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A comedy of errors, O'Brien and Obrenov
28 Mar 2012
Philip José Farmer's first story in print was "O'Brien and Obrenov", published March 1946 in the magazine Adventure.

The story had first been submitted to the Saturday Evening Post. The editor would buy it if the drunk scene was cut. Despite being tempted, because the Post did pay well, Phil refused. He then sent the story to Argosy, but it was too long for this magazine. Argosy's editor did send it to the editor of Adventure.

Although a bit dated, "O'Brien and Obrenov" is still a funny story to read. After defeating the German soldiers American and Russian forces occupied the small town Mautz and split it in half. But what to do with an important German officer both forces have captured together? Cut him in half too?

Griffith Foxley
Lost Khokarsa website
25 Mar 2012
Christopher Paul Carey and Michael Croteau have been working on a website with lots of background and other material about the Khokarsa series.

Christopher on Facebook: "Here it is, in tribute to the upcoming release of GODS OF OPAR: the official hub of all things Khokarsa. This website, dedicated to Philip José Farmer's epic series of prehistoric adventure, was created with the blessing of the Philip J. Farmer Trust. Some of the highlights: a primer of terms from the series, the complete Chronology of Khokarsa by P. J. Farmer, the first-time unveiling anywhere of the Khokarsan glyphs and syllabary from Farmer's notes, and maps of Khokarsa hand-drawn by Farmer himself. Please feel free to share this post and spread the news about this site far and wide. Enjoy!"

Check the new and very interesting website "Explore the World of Lost Khokarsa".

Bob Eggleton
More titles from Titan Books
21 Mar 2012
The UK publisher Titan Books had announced three PJF titles to be reissued.
- May 2012: The Other Log of Phileas Fogg
- June 2012: Time's Last Gift
- July 2012: Lord Tyger

Via the Blog of Win Scott Eckert came the news of another two announced titles.
- October 2012: A Feast Unknown
- November 2012: Lord of the Trees

Every publication will have new bonus materials, like a special afterword. See Forthcoming Books.
Locus issue #611, of December 2011, mentioned that Titan Books will publish a total of ten Farmer titles. So, more titles will be announced in due time.

A perfect vampire story
19 Mar 2012
Phil was asked by Byron Preiss to write a vampire story for the collection The Ultimate Dracula (Dell, 1991). He wrote the short story "Nobody's Perfect", a Gothic horror tale, with a highly erotic and religious theme.

In the foreword to the story in the collection Pearls from Peoria Farmer said a few words about it: "I'd always considered vampire stories, werewolf tales, and in fact, the whole Gothic field, as more-or-less disguised sex stories. Pornography of the weird. Why not bring the hidden stuff into the open."

Another story page redone.

Bruce Jensen
Gods of Opar, first review
11 Mar 2012
Publishers Weekly has a review, the first we know of, of Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa. This omnibus will be published at the end of next month by Subterranean Press.

PW: "The late Farmer (1918–2009; Riverworld) wrote two novels paying tribute to and expanding on the works of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and the outline of a third. This outline informs Carey’s development of a story that focuses on exiled Kwasin, the “strongest man in the world,” and his battle against King Minruth of Khokarsa. Kwasin marries and loses a queen, meets the persistent bard Bhako, and adventures with the king’s rebellious daughter, Awineth. True to its roots, the latest entry is fast-paced, often violent (Kwasin’s enormous battle-ax is a major character), and filled with pulp tropes. Fans of Farmer’s original series will appreciate this repackaging and enjoy the finale, both in tone and because of the closure it provides. Likewise, fans of Burroughs, H. Rider Haggard, and other pulp authors will find the entire collection an accessible and enjoyable throwback."

A nice review! With congratulations to Christopher Paul Carey, co-author of the third novel. I hadn't expected anything less after reading Carey's "Kwasin and the Bear God".

Bob Eggleton
Tarzan Lives interview
4 Mar 2012
In April 1972 Esquire, The Magazine for Men, published the interview Philip José Farmer had with Tarzan, the Eight Duke of Greystoke. The title of the interview in Esquire was "Tarzan Lives".
Farmer stated that he had met Tarzan in a hotel in Libreville, Gabon (Africa), but later corrected it –in an Author's Note with a later publication– that it had been in Chicago.

For a long time I had the interview, as an article, on the Non Fiction pages of this bibliography. Actually it is a fictional interview, so the story belongs in the Short Fiction section.
I have corrected this with a new Short Fiction page of "Tarzan Lives". Reason to correct it now was the publication of the interview in the French fanzine La Tribune des amis d'Edgar Rice Burroughs (website). It was published in two parts in the issues 78, June 2011, and 79, of November 2011.

The Finnish publication in 1991 of the interview added part of a letter by Phil to the editor of Portti. In this letter Farmer writes: "...Another note, perhaps interesting. I've been working on my genealogy, my family lineage, for about eleven years. I've traced one of my lines back to the historical barons of Greystoke...".

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