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SubPress: new mammoth PJF volume
24 Mar 2011
Bill Schafer was telling the truth, see the entry of March 22. Subterranean Press has now shipped all the pre-ordered copies of the collection Up the Bright River.
In the news item: «We’re quite pleased that River is nearly 95% sold out on publication. Look for a major PJF announcement — of a mammoth volume — in the near future.»

So we can expect another PJF book from Subterranean Press, and a big one too. I do not expect it to be another collection of Farmer's stories. Maybe an omnibus with several novels, the Opar series for instance with the yet unpublished third novel. I'm looking forward to the announcement!

Bob Eggleton
"We're shipping right now"
22 Mar 2011
These are the exact words from Bill Schafer, the publisher of Subterranean Press, in his email to me yesterday when I had asked him when we would receive the collection Up the Bright River.
The book was ready for shipping in December 2010 and we received updates when the book would actually be shipped with SubPress's newsletters. Bill Schafer promised me in an earlier email that it would be shipped before the end of February. But still no book came.
Hopefully this time he is telling 'the truth'...we'll see.

Bob Eggleton
Two new chapbooks
22 Mar 2011
Farmer's stories "Rastignac the Devil" and "They Twinkled Like Jewels" are in the public domain. They can be obtained for free as an Audio Book or an eBook, see here.

But it is also easy money for publishers to print them on paper, as chapbooks for instance. These are printed on demand.
General Books LLC. published the story "Rastignac the Devil" in a chapbook in September 2010, but my copy gives a printing date of 04 March 2011.

The story "They Twinkled Like Jewels" has been published as a chapbook by Wildside Press/Alien Cat Books in January 2011. My copy gives a printing date of 08 March 2011.
This publication makes it also clear who is behind the previous chapbook publication, in 2009, of this story under the imprint of Farmer Press. That would be Wildside Press.
I wouldn't be surprised if Wildside Press is also related to General Books.


Arbi Babakhanians
Forthcoming: The Worlds of PJF 2
15 Mar 2011
Meteor House will publish this summer the second volume of a new anthology series. So far only the cover has been announced, no contents yet, of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (2): Of Dust and Soul.
A book to look forward to, especially when the contents is something like the first book in this series!

The cover has been painted by Laura Givens, see her website. The original painting, "Man and God", is also in her gallery.

Laura Givens
Cover by Enric
13 Mar 2011
The cover artist is not always credited in the books, alas. I like good cover art and want to know who did the painting. In many cases there is a signature somewhere in the painting, but not always a decipherable one.

With the omnibus publication of Lord of the Trees and The Mad Goblin (Ace, 1980) there is no name in the book or on the cover. But I found a source that credits this cover to Enric Torres-Pratt, who usually signs his work with Enric or Enrich.
I added his name on both book pages.

The Many Dooms of Harold Hall
9 Mar 2011
Two weeks ago I mentioned the discovery of an unknown Farmer story, "The Many Dooms of Harold Hall". This had been written as by Charlotte Corday-Marat, a pseudonym Phil had used elsewhere, before we knew of this publication.
But we had no solid evidence that Phil really had written this newly found story, other than the used pseudonym.

So, we asked several people if they know anything at all about the story, or if they could find anything in their archives about it. Mike Croteau, webmaster of the Official PJF Home Page, did not find any reference to it in Phil's files. Mike would ask Gary K. Wolfe, Robert Silverberg and some others if they can confirm the authorship. Maybe this gives some news. Can't wait for the update of Mike's site.

We asked George Scheetz, old time friend of the Farmers and the editor of the fanzine Farmerage, if he had any information on the story. George had been working, in the early 1980s, on a bibliography of Farmer's work. No luck there either, alas.

People were asked to read the story and give their verdict if it might have been written by Farmer. Christopher Paul Carey, Win Scott Eckert, Mike Croteau and Paul Spiteri have read it, more than once, but none of them is completely convinced. Yet, they do not deny that Farmer could have written it.

There is no solid proof yet that Philip José Farmer wrote the newly discovered story "The Many Dooms of Harold Hall". But I'm pretty convinced that Phil wrote it, after having read the mildly funny story. I have read it several times now, and the feeling stays.
It is a minor Farmer story –that might also be the reason why Phil didn't acknowledge his authorship of it– but the story shows some typical Farmerisms.
This and the used pseudonym are reasons enough for me to include the story in Farmer's bibliography. See the new story page.

According to the magazine editors in their introduction: "...and we are sure you'll have a ball with «The Many Dooms of Harold Hall»..." We did...!

This illustration comes with the story.
(Unknown artist)

Fifth Riverworld novel in new edition
8 Mar 2011
Within a year after Tor published the first two novels –in one omnibus– comes the fifth and final novel in the Riverworld series, Gods of Riverworld. The new edition, of February 2011 has been added on the book page.

Only the collection The Riverworld and Other Stories stays unreprinted, but then again this collection has only one connected story included, "Riverworld" (1966).

Links to Phil Farmer related sites
3 Mar 2011
Last month Bill Hillman sent me an email with the request to move the link to his Farmer related webpage, PJF's Links to ERB, to its new address.
Reason for me to update the Related Links page completely. Updating it from dead and moved links, because more than one site had moved.

The Official PJF Forum is not active anymore, for  a very long time now and for unknown reasons. I removed the dead links to a Riverworld page, and to German, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian PJF pages, The Tarzan Alive page had moved, but that page is infected with viruses. I learned that the hard way...! The link has been removed. The original owner of the site, Ed Stephan, died some years ago.

But I also added some links. To another French PJF bibliography, at NooSFere, and also to two Russian PJF bibliographies, Fantlab en Bibliograph.ru.


Added Books
Three publications were added on the book pages in March.

Gods of Riverworld
The new edition from Tor, 2011.

Rastignac the Devil
A chapbook publication of this story by General Books LLC, 2010.

They Twinkled Like Jewels
A chapbook publication of the story by Wildside Press/Alien Cat Books, 2011.
These are the numbers for the book pages in March 2011.

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