott Eckert, Paul Spiteri and Christopher Paul Carey.
So, we are searching for more solid evidence to prove if Farmer has written this story. People have been asked to help us with information about the story. If such information exists.
To be continued.

Unknown story by Phil Farmer?!
20 Feb 2011
The really wonderful and exotic collection Pearls from Peoria (2006) contains the previously unpublished story "The Princess of Terra". Philip José Farmer wrote it using the pseudonym Charlotte Corday-Marat. The introduction to the story tells that Farmer had chosen this pseudonym "Just for fun".

The name of Charlotte Corday was not one of a fictional author, as Farmer had done with many of his later used pseudonyms.
Charlotte Corday was the name of a real living woman who had killed the physician Jean-Paul Marat. This happened in France in 1793. See the Wikipedia entry.

The first time we heard about the nom de plume Charlotte Corday-Marat was with the publication of Pearls from Peoria. But there exists another story under this byline!

My friend Willem Hettinga told me of a story –also written as by Charlotte Corday-Marat– that had been added on ISFDB by one of his co-moderators on the database.
The story "The Many Dooms of Harold Hall" was published in Bizarre! Mystery Magazine No.2, from November 1965. It has not yet been confirmed as written by Philip José Farmer, but the coincidence that someone else had written a story as by Charlotte Corday-Marat is hardly believable.

I have ordered a copy of the magazine and, as soon as I receive my copy, will let you know what I think of the story and if Farmer might have written it.

Cover of The Peerless Peer
15 Feb 2011
This will be the cover for the new edition of Philip José Farmer's The Adventures of the Peerless Peer.
This new edition, coming in June 2011 from Titan Books as part of their series The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, will have a somewhat changed title, The Peerless Peer.
See forthcoming books.

Pre-order from: Amazon or Barnes&Noble.

The Hyper Hundred: best scifi novels of 2010
9 Feb 2011
The online Sci-Fi Magazine SF Crowsnest compiles The Hyper Hundred: best scifi novels of 2010. The charts are based on reader votes on the review pages.
With 1038 votes Philip José Farmer's new collection Up the Bright River has reached the 26th place in the list.

The book reached this place while it hasn't actually been published yet. Subterranean Press received the collection from the printer in December last year, but they haven't had the time yet to ship it. William Schafer, the publisher, promised to me that it would be shipped in the next two to three weeks. Can't wait...

Bob Eggleton
The First Robot & The Frames
6 Feb 2011
The story pages of "The First Robot" and "The Frames" have been restyled. Both stories had been written many years before they were actually published in Farmerphile.

"The First Robot" was written in the early 1950s, but never published. The manuscript was in the possession of a fan and friend of the Farmers, Robert R. Barrett. Thanks to his offer the story got finally published in Farmerphile No. 11 of Janaury 2008.

I instantly loved the science fiction story "The Frames" when it was published in Farmerphile No. 7, January 2007. It had been written in early 1970 for the anthology Infinity Two (1971), edited by Robert Hoskins. But he didn't buy the story. Why he didn't buy it or why the story hasn't been published elewhere at the time I have no idea.
Neither had the publisher of Farmerphile, Mike Croteau, but he was glad that the story was found in Farmer's archives to have its first publication in one of the issues of Farmerphile.

Creating a Book Cover
4 Feb 2011
Interested in the artist's process of creating a book cover? Especially in the cover of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (1): Protean Dimensions by Keith Howell?
If yes, have a look at the artist's blog where he has a great post about this. Howell shows a number of cover proofs that were part of the creating process. One of them you can see below, of which I like the red color. But the final cover arrangement, with Farmer's head on the front cover, looks the best. I'm not sure witch of the cover proofs I would have chosen as the final one...

The book is still available with the publisher Meteor House. There are also some special offers with the book.

Keith Howell
Review in Locus of Up the Bright River
3 Feb 2011
A month ago we received the news from Subterranean Press that the new collection Up the Bright River was "...ready to ship...". But since then no further news and we still haven't received the book. It seems we need more patience.

The current issue of Locus, Issue 601 of February 2011, has a page long review of this new collection by Russel Letson: "...this volume shows the range of Farmer's imagination over four decades, from straight SF, through various nightmares and comedies, to the last three Riverworld stories."
Russell Letson concludes with: "This collection [...] also shows how ambitious Farmer's reach could be. This might not be the book to give to Farmerian newbies (that would be the Best collection or Scattered Bodies or Venus on the Half-Shell), but for those of us who knew him, it is a fitting coda."

Bob Eggleton

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