News & What's New - November 2011
Interview with Christopher Paul Carey
30 Nov 2011
Readers had been asking Farmer for years when he would write more novels in the Opar series. Only two novels were written and published in the mid-1970s by DAW, Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar. A third, and final novel, Kwasin of Opar, was announced, but never published.

Several years ago the unfinished manuscript of the third novel was found in Phil's archives. Christopher Paul Carey read and studied it, and received permission from Philip José Farmer to finally finish the third novel in the Opar / Khokarsa series.
The finalized novel –now called The Song of Kwasin– got Farmer's blessing, he enjoyed it, and was put on the market.
Recently Subterranean Press announced the publication of the novel, together with the first two novels in the series, in an omnibus, Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. It is scheduled for publication in April 2012.

We had an interview with the co-author of The Song of Kwasin, Christopher Paul Carey. Read the interview.


Covers of new Titan Books editions
23 Nov 2011

Yesterday Win Scott Eckert announced on his blog the new covers of the three Titan Books editions of Phil Farmer's:
- The Other Log of Phileas Fogg
- Time's Last Gift
- Lord Tyger.

The covers look very attractive, with a nice layout. Two of the books are labeled as 'A Wold Newton Novel'. This was also done with the publication of The Peerless Peer. But on that book it was mentioned in small letters on the back cover, The new books have the Wold Newton label rather prominent on the cover. According to Win's blog we might see more Titan Books editions of Farmer's backlist.

We have to thank Wold Newton expert Win Scott Eckert for his continuous effort of exploring, explaining and clarifying the Wold Newton Universe (WNU) in his publications.
Check his Wold Newton Universe website, and Win's blog for more information and WNU publications.
The Long Warpath
15 Nov 2011
The novel Cache from Outer Space (1962) was first published as one half of an Ace Double book.
The novel was slightly rewritten by Philip José Farmer and published again by Tor Books in 1981, with the title The Long Warpath.
Tor Books included the rewritten novel in a collection, The Cache, together with two stories. Because of the inclusion in a collection I had put The Long Warpath on the Short Fiction pages. This has now been corrected, the novel is definitely not short fiction.

Paul Spiteri about the novel: "Although perhaps lacking in some of Phil's grand imaginative ideas it is nonetheless a good read."

Eric Ladd
Light-Hogs created the universe
12 Nov 2011
The very short novel excerpt "The Light-Hog Incident" is yet another proof of Farmer's great ideas for a funny story: "...But the kicker was that Boone discovers that the light-hogs are in fact, responsible for the existence of galaxies or, indeed, for all matter in the universe... The unstated premise of the story was that the universe was created from hog shit..."

Second story in Playboy
9 Nov 2011
The December 1977 issue of Playboy published Farmer´s erotic story "The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol". The editors of the magazine liked his writing and so asked Farmer for another story. The second story appeared one and a half year later, in the July 1979 issue of Playboy.

From the Playboy editorial: "After you've read the Good News [the article Good News for the Practicing Paranoid in the same issue], you'll no doubt be eager to escape, and there's no better way than with a strong dose of science fiction, Philip José Farmer style. Illustrated by Karl Wirsum, it's called The Leaser of Two Evils and, in its own peculiar way, it's about the greatest of escapes, sex."

The story page of "The Leaser of Two Evils", which by the way is not science fiction, has been redone.

Tom Staebler
SFBC hardcover of Strange Relations
4 Nov 2011
In 2006 Baen published an omnibus, Strange Relations, with the novels The Lovers and Flesh, and with the story collection Strange Relations.
The omnibus was published as a trade paperback and reprinted in a mass market paperback in 2008.

Now, five years after the first publication, SFBC (Science Fiction Book Club) publishes a hardcover edition of the omnibus. The book came out last month, October, and costs US$ 12.99, for members of the Book Club only.

Clyde Caldwell
German Fleisch
2 Nov 2011
My good friend Willem Hettinga found a copy of the German omnibus Fleisch in a local second hand bookshop. There are at least eight printings of this book, but I still miss the information on some of them. Willem found the sixth printing for me.
The omnibus was added on the book page, and also on the book pages of the included novels, The Image of the Beast, Blown, and Flesh.

Many thanks Willem!

Boris Vallejo
Science Fiction Gems, Volume Two
2 Nov 2011
The story "How Deep the Grooves" (1963) was reprinted twice this year. First in the collection Up the Bright River and now again in the anthology Science Fiction Gems, Volume Two.

The book is published by Armchair Fiction.
The lay-out of their books look a lot like the old Ace Doubles. The book numbering looks the same too, with D-, C-, G- and M-series. The resemblance stops there, the Armchair books are "Deluxe Paperback Editions".

Ed Emsh

Added Books
Eight publications, with two omnibuses, were added on the book pages in November.

The German translation in the omnibus Fleisch, 1995.

The sixth printing of the German omnibus, 1995.

Included in the SFBC edition of the omnibus Strange Relations, 2011.

The German translation in the omnibus Fleisch, 1995.

The Image of the Beast
The German translation in the omnibus Fleisch, 1995.

The Lovers
Included in the SFBC edition of the omnibus Strange Relations, 2011.

Strange Relations
The hardcover edition of the omnibus by Baen (SFBC), 2011.

Strange Relations
Included in the SFBC edition of the omnibus Strange Relations, 2011.
These are the numbers for the book pages in November.

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