News & What's New - September 2012
Cover reveal: The Mad Goblin
28 Sep 2012
Win Scott Eckert revealed on his blog the cover of the forthcoming publication of The Mad Goblin. To be published in June 2013 by Titan Books.

Recycling of cover pictures
27 Sep 2012
When I wrote the previous entry, about the new Italian publications, I noticed a remarkable coincidence. On three books exactly the same zeppelin. Have a look at these pictures, on which you can click to see them larger.

The three books are: Il grande disegno (The Dark Design, Fanucci, 2012), Sense of Wonder (anthology with the story "Riverworld", Wildside Press/Swordsmith Books, 2011) and The Wind Whales of Ishmael (Titan Books, to be published in March 2013).
"Ciclo del Mondo del Fiume" in Italy
26 Sep 2012
Italian publisher Fanucci published last month, August, the complete Riverworld series (Ciclo del Mondo del Fiume) in five beautiful trade paperbacks. It has been a long time since these books were available in Italy.

The five novels are: Il fiume della vita (To Your Scattered Bodies Go), Alle sorgenti del fiume (The Fabulous Riverboat), Il grande disegno (The Dark Design), Il labirinto magico (The Magic Labyrinth) and Gli dèi del fiume (Gods of Riverworld).
Thanks to Fred Fisher for the information about these new publications.

French books
21 Sep 2012
While in France I visited several book shops, with new or second hand books. Alas, only two books were found for my collection. One in a better condition than the one I already had, and the other one is the 11th printing of Le Monde du fleuve (To Your Scattered Bodies Go), from October 2011. This edition has been added on the book page.
I found only about twenty other French Farmer books, but they already were included in my collection.

The Song of Kwasin : WOW!
20 Sep 2012
I am just back from a vacation in France. My wife and I had a great time over there and very lovely weather. We both had the time to read a lot of books. One of the books that I read of course was Gods of Opar: Tales of Lost Khokarsa.

Let's start with a huge compliment to Christopher Paul Carey for finishing the third Opar / Khokarsa novel, The Song of Kwasin. I enjoyed this novel immensely!

I did not grow up with the Tarzan stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs. I read some Tarzan comics and saw some of the older Tarzan movies. That was it. Tarzan did not very much appeal to me. I certainly did not share Philip José Farmer's love with the Tarzan stories.
So, when Phil wrote the first two Opar novels I had my doubts at the time if I would like to read them. I did read them, more than thirty years ago, and I must admit that I discovered –much to my own surprise– that I liked them very much!  For years I hoped that Phil would write more novels in the series, but that never happened. He had promised to write more Opar novels (see Announced books), but didn't, and finally announced a third and final novel in the series, Kwasin of Opar. We never saw that novel in print.
Until Carey got Phil's permission to finish this once started novel, which has now been published as The Song of Kwasin.

I started of course rereading the first two Opar / Khokarsa novels, Hadon of Ancient Opar and Flight to Opar. After more than thirty years I remembered some of the story, but none of the details anymore.
I liked them even more than when I first read them, maybe because this time I wasn't so skeptical about the novels. I enjoyed both novels and could not stop reading.

And then to The Song of Kwasin.
The biggest difference with the first two novels is that the story is not about Hadon, but about the adventures of his cousin Kwasin. But the novel reads and feels like the other two, full of action, treachery, bravery, religious beliefs, love, sex, and battles. Many battles. Kwasin is a real fighter, together with his battle-ax.
Written in a style, like it was written by Farmer some thirty years ago. Chris has done a great job completing the novel, and he has done me –and I know many other readers– a great joy with it.
I sure would love more Opar / Khokarsa novels, but I'm very glad that we finally have this third and concluding novel. It was very nice to be back again in ancient Africa, on a tremendous trip. It left me breathless.

Bob Eggleton

Added Books
Six new addition on the book pages this month.

The Dark Design
The Italian publication (Il grande disegno), from Fanucci (2012).

The Fabulous Riverboat
The Italian publication (Alle sorgenti del fiume), from Fanucci (2012).

Gods of Riverworld
The Italian publication (Gli dèi del fiume), from Fanucci (2012).

The Magic Labyrinth
The Italian publication (Il labirinto magico), from Fanucci (2012).

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The Italian publication (Il fiume della vita), from Fanucci (2012).

To Your Scattered Bodies Go
The French publication (Le Monde du fleuve), from Le Livre de Poche (2011).
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1770 publications
1159 different covers

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