News & What's New - October 2012
German Peerless Peer postponed
22 Oct 2012
Just received word from the German publisher Atlantis that the translation and publication of the German edition of The Peerless Peer has been postponed.

Originally scheduled for the Summer of 2012, it is now planned for early 2013. The translation, Sherlock Holmes und die Legende von Greystoke, will probably appear in February 2013.
See Forthcoming Books.

Cover revealed of Flesh
21 Oct 2012
Win Scott Eckert revealed on his blog the cover of the forthcoming publication of Flesh. Again a great cover!
To be published by Titan Books (UK) in August 2013.

Received A Feast Unknown
14 Oct 2012
This is the fourth reissue of Philip José Farmer's books by the British publisher Titan Books. Again in a beautiful trade paperback, with a very recognizable and nice lay-out throughout the series.
A Feast Unknown, packaged by Titan Books as 'A Wold Newton Novel'. got a lot of mixed reactions on its original publication by Essex House in 1969. Especially from the Tarzan and Doc Savage fans: «...it will drive the Burroughs Bibliophiles up the wall...». Opinions as diverse as: «...Good clean fun, but probably not for the whole family...», «...quite good in its own perverted way...», «... a worthless book...» till «...It is a shocking book, with gobs of very bad taste, requiring an extremely strong stomach, but it is an honest book...».

Arthur C. Sippo, who wrote the Introduction and the Afterword for this publication, also had mixed feelings when he first read the book in 1969. From his Introduction: «...I was simultaneously intrigued, repulsed, disgusted, titillated, and entertained ... Reading this book was a turning point in my life .. I invite you to enter the wild and extreme vision of Philip José Farmer as he reimagined the world op pulp adventure for grownups in the late 1960s...»
I can only endorse Arthur C. Sippo's invitation.

Steve White
Riverworld in Poland
12 Oct 2012
The first three Riverworld books were released in Poland by the publisher MAG in 2008. Together with an announcement that the other two, The Magic Labyrinth and Gods of Riverworld soon would follow.

It took MAG four years to release the fourth translated novel, Czarodziejski labirynt (The Magic Labyrinth) in Poland. It was published last July. This publication has been added on the book page.
If and when the fifth Riverworld novel will be published in Poland is unknown.

Irek Konior
11 Oct 2012
With "Prometheus" (1961) Philip José Farmer wrote the fifth and final story in the series about Father John Carmody, «a murderer and psychopath turned interstellar adventurer and priest».
It is a sequel to "A Few Miles" (1960). In that story John is in the zoo and thrown into a cage of very big birds, called horowitzes. One of these birds lays an egg on his chest, that attaches itself to his body. The egg cannot be removed.

In "Prometheus" John Carmody goes to Feral, planet of the horowitzes, to learn what can be done about the egg. He meets a group of horowitzes, and is accepted into the group. He starts learning from them, starts teaching them a language, and then also becomes their leader after a fight with the male horowitz leader. John's life with the horowitzes becomes more complicated the longer he stays.

Mel Hunter

Added Books
Two new additions on the book pages this month.

A Feast Unknown
The reissue from Titan Books, 2012.

The Magic Labyrinth
The Polish translation (Czarodziejski labirynt) from publisher MAG, 2012.
These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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