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Gods of Opar, limited edition: SOLD OUT!!
30 May 2012
The limited edition, numbered and signed by co-author Christopher Paul Carey, of the omnibus Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa from Subterranean Press has sold out!

You can still preorder a copy of the trade edition from the publisher for US$ 45.00. Or try one of the online book dealers.

Bob Eggleton
Gods of Opar, limited edition nearly sold out
29 May 2012
Subterranean Press published an announcement about the new omnibus Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa:

« The limited edition, signed by Carey, which contains extensive background material on the omnibus, is over 85% sold out, and continuing to sell steadily. Preorders from our wholesale and large online retail accounts has been strong. If you’re of a mind to pick up a copy of either edition of this mammoth (576 pages) omnibus, now’s the time. »

If you haven't yet preordered a copy of one of the only 250 limited edition copies or one of the trade edition, I can only urge you to do so now, before they are all gone!

Bob Eggleton
Portraits of a Trickster
23 May 2012
Meteor House revealed the cover of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer: Portraits of a Trickster. This is the third in a series of anthologies.
At this time no further information yet about the contents. This book will be published this Summer, maybe in August.
The great cover art has been done by Keith Howell.

Beverly Hills, Level 14
22 May 2012
The short story "The Oogenesis of Bird City" (1970) originally was a part of the much longer, and award winning story "Riders of the Purple Wage" (1967).
Philip José Farmer in his afterword to the latter one: «A more detailed description of the physical construction of a community, "The Oogenesis of Beverly Hills, Level 14", was cut out.»

Ted White in his introduction in Amazing: «Rewritten to stand on its own feet, the story which follows is effectively the prologue to "Riders of the Purple Wage". In it we are introduced for the first time to the City of Tomorrow...».

Illustration by Mike Hinge in Amazing.

Jeff Jones
All Titan Books reissues are known
21 May 2012
With the publication of The Other Log of Phileas Fogg Titan Books gives a list of all the upcoming reissues of Farmer's work.
Ten classic novels will get a 'brand new edition.. with unique bonus material'. Titan Books will also publish a new collection with Wold Newton Universe related stories.

The complete list:

- The Other Log of Phileas Fogg
- Tales of the Wold Newton Universe (new!)
- Time's Last Gift
- Hadon of Ancient Opar
- A Feast Unknown
- Lord of the Trees
- The Mad Goblin
- Lord Tyger
- The Wind Whales of Ishmael
- Flesh
- Venus on the Half-Shell

See Forthcoming Books.

A Wold Newton Novel received
20 May 2012
The Other Log of Phileas Fogg is the first of a new series of books by Philip José Farmer from the UK publisher Titan Books. Most of their reissues are Wold Newton Universe related works, as you can see on top of the cover (click on the thumbnail at right).

While still in his teens Farmer read Jules Verne's Around the World in Eighty Days four or five times. More than thirty years had passed before he read that novel again. Only at that time he discovered that the novel had two stories, there was a second layer, a behind-the-scenes story. This discovery was the reason Farmer started writing The Other Log of Phileas Fogg. It was time the truth would be told...

Now, nearly forty years after its first publication, Farmer´s novel has been reissued. And his novel too has another layer. Something I didn´t know of when I first read it. Phileas Fogg, the protagonist, is a member of the Wold Newton Family. This makes the novel related to the Wold Newton Universe (WNU).
But we do not have to discover that for ourselves, like Farmer had to do with Verne´s novel. Win Scott Eckert helps us with his two afterwords in the book.

If you have read The Other Log of Phileas Fogg in the past then give it a second chance with this new edition. Win Scott Eckert´s information in his two afterwords is very intriguing, and after reading his information you can read the novel again with completely new eyes.

I love the new edition from Titan Books. A beautiful book with all the extra information on the WNU relation. Highly recommended!

Publication of Gods of Opar delayed
15 May 2012
The new Subterranean Press omnibus Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa was scheduled for publication in April 2012.
Alas, the book is still with the printer, and SubPress is waiting to get the books in from them.  If everything goes according to the new plans, we might expect the book in June.

See also the blog entry of Christopher Paul Carey for this.

Bob Eggleton
The Other Log of Phileas Fogg released
15 May 2012
It seems that the new Titan Books (UK) edition of Phil Farmer's The Other Log of Phileas Fogg came out a week ago.
I have not seen it yet, nor received an update of my order of the book from Amazon. Hopefully I will have it soon!

Win Scott Eckert already has gotten his copy, see his weblog –with some nice comments– about this book.

Only Who Can Make a Tree?
5 May 2012
A story that reminded me immediately of the old Marx Brothers movies. The things that the Marx Brothers were doing were meant well, but everything they tried to accomplish went absurdly wrong.
The same thing happens to the four (mad) scientists. They have a government contract to fight pollution. But the scientists are not very lucky inventing the right solution, but along the way to this they do several other great inventions. Like flying goats... that eat everything, a universal solvent that goes through everything... deep into the earth and finds an oil well, and more. Everything seems completely out of control!

"Only Who Can Make a Tree?" is one of Philip José Farmer's stories in the so called Polytropical Paramyths series, strangely absurd tales.

Phil wrote this about the story: «The idea for "Only Who Can Make a Tree?" I owe to Ted Sturgeon. At a party at Harlan Ellison's, he told me he'd long thought of writing a story which would reverse the time-(w)ho(a)red Gernsbackian tale of the mad scientist and his beautiful young daughter. What about, Ted said, a story about the beautiful young scientist and her mad daughter? He would, he added, probably never write it. So I asked him if I could use it, since the idea appealed so strongly to me. Graciously, he consented.»

Chesley Bonestell

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