News & What's New - November 2012
The Pterodactyl
26 Nov 2012
Another story page has been restyled. the page of one of Phil Farmer's poems, "The Pterodactyl". First time published in the fanzine Sky Hook, numer 16, Winter 1952-53. And since then published eight times, of which one is a translation into Spanish.
All of Farmer's (known) poems are included in the collection Pearls from Peoria (2006).

Jack Gaughan
Latest Dangerous Visions
23 Nov 2012
No, this is not the Last Dangerous Visions, the final anthology in Harlan Ellison's 'dangerous visions' series. That one was originally announced for publication in 1973, was never published, but « it is still yet to appear », according to the introduction by Adam Roberts.
Roberts wrote the new introduction for the latest edition of Dangerous Visons, published by Gollancz (UK) in February 2012, in their SF Masterworks series.

Farmer's Hugo Award winning story "Riders of the Purple Wage" is included in the anthology Dangerous Visions, edited by Harlan Ellision.
Fred Fisher, again, informed me of this new publication, which I had missed. I added the new publication on the –not yet restyled– story page.

Vincent Chong
Two times Zoo 2000
21 Nov 2012
More than a year ago, in September 2011, I restyled and updated the story page of "The King of the Beasts". At that moment I had a list of 52 publications of the story.

Since then another nine publications were discovered and added to the story page. One of them was only discovered recently by Fred Fisher (Houston, Texas, US). He found a copy in a used books store of the British hardcover (Gollancz, 1975) of the anthology Zoo 2000, edited by Jane Yolen.
Fred Fisher: «...I like the  Zoo 2000 cover, done by David Smee, a lot...».

I searched online and also found and bought a copy in good condition. But I also found a nice copy of a Britsh paperback publication (Macmillan, 1976 - reprinted 1977). Macmillan had it published in their series for young readers, the Topliner Redstar series.

Both publications were completely unknown to me till now.
Many thanks for the information Fred, keep it coming!

David Smee

Peter Whiteman
Locus 20th and 21st All-Centuries Poll
19 Nov 2012
If you like the work of Philip José Farmer, enough to vote for his work in a poll, then you ought to go to the website of Locus Online, for the 20th and 21st All-Centuries Poll, see here.

In the list of 20th Century Novels you'll find the following Farmer novels:
- A Feast Unknown (1969)
- The Green Odyssey (1957)
- The Lovers (1961)
- To Your Scattered Bodies Go (1971)
- The Unreasoning Mask (1981)
You can vote for one or more of these or any of the other Phil Farmer novels.

In the list of 20th Century Short Fiction you will see the following Farmer stories:
- The Alley Man (nva, 1959)
- The King of the Beasts (ss, 1964)
- Mother (nvt, 1953)
- Riders of the Purple Wage (nva, 1967)
- Sail On! Sail On! (ss, 1952)
- The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesday World (ss, 1971)
The same as with the novels, you can vote for one or more of these or any of the other stories by Phil.

Voting can be done until November 30th. Don't forget to vote!

Val Lakey
More eBooks
18 Nov 2012
Titan Books not only publishes their reissues of Philip José Farmer's novels in beautiful trade paperbacks, but the novels also appear in eBook format.
Amazon (US or UK) doesn't show these eBooks to people in my country, the Netherlands, because «Kindle titles for your country are not available at Amazon». How unlucky we are...
Barnes & Noble makes no problems with their eBooks, Nook Books, for my country.

I have added the eBooks from Titan Books to the page with Audio Books & eBooks. Also the story "Riverworld" in the anthology Sense of Wonder. See the earlier entry about the publication of this anthology.

Lord of the Trees received
14 Nov 2012
Right on time! Today I received the new Titan Books edition of Lord of the Trees, 'A Wold Newton Novel'.
This is the second novel in the Lord Grandrith / Doc Caliban series. Titan Books calls it The Secrets of the Nine series, a subdivision of the Wold Newton series.

The new edition includes a brand new introduction, "A Tale of Two Universes", by Win Scott Eckert, the Wold Newton expert par excellence.
In his introduction Win explains the differences and the similarities between Lord Greystoke, or Tarzan, and Lord Grandrith. And also between Doc Savage and Doc Caliban. Are they the same or not? You have to read Win's very interesting essay carefully to get the answer!

In just a few days: Lord of the Trees!
11 Nov 2012
Coming on November 13 from Titan Books is Lord of the Trees in a completely new edition. It is the second novel in the Lord Grandrith / Doc Caliban series, a follow-up to the in October published A Feast Unknown.

Lord of the Trees is also part of the Wold Newton Universe series. The new publication features an all-new introduction, written especially for this edition by Win Scott Eckert, "A Tale of Two Universes".
Alien Sex as eBook
11 Nov 2012
Ellen Datlow is the editor of the anthology Alien Sex, which contains Phil Farmer's story "The Jungle Rot Kid on the Nod". Alien Sex was published originally in hardcover by Dutton, May 1990.
Now, twenty-two years later, in September 2012, the anthology is published again. This time as an eBook by Open Road Publishing.
I added the eBook publication on the page with Audio Books & eBooks.

See Amazon (Kindle $ 11.49) or B&N (Nook $ 8.99) for the ordering information.


Added Books
One new addition on the book pages this month.

Lord of the Trees
The reissue from Titan Books, 2012.

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