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The Princess of Terra
29 Jul 2012
Did you see the movie John Carter? Based on a novel in the Mars series from Edgar Rice Burroughs (ERB), who is best known as the author of the many Tarzan novels.
We know that Phil Farmer loved the Tarzan books. He wrote a Tarzan biography, Tarzan Alive, and even his own Tarzan novel, The Dark Heart of Time. Tarzan can be found in many more stories of his.

But it seems he was not much taken with the Mars series by ERB. Farmer wrote a Martian (!) review, published in a Martian magazine, Parallel, about the novel The Princess of Terra, written by Erb of Anazrat. The protagonist, Noj Notrak (shouldn't it have been Noj Retrak?), is transported from Mars to the third planet of the solar system, Terra.
Read this fictional, critical 'review', "The Princess of Terra", and have some fun.

The piece was never published, until it was found in Phil's archives and included in the collection Pearls from Peoria. Farmer had written it as by Charlotte Corday-Marat, an unknown and never used pseudonym of his. That is till in 2011, when we discovered a published and till then completely unknown story written under the same pseudonym. This story, "The Many Dooms of Harold Hall" (1965), will be included in the third volume of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer. See the Forthcoming Books.

Keith Howell &
Charles Berlin
Review of Time's Last Gift
27 Jul 2012
On Facebook Christopher Paul Carey mentioned a new review of the Titan Books edition of Time's Last Gift over at Wired:
«When you read Time’s Last Gift you’re getting two stories at once. The main story of what happens to John Gribardsun and how his actions will affect all of history is what drives the novel. The secondary story is unravelling who he is through clues a discerning reader will delight in finding. It’s a mystery within a mystery.»

A world ripe and ready for the plucking
24 Jul 2012
"Some Fabulous Yonder" was published in the Spring 1969 issue of the magazine Fantastic, Stories of Imagination. It was partly 'rewritten' by cutting out several pieces. The editor of Fantastic, Cele Goldsmith, had done this without Farmer’s permission. The story was ruined according to Phil Farmer, and never to be reprinted.

However, editor Paul Spiteri of the unique collection Pearls from Peoria wanted to include the story "Some Fabulous Yonder". For that the story was restored to the text of Farmer's original manuscript, which was found in his archives.

Also discovered in Farmer's archives was an early and uncompleted draft of this story, called "Planet Pickers". Maybe not finished, but still a very different and interesting story. Reason for Paul Spiteri to include this one too in Pearls from Peoria.

Keith Howell &
Charles Berlin
The wheelchair whore from Peoria
22 Jul 2012
The publisher of Farmerphile, Michael Croteau, found some great till then unpublished stories in Farmer's archive. One of these is the very humorous story "A Peoria Night".

Two brothers, George and Joe, are looking for a woman, to help the legless Joe at some relief. But the ladies all deny him the service, because Joe smells like a pigsty. Then they meet 'the wheelchair whore' Sally, who seems to be willing to help out...

Keith Howell &
Charles Berlin
Passing On
20 Jul 2012
The fourth part of Stations of the Nightmare, "Passing On", concludes the story of the change of Paul Eyre, after a meeting with an alien. He now has control over his new life and he knows what he can do. For instance he has the power to heal people.

First time published in the anthology series Continuum, edited by Roger Elwood, in 1975. All four parts were published in novel form, as Stations of the Nightmare, by Tor Books in 1982.

With this another short fiction page has been redone.

Patrick Woodroffe
Another interview with Christopher Paul Carey
18 Jul 2012
In November 2011 we had an interview with the coauthor of Farmer's third Opar / Khokarsa novel, The Song of Kwasin. See here for the interview with Christopher Paul Carey, if you haven't read it already.

Chris was interviewed again about his collaboration on The Song of Kwasin, and also about his other Khokarsa novella, Exiles of Kho, his favorite writers, and more. The interesting interview was done by Anthony R. Cardno, and published on his website.

See also the website of Christopher Paul Carey.

Bob Eggleton
Received: Lord Tyger
17 Jul 2012
The third reissue of Farmer's novels by Titan Books (UK) came today: Lord Tyger. Again a very beautiful trade paperback!
The exclusive bonus material consists of an introduction, "Farmer's Tyger, Burning Bright", by well known horror and science fiction writer Joe R. Lansdale, and a foreword, "Lord Tyger", by Paul Spiteri, editor of Pearls from Peoria.

Lansdale: «This book, Lord Tyger, is one of the best of his works. It combines the largest number of his obsessions, while never losing that main and most important ingredient of any work of fiction. The magical connection between writer and reader: What happens next. It is one of his most beautifully and cleverly written creations. It is engaging from beginning to end. It may well be my favorite of his works.»

Spiteri: «Congratulations, you have a fantastic story to read or reread, one that Farmer himself rates amongst his best ... This book is dedicated to Edgar Rice Burroughs and it really is a tribute to him despite what some may see as parody. Lord Tyger pays homage to Farmer's favourite hero and whereas it demonstrates the fundamental impossibility of that character as conceived by Burroughs, it shows how literary ingenuity could lead to physical possibility.»

Titan Books reissues with changed covers
16 Jul 2012
Win Scott Eckert revealed on his blog, see here, the new covers of the Titan Books reissues of A Feast Unknown and of The Wind Whales of Ishmael. Both covers look a bit different than the ones we saw announced earlier.

At left the old ones, at right the new covers.
With A Feast Unknown the picture of the fighting men has changed. Changed for the better, there is more action in the picture now.
The only change with The Wind Whales of Ishmael is in the name of the series, it changed from 'A Wold Newton Novel' in 'A Grand Master Novel'.

Win also gives the complete publishing schedule of all Titan Books publications of Farmer's books. See his blog, or the information with the Forthcoming Books.
Gods of Opar - another review
10 Jul 2012
David Brzeski reviewed the new omnibus, Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa, for The British Fantasy Society, and starts with: «This is a huge and beautiful book. I suspect a good number of people who buy it will be doing so, despite the fact that they already have two thirds of it in paperback. For any who don’t, frankly it’s a bargain.»

David describes the three included novels and concludes that he wants more: «Farmer and Carey tell a realistically complex tale of a religious war in which whichever side ultimately wins, countless people lose and their world is left devastated. While the trilogy is brought to a satisfying conclusion, we are left with many questions and much scope for future books ... What of Sahhindar, the time traveller? ...»
Another proof –like the previous two reviews– that Christopher Paul Carey, co-author of the third novel, did a great job in finishing the novel!

Read the full review here online.

Bob Eggleton
Gateway eBooks and omnibus
10 Jul 2012
Amazon.de (Germany) shows a new Farmer omnibus, Philip Jose Farmer SF Gateway Omnibus: The Maker of Universes, To Your Scattered Bodies Go, Dayworld, scheduled for publication in April 2013.
The omnibus will be published in paperback by Gollancz (UK) in their Gateway series of books. It will count 800 pages en the price will be € 22,99.
Although the book is in English, there is no information yet on the US or UK sites of Amazon about this book.

Lately Gollancz publishes a whole lot of Farmer's novels –I counted thirteen– as eBooks in their Gateway series, check them out at Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk (search for Kindle editions of Philip Jose Farmer).
Strange thing is you will not find these eBooks on the website of Gateway...

One of the
Gateway ebooks.
New cover revealed
9 Jul 2012
Amazon now shows the cover of the Titan Books (UK) reissue of The Wind Whales of Ishmael. The book is scheduled for publication in March 2013.
The Wind Whales of Ishmael is labeled as 'A Wold Newton Novel', see here for the Wold Newton series.

Like the other reissues from Titan Books the novel will have exclusive new material, but it is not yet known what this will be. We will have to wait till Titan Books or Win Scott Eckert (on his blog) announces this.

Le Bateau Fabuleux
8 Jul 2012
French publisher Laffont / Le Livre de Poche reprinted The Fabulous Riverboat, or Le Bateau Fabuleux, in July 2011 for its eight printing.
I had not seen this earlier, so could not order a copy sooner. The book has a new cover layout, like the other Riverworld novels had in France. The only one not seen yet with this new cover layout is the translation of The Magic Labyrinth (Le labyrinthe magique).

Osiris myth
7 Jul 2012
One of the old Egyptian gods, Osiris, meets Leo Queequeg Tincrowdor, in a very humorous story, "Osiris on Crutches". The story has been written by Philip José Farmer in collaboration with his friend Leo Queequeg Tincrowdor, who is thus also a character in the story.

"Osiris on Crutches" is their version of the 'Osiris myth', including the murder of Osiris by his brother Set, the resurrection of Osiris, and the posthumously conceiving of a son by his wife Isis.

Christopher Paul Carey in his foreword to the story: «After reading the following story one might wonder if Tincrowdor is on the gods' hit list. Then again, perhaps Tincrowdor sees more clearly than the rest of us an it is the gods who must be afraid of him.»

Irving Freeman
The cherub with his flaming sword
6 Jul 2012
Wikipedia: «Roger Elwood was an American science fiction writer and editor, perhaps best known for having edited a large number of anthologies and collections for a variety of publishers in the early 1970s.»
Farmer also wrote some stories for anthologies edited by Elwood. Like "Opening the Door" for Children of Infinity, an anthology with 'Original Science Fiction Stories for Young Readers'.

This story has only been reprinted in the collection Pearls from Peoria. Paul Spiteri, the editor, in his introduction: «On plate 14 of William Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, Blake talks of 'The cherub with his flaming sword' and 'the doors of perception,' both strong influences on this story.This story was part of a collection aimed specifically at young adults with the intention of showcasing science fiction. Phil's story does much more and maturely treats such themes as impending adulthood, death, loss, rejection and familial responsibilities.»

Jacqui Morgan

Added Books
Two new additions on the book pages this month.

The Fabulous Riverboat
The French reissue (Le Bateau Fabuleux) of 2011.

Lord Tyger
The reissue of this novel by Titan Books (UK), 2012.
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