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Philip José Farmer Day
26 Jan 2012

A French Farmer Bibliography
24 Jan 2012
Alain Sprauel is a world famous bibliographer in France, he wrote about 225 bibliographies in a period of 15 years. These bibliographies are all based on the actual publications, books and magazines, from his own collection. He has a huge collection of books.
See an interview with Alain –in French of course– online at Le Monde de Matéo.

Next month, February 2012, will see the publication of the magazine Biblio-SF number 6. In this issue are four bibliographies, of two French authors, Léourier and Pagel, and of Stephen Baxter and Philip José Farmer.
All original first publications and every French publication will be listed in Alain's bibliography. The French publications will have a cover scan included.
Alain Sprauel also compiled a Farmer bibliography published in Le Cycle du Fleuve (2003).

Biblio-SF number 6 will be published mid-February and will have a sales price, including shipping, of US $10.
As soon as it has been published I will let you know how to obtain a copy.

Pierre Le Pixx
Writings in Bronze
22 Jan 2012
As most of you will know Phil loved the stories of the old Street & Smith pulp magazine hero Doc Savage. These stories were published during the 1930s and 1940s. Phil was fifteen when he discovered the first adventure of Doc in a local drugstore.
His love for Doc Savage never faded and inspired Farmer to write a fictional biography about the bronze character with Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life (1973). Not only that, much later he also wrote a new adventure of Doc, Escape from Loki (1991).

Of course Phil was not the only fan of Doc Savage. And of course he was not the only one to write about the Man of Bronze. Will Murray started writing essays about Doc in 1973. He wrote many articles after the first one. About fifty of Murray's articles, from the period 1976 till 2008, have been collected in Writings in Bronze, published by Altus Press in 2011.
One of these essays, "Caliban", had been published in Farmerphile, no. 6 in October 2006.

Altus Press also published Chronology of Bronze (2010) by Rick Lai, see the publisher's website. This is Lai's third, completely revised version of the Doc Savage chronology. Farmer started a chronology of his hero in Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, but was never satisfied with his work. Rick Lai's heavily updated version is the authoritative chronology of the Man in Bronze.

Both books can be obtained through Amazon.

Omnibus surprise
21 Jan 2012
Last week I received many books for my Farmer collection. A Russian omnibus (Дейр), the Baen/Book Club Edition in hardcover of the omnibus Strange Relations, an Italian anthology (Diavoli), the British (actually the US) edition of the anthology The Science Fiction Century, and three books from Lithuania.
These three books are Deira (Dare), Į savo prarastus kūnus sugrįšite (To Your Scattered Bodies Go), and Nemąstanti kaukė (The Unreasoning Mask).

Of course I check every received book with the information already in the bibliography. Sometimes I have to correct some information, and I also scan the covers to replace the older –received or found– ones.
With the above mentioned books the corrections were minor, except for one. Much to my surprise the Lithuanian book Deira not only contains the translated novel Dare, but also the novel Night of Light. Not a word about the second novel on the copyright page, nor is there a table of contents to indicate both novels. I just discovered it because the book starts with the title Šviesos Naktis, which translates as Night Light. The protagonist of the story John Carmody is translated as Džonas Kermodis.
I added the 'new' omnibus Deira in the bibliography.

Keith Parkinson
Mama's boy
17 Jan 2012
With the story "Mother" (1953) Phil Farmer wrote a Freudian story. It is about the Oedipal relationship between Eddie Fetts and his dominant mother. Both are survivors after a crash on the planet Baudelaire, the other crew members are all dead.
After a few days Eddie is captured by one of the organisms on Baudelaire, a huge otherworldly female that looks like a rock. This alien female won't let go of Eddie and he has to make her 'womb' his permanent home.

The story was an instant success on publication and has been reprinted and translated many times. Sam Moskowitz wrote: "In many ways this story was even better than "The Lovers". From reading a criticism of Freud, Farmer had conceived of a plot involving a literal return to the womb."

There are 89 publications, nearly all with a cover scan, on the restyled story page. "Mother" was even included in a college book, Introductory Psychology Through Science Fiction (1974 and 1977), because of the Oedipus complex.

It was also translated in the Finnish language, and included in a special Farmer issue of the magazine Portti. The story was illustrated by Reijo Purontakanen. Below is one of his illustrations.

Jack Coggins
2011 - The Year in review
11 Jan 2012
There were seven new books published in 2011 and five chapbooks. Most of these are reprints, and nearly all came from the US. Only The Peerless Peer came from the UK.

Next to that publication there are two other highlights in 2011. The new collection of stories Up the Bright River from Subterranean Press, and the completely new anthology The Worlds of Philip José Farmer (2): Of Dust and Soul from Meteor House. Both are highly recommended!

year books magazines countries
2011 12 - 2
2010 11 - 2
2009 10 1 4
2008 19 4 7
2007 17 4 8
2006 18 4 5
2005 7 2 4

Another highlight was the discovery of the till that moment unknown story "The Many Dooms of Harold Hall". It was published in Bizarre! Mystery Magazine No.2, 1965.
This story still hasn't been approved of by The Official Philip José Farmer Web Page. You will not find the story on their Story Page.

About 40 Short Fiction pages were completely redone this last year. While working on this I also discovered a missing piece of text in one of the rewritten stories by Farmer.

Laura Givens
Roaring with vivid life
8 Jan 2012
In 2006 A & C Black Publishers from the UK published the small and handsome paperback 100 Must-Read Science Fiction Novels. I discovered this book back in 2009, see the entry.

And again some years after it got published I discovered another book from the same authors, Stephen E. Andrews & Nick Rennison. This book, 100 Must-Read Fantasy Novels, was published by A & C Black Publishers in 2009. It also has an entry on Philip José Farmer, about the novel A Feast Unknown: "Tautly written, admirably well-plotted, fearlessly imaginative and roaring with vivid life, this is Farmer at his apotheosis."

The book can be bought for £6.99 or $9.95 with the online book dealers, or go to www.acblack.com.


Added Books
Two new additions on the book pages in the month January.

Dare (omnibus)
The Lithuanian edition (Deira), 1997.

Night of Light
Publication in the Lithuanian omnibus Deira, 1997.

These are the numbers for the book pages in January.

1750 publications
1148 different covers

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