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Fourth printing of UK omnibuses
26 Apr 2011
Sphere Books published in the UK two volumes of the omnibus World of Tiers. Only the first five books in the series were included in these two volumes.
The omnibuses were published for the first time in November 1986, and were reprinted in 1987 and 1988.

But Fred Fischer (Houston, US) found a copy of another reprint, the fourth printing of 1989.
Penguin Books had bought Sphere Books, but other than the copyright page with the information on the new parent publisher, and the new price of the books, both volumes are the same as with the earlier printings.
I have added this fourth printing on the book page. The individual book pages of the World of Tiers books will be changed very soon.
Thanks for this new information Fred!

Mark Harrison
Le fleuve de l'eternité
25 Apr 2011
'The river of eternity' is the translation of the French title of a Riverworld omnibus. An omnibus with the first two books in the Riverworld series, To Your Scattered Bodies Go and The Fabulous Riverboat.
We had four different printings –1979, 1982, 1984 and 1988– of this omnibus in the PJF bibliography, but there was still another one we missed.

Mich West (Australia) had found a copy with a printing date of January 5, 1981. In all my searches I had never come across this 1981 printing before. Even the known French bibliographies do not mention all printings of this omnibus.
Thanks Mitch for the new addition!


Good & Great(heart)
23 Apr 2011
Another four story pages are restyled now, of the poem "Good But Not Good Enough", the mainstream short story "The Good of the Land", and two parts of the Greatheart Silver series, "Greatheart Silver in Showdown at Shootout" and "Greatheart Silver in the First Command".

The poem "Good But Not Good Enough" was published in 1949 in Bradley Quarterly, a magazine of the university Farmer was studying at at that time. It has been reprinted in Pearls from Peoria (2006).

The very short mainstream story "The Good of the Land" got published thanks to Roger Crombie. He asked Philip José Farmer's permission at "The Lovers - 50th Anniversary Celebration" in 2002, to print the much earlier written but still unpublished story in a magazine on the island Bermuda, RG Magazine. Roger wrote an article about Phil in the same issue.

In 1975 Byron Preiss asked Farmer to write stories about a new pulp hero for the book series Weird Heroes. Phil did write two very funny stories about Greatheart Silver for the first and second volumes of Weird Heroes. The first story is "Greatheart Silver in Showdown at Shootout". A third story followed in 1977 with "Greatheart Silver in the First Command". A fourth story was announced, but never written and so never published.
The three Greatheart Silver stories were published in novel form, as Greatheart Silver, by Tor in 1982. It has never been reprinted, alas. This over the top and very humorous hero story is in dire need of a reprint...

Jim Steranko
Polytropical Paramyths and others
18 Apr 2011
Again, two story pages have been restyled, "Getting Ready to Write" and "The God Business".
You have to be a daring writer to write such absurd stories, that are making no sense at all, as Farmer did with his six stories in the Polytropical Paramyths series.
You have to be an even more daring writer (or maybe plain stupid...?) to try to finish and polish such an unfinished Farmer story. But Paul Spiteri did it with "Getting Ready to Write", and he did a great job with that. A very funny story!

"The God Business" is a great novella of which Martin H. Greenberg once wrote, that it "...is one of those stories that is much better read than discussed...".
How to become a God in the state of Illinois? Read the story.

Scott Templar 
Ecstatic Win!
13 Apr 2011
We are talking about an excited Win Scott Eckert here, who announced in his post of April 11, 2011 on his blog that the upcoming edition of Philip José Farmer's The Peerless Peer. will have a new afterword.
Win: "Now, I'm very pleased (okay, ecstatic!) to announce that I've been in touch with the kind folks at Titan, and that I'm contributing an afterword to the new edition! I've just reviewed the proofs and it looks great."

Great news, and even more reason to look forward to this new edition, coming in June 2011 from Titan Books.
See forthcoming books.

You  can pre-order it also from: Amazon or B&N.

Received: Up the Bright River
10 Apr 2011
Subterranean Press has finally shipped nearly all the pre-ordered copies of the new Philip José Farmer collection Up the Bright River. Nearly all, because my copy still hasn't been delivered. There is yet another delay with some copies, the publisher wrote me. However, this last week I received the copy I ordered via Amazon.
The collection is dated in 2010, but only shipped by SubPress in March 2011.

There are sixteen interesting, wonderful, amusing, terrifying stories, covering a period of 40 years –from 1953 till 1993– in Farmer's writing career. Starting with one of the Father Carmody stories, "Attitudes", till three stories in his famous Riverworld series, "Crossing the Dark River", "Up the Bright River", and "Coda".
The editor of the book, Gary K. Wolfe, writes in his introduction about why Farmer is called a "Daring Science Fiction Writer" ("...risk-taking had been his trademark..."), about the different kinds of Farmer readers he met at the Farmercons ("...not all of them are fans of the same Philip José Farmer..."), and of course about the stories included in the book: "...Farmer always meant to tell a good tale, but he nearly always meant to provoke as well...".

You can buy a copy at Subterranean Press.
Read the reviews at:
- SF Crowsnest ,
- Strange Horizons
- SF Site
- in Locus #601, February 2011 (website).

Bob Eggleton
The Freshman and Fundamental Issue
5 Apr 2011
Philip José Farmer has written stories in many genres or subgenres, he didn't write 'pure' science fiction stories only.
Like the Cthulhu story "The Freshman" (1979), based on one of his dreams. It has been reprinted in several great Cthulhu anthologies, but only once in a collection of Farmer stories.

In another story, science fiction this time, a Supreme Court Justice has to deal with a "Fundamental Issue" (1976). The fictional science fiction author Leo Queequeg Tincrowdor is also mentioned in this story.
It took thirty years to get the story reprinted, in the collection Pearls from Peoria.

Both story pages have been restyled.

Story illustration by Richard Olsen in Amazing Science Fiction.

SF Site reviews Up the Bright River
3 Apr 2011
D. Douglas Fratz reviews for SF Site Philip José Farmer's newest collection, Up the Bright River.

Fratz concludes his nice review with: "This is a valuable collection, and must reading for all fans of Philip José Farmer's brilliant fictional oeuvre. It is, however, only a sampling, and as such can prove somewhat frustratingly incomplete in some instances. Some of these stories are the start of a series, and might have been better left to separate volumes where all of the stories could be included. (This is especially true for "The Two-Edged Gift," which ends mid-plot.) Although Wolfe provides an insightful introduction to the volume, it would have been useful to have introductions to each story to put each in the proper context.

But for Farmer fans who can afford all of these beautiful but expensive Subterranean Press editions, these books are providing a more permanent source for the brilliant and varied work of one of the finest science fiction authors of the 20th century."

Read the full review here.

Bob Eggleton
More Green Odyssey
3 Apr 2011
In 2007 Wildside Press published a print-on-demand edition of Farmer's The Green Odyssey. You could order it as a hardcover copy ($ 24.95) or a trade paperback ($ 9.99).
The exact same editions now have been presented again with a new cover design, with an "almighty eye" in the picture. This painting by Antonis Papantoniou has nothing to do with the contents of the novel however.

The price for both editions is still the same, but you can have the text of this novel, that is in the public domain, for free. See the page Audio Books & eBooks.

Antonis Papantoniou

Added Books
Thirteen publications were added on the book pages in April.

Behind the Walls of Terra
The 1989 reprinted publication in the UK omnibus World of Tiers 2.

The Fabulous Riverboat
The 1981 reprinted publication in the French omnibus Le fleuve de l'eternité.

The Gates of Creation
The 1989 reprinted publication in the UK omnibus World of Tiers 1.

The Green Odyssey
Two new publications, hardcover and trade paperback, from Wilside Press (2011).

The Lavalite World
The 1989 reprinted publication in the UK omnibus World of Tiers 2.

The Maker of Universes
The 1989 reprinted publication in the UK omnibus World of Tiers 1.

A Private Cosmos
The 1989 reprinted publication in the UK omnibus World of Tiers 1.

The second printing of the French omnibus, Le fleuve de l'eternité, from Robert Laffont, 1981.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The 1981 reprinted publication in the French omnibus Le fleuve de l'eternité.

Up the Bright River
The new collection from Subterranean Press (2011).

World of Tiers
The fourth printings (1989) of both UK omnibuses from Sphere Books.
These are the numbers for the book pages in April.

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