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The Impotency of Nick Adams
26 Jun 2011
"This story has a curious history" according to Philip José Farmer in his foreword to "The Last Rise of Nick Adams" in The Book of Philip José Farmer (Berkley, 1982). Farmer then explains what happened to the story.

Originally it was published as "The Impotency of Bad Karma" in the First Preview Edition of the magazine Popular Culture, June 1977. The story was written as by Cordwainer Bird. The magazine had an extremely limited edition. A second issue never appeared.
In the story are several well known science-fiction authors parodied, like Asimov, Heinlein, Van Vogt and Barry Malzberg (as Michael B. Hopsmount). Malzberg didn't really like the parody of him, and for that reason Farmer rewrote the story somewhat. So he removed Hopsmount and also Cordwainer Bird from the story, to replace them with G.C. Alldrab (= J.G. Ballard) and William Rubboys (= William Burroughs), two Englishmen.

The rewritten version was published as "The Last Rise of Nick Adams" in the second volume of the anthology Chrysalis (Zebra, 1978).
But unlike Farmer thought in his foreword, in which he also explains the use of the name of the fictional author Cordwainer Bird as a pseudonym, the curious history doesn't end here.

When Christopher Paul Carey edited the fictional author collection Venus on the Half-Shell and Others, he discovered that one page, the last one, of the original publication in Popular Culture was missing. None of the known Farmer collectors had an original copy of the magazine, we all had photocopies of the printed pages from the same source. All of us were missing the same last page.
Thanks to Brad Lang, Popular Culture's editor, the missing page was finally found.

It seems that Farmer himself also missed a page of Popular Culture, while he rewrote the story to remove Malzberg from it. My guess is that Farmer had to retype the story from the pages in the magazine, while rewriting it somewhat. There were no personal computers at the time, so he had to actually retype the story completely. While doing this he must have missed the one-half column of the story on page 41, because that piece is missing from the second version, "The Last Rise of Nick Adams". It is an essential part of the story, and it is very strange that Farmer missed it in his rewrite.
There is now a strange gap in the story. At one moment Nick Adams is on the phone, and the next moment he reads the first letter. What first letter? How the phone conversation went and the next phone call, and how Nick came to receive three letters, is completely missing in the rewritten story.

You're lucky when you have a copy of the lettered edition of Venus on the Half-Shell and Others, because that is the only publication (26 copies!) that has the original –and complete– story, next to the extremely limited magazine Popular Culture. A copy of that one is nowhere to be found!

Another Canadian printing
20 Jun 2011
This last year we already found seven previously unknown Canadian printings. But Fred Fisher (Houston, US) again found a till now unknown Canadian printing. Of the Jove/HBJ Books edition of Tongues of the Moon (1978).
This printing has been added on the book page, with many thanks to Fred.

I also finally could buy a copy of the French publication Le temps du retour (1985), a translation of Timestop!, which was originally published as A Woman a Day.
Some small corrections were made on the data and the newly scanned cover of the French publication has been added.

Carl Lundgren
& Eric Ladd
15 Jun 2011
Farmer wrote some poems in the early days of his career. All eight of them were published in the period 1949-1961 and for the most part appeared in extremely hard to find publications. In a college poetry anthology, in a university publication, and in fanzines. There might still be one out there somewhere in an obscure fanzine, that we do not know of.

All eight known poems were included in the collection Pearls from Peoria.
The page of the poem "Imagination" has now been restyled.

More French publications
13 Jun 2011
I'm just back from a few days in Paris. Visited this wonderful city with my wife and some friends. This was not our first time in Paris, but we had again a great time.

Of course I also took some time to visit a few book shops. There are ten new French Farmer books in my collection. Some of them were already known in the bibliography, but I also found four new ones: Le Monde du fleuve (2010), Le Noir Dessein (wrongly dated 2011, but from 2010), Les Dieux du fleuve (2010) and Le Bateau fabuleux (2007).
The new information hs been added on the book pages.

The Opar (Khokarsa) novels in an omnibus!
13 Jun 2011
On March 23, 2011 Subterranean Press announced "a new mammoth volume" of Philip José Farmer's work, to be published in the near future.
There was no further information about the contents, but in my news entry of March 24 I assumed it would be an omnibus. With the Opar novels for instance, including the not yet published third novel. I was right in my assumption!

Christopher Paul Carey, the co-author of the third novel, The Song of Kwasin, brings the big news on his blog and in an interview at the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page.
Chris: "In spring 2012 Subterranean Press is slated to bring out a new Philip José Farmer omnibus comprising the novels Hadon of Ancient Opar, Flight to Opar, and the previously unpublished The Song of Kwasin, the latter novel having been completed by me from Phil's manuscript fragment and outline, and in consultation with Phil ...The Song of Kwasin tells the story of the hero Hadon's giant cousin Kwasin, and his efforts to clear his name and take up the fight against the tyrannical King Minruth, who has usurped the throne of the mighty empire of Khokarsa".

The omnibus will be published in 2012. This is something to look forward to.
Congratulations with the planned publication Chris!

Bob Fowke
Hit below the bible belt
3 Jun 2011
One of the mainstream stories Farmer wrote in the 1940s, but never sold at the time, is "Hunter's Moon".
It was published for the first and only time in the special collection Pearls from Peoria (2006).

"Hunter's Moon" is still a very strong story, even when written over sixty years ago. A high-school teacher of sociology and general science in a small town is falsely accused by the parents of his students of 'prying into things they think're sacred'. This because of a survey he conducted among the kids.

Keith Howell &
Charles Berlin

Added Books
Five publications were added on the book pages in June.

The Dark Design
The French reprint, Le Noir Dessein, from Le Livre de Poche, 2010.

The Fabulous Riverboat
The French reprint, Le Bateau fabuleux, from Le Livre de Poche, 2007.

Gods of Riverworld
The French reprint, Les Dieux du fleuve, from Le Livre de Poche, 2010.

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The French reprint, Le Monde de fleuve, from Le Livre de Poche, 2010.

Tongues of the Moon
The Canadian printing of the Jove/HBJ Books edition, 1978.
These are the numbers for the book pages in June.

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