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They Twinkled Like Jewels
30 Aug 2011
With the entry of August 8th I mentioned the two new Publication-on-Demand books from Aegypan Press of Phil Farmer's novella Rastignac the Devil.
I have received the two books, and also two other books from Aegypan Press. This time a chapbook and also a hardcover of the novelette They Twinkled Like Jewels.

Both stories were originally published in 1954 in the magazine Fantastic Universe. The copyright of both have lapsed, and for that reason are now in the public domain.
The texts of these two stories can be obtained for free in many e-reader formats from the website of ManyBooks.

If you want the stories printed on paper, then you can do with the books from Aegypan Press. They don't come as cheap as the free e-Books, but they do look very nice. The lay-out of the books and the used font for the text are well done.

Far more better than the chapbooks of the two stories from Filiquarian Publishing, LLC./Qontro. These were published in July 2010, and are printed-on-demand by Amazon. They are called "High Quality Paperback" on the cover, but there is no quality to discover with the publications. No title page, no copyright page, no information on the publisher, pages are not numbered, but to make things worse is the used font for the text. The story looks like typed with an old type machine, in the font courier, which makes it not easy to read.
For less money you can have a much better deal buying the Aegypan Press chapbooks. They have far more quality.

Joe Richards

The Always Horny Tarzan on Branches
22 Aug 2011
I missed two publications with the update of the story page of "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod". Two Spanish translations, with the title "El cachondo de Tarzán siempre por las ramas" (translates as "The Always Horny Tarzan on Branches"), were previously credited as translations of "Tarzan Lives". My Spanish sources had provided me with this incorrect information. I have corrected this, and added the two publications in Spain on the story page.

Another picture of Tarzan
16 Aug 2011
I want to share another picture with you, made by Milo Manara for the Italian editions of Fantasex (Mondadori, 1993 and 1996). Every story in the anthology has a very funny and explicit illustration. This one comes with Farmer's story "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod".

Milo Manara
A double pastiche about Tarzan
15 Aug 2011
What if it had been William Burroughs, not Edgar Rice Burroughs, who had written the Tarzan books?
Here is a question only Phil Farmer could have asked. Not only did he ask this question, he also actually wrote a Tarzan story as if had been written by William Burroughs: "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod".

Farmer: "I was sure that there would be no market for such a double pastiche if I wrote it ... Despite the lack of sale, I wrote it because it seemed as if it would be fun doing so, and it was, and I wanted to find out if I could emulate William Burroughs' style. It took three hours for the first writing ... Well, it did sell and almost immediately. But to a very strange publication. I mean by strange that it was the very last place I would have thought it would be sold to."

It was published in the adult girlie magazine Broadside in 1968. Two years later the story was published in the British magazine New Worlds, where it was illustrated by Alan Stephanson (see under).

The story has had a total of 49 publications worldwide. According to the foreign publications it was not always an easy story to translate, but nevertheless saw translations in seven countries.

More from Canada
15 Aug 2011
Here is a man dedicated to find all Canadian editions and printings of Farmer's work, Fred Fischer (Houston, Texas, US). He is even more dedicated than I am at the moment, and I know he has definitely more time than I searching for these often unknown printings.

A Canadian printing of the first paperback edition of The Fabulous Riverboat (Berkley, 1973), which Fred found,  was in the line of expectations. This because of the at the same time published Canadian printing of To Your Scattered Bodies Go (Berkley, 1973), which we already had in the bibliography.

But a Canadian printing of the 1976 Dell paperback of The Adventure of the Peerless Peer came as a big surprise. I didn't expect this one.

Thanks for the info Fred, I'm glad you've found these two.

Victor Gadino
More PoD books of Rastignac the Devil
8 Aug 2011
Farmer's novella "Rastignac the Devil" was originally published in the magazine Fantastic Universe, May 1954. The text is in the public domain nowadays, the copyright has not been renewed.

We had a Publication-on-Demand chapbook of this story in September 2010 from General Books LLC.
This time publisher Aegypan Press prints a PoD chapbook (May 2011) and hardcover (August 2011) of the novella. Both publications have been added on the book page.

It seems that FQ Books also had a PoD chapbook of the novella in July 2010. I have ordered a copy and will give more details when I receive it.

Clarence Doore
Fictional Author Pseudonym
4 Aug 2011
One of the things Farmer liked to do, really enjoyed, was writing about fictional characters like they were true persons, and interweaving real people in his fiction. With this he created his own mythology, like the Wold Newton Family for instance. Fun to read, but sometimes difficult or complex to ´follow´.

Farmer also used fictional characters from his own work, or from that of other authors, as pseudonyms. And to make it more complex, or fun..., he would write a biography about the fictional character as if it was about a real and living person.

He did this with Tarzan and Doc Savage, but also with Jonathan Swift Somers III.
Somers is a fictional author in Venus on the Half-Shell (1975). As a 'real author' Somers wrote two stories, about the German Shepherd dog Ralph von Wau Wau.
And Farmer on his turn wrote a biography about the author Jonathan Swift Somers III, first published in the fanzine Scintillation, June 1977.
The page of the fictional biography has now been restyled.

Discovered letter in Starlog
1 Aug 2011
Today came with the mail a copy of Starlog #168, July 1991. Completely as a surprise, because I didn't know it was coming. With the magazine came a very nice letter of the sender, Fred Fisher (Houston, Texas, US): "...I continue to appreciate your high quality maintenance and the sheer usefulness and completeness of the site, a tribute to your punctiliousness..."
Thank you very much Fred for the donation and the very nice words. I love both...

Starlog #168 published a letter by Philip José Farmer. The publication of this letter was unknown till now. The new information is added on the letters page.
In his letter Farmer corrects a statement made in an earlier article, in issue #166, about the existence of d'Artagnan, and concludes: "Yet, In a sense, Zorro, Robin Hood and d'Artagnan did exist and still exist. The trio we know through fiction live far more vividly than most people we know."


Added Books
Eight publications were added on the book pages in August.

The Adventure of the Peerless Peer
A Canadian printing of the Dell paperback, 1976.

The Fabulous Riverboat
The Canadian Berkley Books printing of 1973.

Rastinac the Devil
Two chapbooks, a softcover and a hardcover, from Aegypan Press, 2011. Also a chapbook from Filiquarian Publishing, LLC./Qontro (2010).

They Twinkled Like Jewels
Two chapbooks, a softcover and a hardcover, from Aegypan Press, 2011. Also a chapbook from Filiquarian Publishing, LLC./Qontro (2010).
These are the numbers for the book pages in August.

1740 publications
1147 different covers

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