News & What's New - September 2011
Story and remembrance in Hungary
28 Sep 2011
Issue 229 of the Hungarian science fiction magazine Galaktika (April 2009) published a remembrance of Philip José Farmer, written by Attila Németh, and also a translation of the story "The Voice of the Sonar in My Vermiform Appendix" (as "Az utolsó vakbélmütét").

I found and bought this issue only recently. Both the story and the remembrance have now been added in the bibliogragphy.

Jack Zhang
Of Dust and Soul
27 Sep 2011
The new page for the anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (2): Of Dust and Soul has been made.
The first links are added, but most of the contents has still to be included in the bibliography. There are more than 250 pages to be read, with very interesting stories and essays. I want to read them all, but am especially curious about the story "Kwasin and the Bear God" by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey.

Laura Givens
Re-creating all extinct life on Earth
26 Sep 2011
It is a very short short story, in less than two pages Farmer wrote down a gem of a tale. That must be the reason why this story, "The King of the Beasts", has been reprinted so many times. The story has had 52 publications in eleven countries. Most recent publication in the US was in 2006 in the collection The Best of Philip José Farmer.

It took some time to collect and check most of the books and magazines the story has been published in worldwide. I found several publications I didn't know about before. One of the books, Tomorrow, has still to be received. More details of the publication will be added when I receive it. I haven't yet been able to buy the Japanese publications, but found enough proof to include them on the new story page.

Another remembrance of Phil
20 Sep 2011
Every year, for a very long period by now, German publisher Heyne brings a science fiction yearbook. It publishes for instance many essays about the state of the sf market in that particular year.
In the 2009 yearbook, Das Science Fiction Jahr 2009, sixteen essays about the theme Superheroes alone, articles about new trends and authors, original interviews, information about art, comics, science, and movies. Also lots of reviews, and news of the sf-scene in Germany, the USA and the UK complete this nearly 1600 pages thick, but still handsome paperback.

Every year we have to say our farewells to people of the science fiction field, like authors and editors. There are thirty obituaries in this yearbook.
In a very loving piece Phil Farmer is remembered by Hans Joachim Alpers. In his essay of nearly eleven pages he describes Farmer's life and work, his themes, series, stories, prizes, and praises his fantastic ideas and adventures.

Alpers: "Im Gegensatz zu vielen neueren Autoren, denen ebenfalls Hugo- oder Nebula-Ehren zuteil wurden und die oft wie Raketen aus dem Nichts aufsteigen und genauso schnell wieder verschwinden, hat der Weltenbauer Philip José Farmer Jahrzehnte hindurch die Science Fiction mit seinem unerschöpflichen Phantasiereichtum und seiner ausgeprägten Fähigkeit, prallstes Abenteuer jederzeit bunt und frisch zu inszenieren, bereichert."

Alpers is convinced that Farmer will still be read in a hundred years from now.

Arndt Drechsler
The Worlds of PJF 2 received!
13 Sep 2011
I received my copy of the new anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 2: Of Dust and Soul on last Friday, September 9th.
It was the same day that my oldest brother, Rob Nuninga, was buried. He died earlier last week, alas, after a long period of sickness.
So you'll understand that I haven't been able to read this book, or even parts of it. I only leafed through it. Hopefully soon I'll pick up the book and start reading and making a new book page for it on the site, like I did with the first volume in this series.

If you want to know more about the contents of the book right now, go to the Official Philip José Farmer Home Page. Mike Croteau, webmaster and editor of the book, describes the anthology with the latest update.
Or go to the website of the publisher, Meteor House, where you can order a copy.

Laura Givens
The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 2
4 Sep 2011
A month later than expected, but according to the Official PJF Email of September 3rd it has now been published, and shipped to the people that preordered a copy. We are talking here about The Worlds of Philip José Farmer 2: Of Dust and Soul.

This one looks as promising as the first volume did, with works by Phil Farmer himself and by many others.
If you haven't ordered a copy yet, you can do that now with the publisher, Meteor House, who has some special deals with it. Visit the publishers website for this.

Laura Givens
Keep Your Mouth Shut
1 Sep 2011
Another story page has been redone, the one of the mainstream or crime story "Keep Your Mouth Shut".
Workers in a steel mill get bossed around by an old and mean foreman. When an accident happens, triggered by the foreman, the workers start thinking about how to get rid of the man. Only hypothetical of course...

The story was written about sixty years ago, but only published after its rediscovery, in Farmerphile, Issue number 6 (2006).

Charles Berlin

Added Books
Only one publication was added on the book pages in September.

The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (2): Of Dust and Soul
An anthology from Meteor House, 2011.
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