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The Night of Light
29 Feb 2012
The novella "The Night of Light" (1957) is Phil Farmer's third and most successful story in the Father  John Carmody series. In 1966 the story was expanded as the novel Night of Light.
Carmody is on the planet Dante's Joy. For one night in every seven years the planet becomes both heaven and hell. How will he survive this strange night?

The interior illustration by Do Marco of "The Night of Light", published in Father to the Stars by Philip José Farmer..

John Pederson
Ruined version of Some Fabulous Yonder
25 Feb 2012
The short novel "Some Fabulous Yonder" was partly rewritten and several pieces were cut from the original manuscript with its first publication in the magazine Fantastic (April 1963). Phil was not very happy with this, he called the story "ruined"..

But with the publication of the story in 2006, in the collection Pearls from Peoria, it was restored to the original text. Finally, after more than forty years the story was published as it should have been.

In January 2012 Armchair Fiction published the old, cut version in an omnibus with two short novels: The Flying Eyes by J. Hunter Holly (front cover) and Some Fabulous Yonder by Philip José Farmer (back cover).
It is a pity Armchair Fiction used the cut version, because from the story's climax almost an entire page was excised. Paul Spiteri in his foreword to the story in Pearls from Peoria: "This considerably lessened the impact of the story's conclusion."
Better be warned before you buy this book.

Frank Bruno
German Freshman
22 Feb 2012
Last year, while I redid the story page of "The Freshman", I had no information about a German translation of the story. However, in 2003 the story was published –as "Das Erstsemester"– in the anthology Hüter der Pforten. This is a translation of Tales of the Chtulhu Mythos (1989), edited by James Turner.

In 2005 German publisher Bastei-Lübbe reprinted the anthology with a new cover. Today I received both books from Germany. The two publications have been added on the story page.

Gods of Opar wrap cover
20 Feb 2012
Bob Eggleton has posted the complete wrap-around cover of Gods of Opar - Tales of Lost Khokarsa on Facebook.

Bob: "So here is my FULL wrap cover to the PJF/ Christopher Paul Carey upcoming book for Subterranean Press. It had EPIC written all through it and that is what I did...ENJOY!! 24 x36 oils on linen".

I would have put the names of the authors in the lower left corner, right below the man on the rock. Definitely not across the arch! It ruins the picture a bit. See under for the cover with the text.
Click on the picture to see it larger.
A Naked Farmer
20 Feb 2012
The serial novel Naked Came the Farmer –a rural murder mystery– was first published in 1998 in weekly installments. The serial was published in Accent (Entertainment Magazine), a supplement of the Illinois newspaper Pekin Daily Times.

The thirteen weekly installments, each installment a chapter of the novel, were written by thirteen different authors. Philip José Farmer started it and wrote the first chapter, "Naked Came the Farmer". His chapter was published on January 30, 1998.
With this another story page has been redone.

Cover by Bob Eggleton for Gods of Opar
19 Feb 2012
The cover of the new omnibus Gods of Opar - Tales of Lost Khokarsa, to be published in April by Subterranean Press, is finished and revealed.
Bob Eggleton, the artist, has made an awesome picture of Khokarsa. It looks stunning.
The co-author, Christopher Paul Carey, of the third novel in the omnibus, The Song of Kwasin, revealed the cover on his blog.

If you haven't yet pre-ordered the omnibus, go to the site of Subterranean Press, Amazon or B&N to do so now.
Two German essays
13 Feb 2012
The German magazine ZauberZeit Nr. 30 was published more than twenty years ago, in August 1991. It was only recently that I discovered that issue number 30 had two essays about Philip José Farmer.
An author's portrait "Philip José Farmer" by Heiko Langhans and an essay "Farmers Welten" by Winfried Czech.

The portrait is in fact a critical essay about Phil's novels and series. The author, Langhans, was sorry that only one of Farmer's novels in the Wold Newton Universe had been translated in German. He would have liked more.

In his essay, Czech is analyzing the novels of The Dungeon series. He compares them to novels and series by Farmer, because he wants to know –and share it with the readers– if Farmer really had anything to do with the world building in The Dungeon series. The six novels were written by four different authors.

Richard Hescox
The City Beyond Play as eBook
12 Feb 2012
In 2007 PS Publishing brought the novella The City Beyond Play, written by Philip José Farmer & Danny Adams. Farmer had started the novel in 1970, but never finished it. His grand-nephew Danny Adams got permission to finish the original manuscript.

Last month, January, was the novella published as an eBook by PS Publishing, where you can buy it for £ 1.99. Or for US$ 5.74 from Amazon.
If you haven't read it yet...!

My uncle was married to my mother
10 Feb 2012
« I was conceived and born in 1888. Jack the Ripper was my father. I am certain of this, although I have no evidence that would stand up in court. I have only the diary of my legal father. He was, in fact, my uncle, although he was married to my mother. »

Thus begins the 'Foreword', written as by Lord Grandrith in the novel A Feast Unknown.
This Foreword has been published in the anthology Jack the Knife (1975), edited by Michel Parry, as "My Father the Ripper".

Biblio-SF Numéro 6
7 Feb 2012
The French fanzine Biblio-SF nº 6 of February 2012 has been published. It contains four bibliographies, all compiled by the editor, Alain Sprauel. These four bibliographies, of the French authors Christian Léourier and Michel Pagel, the British author Stephen Baxter, and of Philip José Farmer, are heavily illustrated with the covers of the French publications. The book covers are printed in color.

Biblio-SF nº 6 has 58 pages, 22 of these are needed for the Farmer bibliography. The listings of novels, collections and short fiction (stories and poems) are given chronologically, based on the original publication. All French editions are mentioned, reprints of these only when the cover had changed.
In one word: fantastic! In French: fantastique!

You can order a copy from Alain Sprauel, by paying him the amount of € 8,00 of US$ 10.00 via PayPal. Do not forget to mention that the money is for a copy of Biblio-SF #6.
His e-mail address for this is alain.sprauel@gmail.com. As soon as he receives the money he will send you a copy.

See here for the other issues of Biblio-SF, with many more bibliographies.

Pierre Le Pixx
Two French publications
5 Feb 2012
Alain Sprauel –see the entry of January 24th– asked me to do a final check on his Farmer bibliography, for mistakes, omissions, or whatever, before it would be published.
Because of this I saw that the short story "The King of the Beasts" had a French translation in 1971 in the magazine Le nouveau Planète. I bought the magazine and added this publication on the story page.

One of the publications Sprauel had missed in his bibliography was an extract of the novel Dare (French: Ose) in the anthology Découvrir la science-fiction (1975), edited by Michel Cosem. I had discovered this one some time ago, but added it on the story page only now.

Yves Tanguy
Mother Earth Wants You
4 Feb 2012
A strange story about a so called living and sentient future Earth. The Earth after a holocaust. The woman are in charge with the few –very religious– people still living. The men are submissive, but one of them is doubting the stories from the priestesses about Mother Earth. A Mother Earth with her eyes-ears, or "teevee tranceivers" as the priestesses call them. His wife has left him, he becomes angry and all he wants is to go against this Mother Earth...

There is a small difference between the publications of "Mother Earth Wants You". The difference appears in one paragraph.
Chilton edition:
- - "You're suffering from guilt and you want to die!" The Man said. Covey ignored him. When he got to the top of the hill, dusk had fallen on the land below and darkened somewhat the grove. - -
Chilton/Book Club Edition, with a line missing:
- - "You're suffering from guilt and you want to die!" The Man said. fallen on the land below and darkened somewhat the grove. - -
Subterranean Press, with the missing line partly restored:
- - "You're suffering from guilt and you want to die!" The Man said. Dusk had fallen on the land below and darkened somewhat the grove. - -

Donald E. Cooke

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The French extract of the novel (Ose) in the anthology Decouvrir la science-fiction, from Seghers, 1975.
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