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Farmer is going down again!
23 Dec 2012
In my post of November 19th I brought the news that Locus Online hosted the 20th and 21st All-Centuries Poll during the month November.
The results of the novels are published online now. Philip José Farmer is still in the top 50 of the 20th Century All-Time Novels. His novel To Your Scattered Bodies Go reached place 43 in the final list, with 25 votes (356 points).

In the Locus All-Time Poll 1975 this novel reached the 17th place. In the Locus All-Time Poll 1987 the novel dropped to place 27, and this time even more to place 43.

The Poll results of the short fiction are not yet published. Hopefully there will be a Farmer story in the lists.

Bob Eggleton
Third printing of Die Liebenden
12 Dec 2012
I found an edition of Farmer's books today in a local second hands bookshop. This one was unknown in the bibliography, and it was also missing in my collection.
Such a find does not happen often anymore, maybe once every two or three years. Nearly all the books I'm looking for are ordered on the internet.

I took the book from the shelve, and nearly put it back because I knew I already had two printings of this German edition of The Lovers (Die Liebenden). I checked the book inside and discovered it to be the third printing. Till now I was completely unaware of a third printing.
This publication has been added on the book page.

Frank Kelly Freas
Queen of the Deep
9 Dec 2012
The title "Queen of the Deep" has been used only once, with the first publication of this story in "The Complete Man's Magazine" Argosy, of March 1954. Every later publication, all 32 of them, has the story with the title "Son'. Even every foreign translation used this title.

That first publication is also the only solo publication of this story. All the later publications of it are in the collection Strange Relations.

"Queen of the Deep" is one of Phil Farmer's psychological stories. It was and is not one of his best stories in this genre.

The two page illustration by James Bingham in Argosy.

Frank McCarthy
Polish serial publication of first Riverworld novel
4 Dec 2012
The Polish science fiction magazine Fantasyka published Philip José Farmer's novel To Your Scattered Bodies Go in translation as Gdzie wasze ciała porzucone.
The novel was brought as a serial publication in four issues of the magazine, with paper inserts. These could be folded to book format, half the magazine format. It was published in the issues of April (# 79), May, (# 80), June (# 81) and July (# 82) of the year 1989.

Part of this information was already included in the bibliography. But I did not have the four magazines, so could not verify the data or give the complete and correct info.
Recently I received three of the four magazines as a gift from Fred Fisher (Houston, Texas, US), a fellow Farmer collector. Only issue # 81 was missing, but I found –knowing now what to look for– a copy of it for sale on the internet (yet to receive).

The information of this publication is now completed, including the covers of the four magazines and of the novel. That cover was printed on the back of Fantastyka, issue #82.
Thanks for the gift Fred!

Wojtek Siudmak

Added Books
One new addition on the book pages this month.

The Lovers
The third German printing (Die Liebenden) from Knaur, 1980.

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