News & What's New - January 2013
A long time search
20 Jan 2013
More than thirty years I have been looking for an issue of the Popular Music And Science Fiction Journal. I didn't know if it was a British magazine or a fanzine, but I did know that it had a piece about Philip José Farmer.
I saw an announcement of this title in a catalog of a British book dealer back in 1979. I ordered a copy, but had no luck. I never received it.

In the past thirty years I have searched many, many times for a copy, but never found anything about the fanzine. I came to the conclusion that it must have been only an announcement back then and that not one issue ever had been published.

But an issue of the Popular Music And Science Fiction Journal for sale on eBay proved me wrong. This one came from the collection of Forrest J Ackerman. The ad said that it was issue No. 2.

The second issue has a bibliography of the books and short fiction of Phil. It is an updated bibliography from the first issue: "...the Farmer bibliography published in issue one was vastly incomplete...". There were also many mistakes in the first one, according to the corrections.
Next to the bibliography there are some reviews of Farmer's books and an item in the news column, "Prolific Phil", about new publications and re-issues of his work.

Jim Cook
Riders on place 29
10 Jan 2013
Locus Online finished the counting of the votes for a set of polls for the best science fiction and fantasy novels and short fiction of the 20th and 21st centuries, and published the final results online.

Philip José Farmer's Hugo Award winning novella "Riders of the Purple Wage" (1967) reached place 29 with 19 votes (248 points) in the 20th and 21st All-Centuries Poll.

This is the only Farmer story that made it into the poll. Earlier on, see the entry of December 23, 2012, we mentioned that Farmer's novel To Your Scattered Bodies Go also got a place in the poll.

Diane & Leo Dillon
Two book additions
10 Jan 2013
An undated British eighth printing of The Magic Labyrinth was found. This one was unknown to me till now.

Also unknown was a Canadian edition of Flesh, with booknumber Y6767 (1975). The US edition states to be the fifth printing. The exactly the same looking Canadian edition, states to be the third printing. It is actually the third Canadian printing of the book, but the publisher Signet had a very strange way of counting the printings.
There are now two Canadian publications of Flesh that are both claiming to be the third printing, but with different book numbers and publication data. See the book page for more details.

Both finds were done by Fred Fisher. Thanks Fred!

Melvyn Grant

Added Books
Two new additions on the book pages this month.

A discovered Canadian printing from Signet, 1975.

The Magic Labyrinth
The eight printing from Grafton Books, date unknown.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

1776 publications
1162 different covers

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