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Portraits of a Trickster
25 Aug 2012
The last few months are special, or nearly unbelievable. So many books with new work by or about our Grand Master, Philip José Farmer! It feels a bit unreal. Phil is gone since early 2009, but it looks and feels as if he is still with us.

Where is this feeling coming from? Well, we have the new Titan Books editions, older work by Phil but all of these with unique material, new introductions and afterwords.
Then Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa, with two older novels and a completely new one. Next comes Exiles of Kho, a completely new Opar / Khokarsa novella. Maybe not written by him, but it feels as if he wrote it.

And finally the third volume of the Worlds of PJF, Portraits of a Trickster. A book full with old and new, but unique works by or about Phil. I haven't had the time to read it all, but started browsing and leafing through the book with stories, essays and speeches, and reading pieces here and there. Like the essay by Christopher J Garcia, who writes: «...I discovered Farmer the same way I discovered Sturgeon: in a box that I knew I shouldn't be looking into. My Pops, he had a box where he kept the things he'd rather not have Mom and I looking at...» A fantastic discovery, written in a great essay.

And what to think of the third, never before published version of "The Impotency of Bad Karma"? Or the highly erotic "The Long Wet Dream of Rip van Winkle", or "The Many Dooms of Harold Hall", or the four new stories by others in the worlds of Farmer, or...or...

I am not yet ready with this anthology. Not personally with the reading of it and also not with the indexing of it in the bibliography. I'll take my time...

Keith Howell
Another Opar / Khokarsa story
25 Aug 2012

Christopher Paul Carey is coauthor with Philip José Farmer of the Opar / Khokarsa novel The Song of Kwasin (2012). He wrote two more stories in this series. One by himself, “A Kick in the Side” (2010), and one with Phil Farmer, “Kwasin and the Bear God” (2011).

Chris continues with yet another story in the series, a novella, Exiles of Kho. It was published this month by Meteor House. The book was released at Pulpfest 2012 / FarmerCon VII, earlier this month. There are only a few copies available with the publisher.

Chris Carey signing the book at FarmerCon VII.

I do not know yet where to put this book in the Bibliography. Probably I will have to create one or more new pages for this work and the others like this one, of stories in the worlds of Phil but not written by him.

Mike Hoffman
A Raffles and Manders story
15 Aug 2012
One can very well read a Farmer story as it is, as a story on its own. But very often there is more than one layer in his stories, many of his tales are somehow interlinked.

Like there is with the story "The Problem of the Sore Bridge—Among Others" (1975). It is an adventure story with the protagonists A.J. Raffles and his sidekick Harry 'Bunny' Manders. These characters were originally created by E.W. Hornung, brother-in-law to Arthur Conan Doyle.
According to the introduction in Venus on the Half-Shell and Others the story «...is a fusion of the world of Raffles and Holmes...the tale is as much a Sherlockian pastiche as it is a Rafflesian one...»

There is also a link to Doc Savage it seems. From the same introduction: «...the curious reader may wish to do some more investigating and pick up a copy of Farmer's authorized Doc Savage novel Escape from Loki, then one should compare what Raffles and Manders find at the state of Mr. James Phillimore with what Doc Savage discovers within a secret room inside the sinister Château de Musard. As always, wheels within wheels...»

The story is written by Harry Manders, a pseudonym of Farmer. Several of his pseudonyms are in fact the names of fictional authors in his own work or in that of other authors. Many of these pseudonyms are interlinked.
And finally, the story "The Problem of the Sore Bridge—Among Others" is linked to the Wold Newton Universe.

Tom Kidd
A Wold Newton Prehistory Novel
10 Aug 2012
Yesterday on Facebook Win Scott Eckert revealed the new cover of Hadon of Ancient Opar, with the following words:

«Exclusive cover reveal! Live, from PulpFest and FarmerCon VII: the cover for HADON OF ANCIENT OPAR, coming from Titan Books in January 2013!»

FarmerCon VII
2 Aug 2012
Just another week, August 9-11, before FarmerCon VII will take place, together with Pulpfest 2012. I will not attend, but I wish all the convention goers a very good time! The programming looks interesting and exiting enough to have a marvelous time.

If everything goes according to the plans then publisher Meteor House will present the third volume of the anthology series The Worlds of Philip José Farmer at the upcoming FarmerCon VII.
Not only that, but also the limited edition of Exiles of Kho, a Lost Khokarsa novella written by Christopher Paul Carey, will be released at the convention.

J. Allen St. John

Added Books
One new addition on the book pages this month.

Portraits of a Trickster
The third anthology in The Worlds of Philip José Farmer series, from Meteor House.

Exiles of Kho
A new Opar/Khokarsa novella, written by Christopher Paul Carey. Published by Meteor House.
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