News & What's New - October 2011
Sherlock Holmes and the Legend of Tarzan
30 Oct 2011
From Win Scott Eckert comes the news that The Peerless Peer will see a German edition in 2012. It will be published by publisher Atlantis with the title Sherlock Holmes und die Legende von Tarzan.

This is great news! So far only one translation exists of the novella, a French translation from 1975.
The German publication will also include the new afterword by Win Scott Eckert which he provided for the 2011 Titan Books edition.
Thanks and congratulations Win!

Riverworld in Sense of Wonder
30 Oct 2011
Farmer's story "Riverworld" was published in January 1966 in the science fiction magazine Worlds of Tomorrow. It was slightly revised and expanded with the publication in the collection Down in the Black Gang (1971). Farmer still wasn't satisfied with it and expanded the story again. The third version was published in his collection Riverworld and Other Stories (1979).

In August Wildside Press/Swordsmith Books published a huge anthology –with about 225 stories, poems and essays– in a huge paperback –28×21,5cm (11×8,5inch)– of nearly 1000 pages, Sense of Wonder (A Century of Science Fiction). This very heavy book costs only US$ 49.95. It seems there is or comes an ebook of the anthology for US$ 39.95, but I haven't seen any information about this yet.

In this anthology also a reprint of the first version of Farmer's story "Riverworld". Why the first version? I have no idea. In his introduction with the story Grossman writes no word about the choice he made.

Crop / Shutterstock
Lord Tyger comes again
25 Oct 2011
It seems Titan Books (UK) will publish more new editions of books by Philip José Farmer.
Already mentioned this month were the novels Time's Last Gift (June 2012) and The Other Log of Phileas Fogg (May 2012). But they will also publish a new edition of Lord Tyger (July 2012).

Maybe Titan Books starts publishing a new series of books, the Wold Newton Universe series. It certainly looks that way.
See the page Forthcoming Books.

Richard Clifton-Dey
Nobody's Perfect
25 Oct 2011
Two weeks ago, on October 12th, I added the e-publication from 2003 of the story "Nobody's Perfect".
I was searching the internet if the ebook publication of the anthology The Ultimate Dracula still exists, but found nothing.

I discovered a new edition of the printed version instead. Publisher ipicturebooks (website) had a new edition in trade paperback, published in June 2010 (price US$ 17.95). This is a nearly exact copy of the original Dell trade paperback of 1991.

Bruce Jensen
Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa
24 Oct 2011
I'm just back from a short vacation in Istanbul (Turkey), a great and very lively city with nearly 20 million –officially about 13 million– people. We enjoyed our stay in Istanbul.

Just back and already received some news, big news even. Subterranean Press finally announced the publication of Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa.

SubPress: "Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa collects for the first time anywhere Philip José Farmer’s epic Khokarsa cycle, including the never-before-published conclusion to the trilogy, The Song of Kwasin.
In Hadon of Ancient Opar, the young hero Hadon journeys from his outpost city to the heart of the ancient African empire of Khokarsa, battling in the Great Games for the chance to win the king’s crown. But just as Hadon stands upon the precipice of victory, the tyrannical King Minruth usurps the throne and overturns the beneficent, centuries-old rule of the priestesses of Kho. Now Hadon must set out upon a hero’s journey unlike any other—to hunt down a living god and return with his bounty. The saga continues in Flight to Opar, as a decree by the oracle hurtles Hadon upon a perilous quest that will determine the fate of the next twelve millennia. In The Song of Kwasin, Hadon’s herculean cousin returns to Khokarsa after long years of exile in the Wild Lands. But soon Kwasin finds that in order to clear his name he will have to take up the cause against King Minruth himself and stop him before he fulfills his mad quest for immortality high atop the sun god’s bloody ziggurat."

The omnibus with the three Opar / Khokarsa novels will be published in April 2012 in a trade edtion and in a limited edition. The limited edition, numbered and signed by co-author Christopher Paul Carey,  has an additional section with exclusive material.
See the preorder page at Subterranean Press.

Roy Krenkel

Roy Krenkel
Two stories by Farmer
16 Oct 2011
I finished reading the two stories by Farmer in the anthology Worlds of Philip José Farmer (2): Of Dust and Soul.

The first, "What I Thought I Heard", is a very short story. If I tell too much about it, the story will be given away. It has a nice twist at the end.

The second story, "Strangers & Brothers: Francis Uquart" is a mainstream story. Originally part of a to be written novel, but it wasn't bought by any publisher.
Farmer writes a good story, he knows his way with words, but this one doesn't impress me much. There is not much going on. A student, Tim Howller, falls in love at first sight, in love for the first time in his live. The girl of his desires is unreachable for several reasons, one of them is her boyfriend. Because of this he starts drinking some alcohol, also for the first time.
The story reeds smoothly, even if written somewhere in the 1950s. But that is all I can say in favor for it.

Laura Givens
eBook: The Peerless Peer
12 Oct 2011
Titan Books published The Peerless Peer as an eBook. It is available for the Kindle as well as for the Nook, and other e-Readers too.
The novella was added to the page Audio Books and eBooks.

Also added is the e-publication of the story "Nobody's Perfect" in the anthology The Ultimate Dracula. This one was published back in 2003 for the Palm, by one of the pioneers of electronic publications as eBooks, Byron Preiss.

New edition of The Other Log of Phileas Fogg
10 Oct 2011
A few days ago we mentioned the new forthcoming edition of Time's Last Gift from publisher Titan Books.
The same publisher will also bring a new edition of The Other Log of Phileas Fogg, Farmer's sequel to Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne. It will be published in May 2012.

Titan Books has no online information yet about both new publications. But Amazon.com already has the pre-order information of both books on their site, and B&N only of The Other Log of Phileas Fogg..
The new edition has been added in the list of forthcoming books.

Tony Roberts
10 Oct 2011
This month the Official Philip José Farmer Web Page, from webmaster Michael Croteau, celebrates its 10th Anniversary as the Official Website of all things Farmerian.
Many congratulations with this Mike!

Michael also made some changes to the Official Home Page. The name of the site changed a bit, the lay-out changed —for instance the black background color changed to gray and Farmer's picture disappeared— but most interesting is that the site will be updated more frequently than only once a month.
With the update of Ocober 9th Mike has an interview with Charles R. Saunders, an author influenced by Philip José Farmer.

Audio Books and eBooks
7 Oct 2011
The page with the Audio Books and eBooks needed an update. Several publications were not yet mentioned. I received a reminder from Phil Farmer collector Fred Fisher (Houston, Texas, US) about this. He had added the audio version of The Magic Labyrinth to his collection, and discovered the missing info in the bibliography.
Thanks for the reminder Fred.

The omissions have been corrected. All Riverworld eBooks from Tor and all the Riverworld Audio Books from Recorded Books are now included. Also two eBook anthologies with stories by Farmer. The story "Rastignac the Devil" has been published as an eBook with the title "After the Apocalyptic War" (wrongly spelled Apocalypic on the 'cover').

New edition of Time's Last Gift
5 Oct 2011
In his blog entry about the free online opening scene of the story "Kwasin and the Bear God" Christopher Paul Carey writes: "...It appears that Titan Books will be putting out a new edition of Time's Last Gift, which serves as a sort of prequel to the Khokarsa series (it's little secret that the protagonist of Time's Last Gift, John Gribardsun, shows up in the series as the god Sahhindar). This is very exciting news indeed for Farmer and Khokarsa fans, and well timed with the upcoming release next year of the Khokarsa omnibus."
Great news indeed. The new edition has been added in the list of forthcoming books.

Geoff Cummings
Kwasin and the Bear God
5 Oct 2011
I have read the fantasy novella "Kwasin and the Bear God" by Philip José Farmer and Christopher Paul Carey. I read it in one breath, and I love it!
This is a great tale about Kwasin, cousin of Hadon, who is on the run for his pursuers, the soldiers of Minruth. Much against his will he dives head over heels in some strange adventures and battles.
After reading this fine story I can hardly wait for the new and upcoming third novel in the Opar / Khokarsa series, The Song of Kwasin. Chris did a great job with the story, and I expect him doing the same with the new novel. I cannot tell where Phil ends and Chris starts in the story, it is a very exciting adventure. Warmly recommended.

If you want to read some background information on the story "Kwasin and the Bear God" you can visit the weblog of Christopher Paul Carey. Or see this entry on his blog for the free online opening scene of the story.
Better, go and buy the anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (2): Of Dust and Soul from the publisher, Meteor House.

Laura Givens

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