News & What's New - April 2013
More new Doc Savage editions
28 Apr 2013
There is more news to add to the previous entry about  the upcoming new edition of Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life.

In a joint publishing venture, not only is Meteor House publishing the deluxe hardcover edition of Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life, but Altus Press is publishing the trade edition and eBook. Great news also!
Read the Press Release from Altus Press.

Walter Baumhofer
New books from Meteor House!
26 Apr 2013
This summer we we will see at least two new books from Meteor House. Michael Croteau, the publisher, and also the webmaster of The Official PJF Web Page, announced The Scarlet Jaguar and Doc Savage: His Apocalytic Life.

The Scarlet Jaguar by Win Scott Eckert is a new Patricia Wildman adventure, a sequel to The Evil in Pemberley House.
From the announcement: «When we last saw Patricia Wildman, daughter of Doc Wildman, the bronze champion of justice, six months had passed since the main events of The Evil in Pemberley House. She and her associate Parker, an ex-Scotland Yard Inspector, had set up Empire State Investigations at her Pemberley House estate—and she just received a mysterious phone call from her supposedly late father. . .»

Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life will be published in a newly revised Deluxe Hardcover Edition.
From the announcement: «...the newly revised edition of Doc Savage: His Apocalyptic Life also features a brand new foreword by Farmer and pulp expert Win Scott Eckert, updates to the “List of Doc Savage Stories” including the latest novels, and rare material culled from Mr. Farmer’s notes.
The deluxe hardcover edition arrives just in time for Doc’s 80th anniversary, and features tributes by other Farmer and Doc experts, including John Allen Small, Keith Howell, Rick Lai, Art Sippo, Christopher Paul Carey, and current Doc Savage writer Will Murray, as well as other bonus materials not seen in prior editions...»

Go to the site of Meteor House to read more about these books or to preorder them The books will be published in July 2013.
I'm curious if Meteor House will publish also another edition of The Worlds of Philip José Farmer this summer.

The final cover  sketch for The Scarlet Jaguar,
by Mark Sparacio
Another Canadian one
22 Apr 2013
We are still discovering previously unknown, and often hard to find, Canadian printings or editions of books by Philip José Farmer.
This time Fred Fischer (Houston, TX, USA) discovered a Canadian first printing of Venus on the Half-Shell from publisher Dell (February 1975).
I haven't been able to find a copy for my collection yet.

Psychological horror story
14 Apr 2013
Philip José Farmer started his career as a writer with a non science fiction story, "O'Brien and Obrenov" (1946). It is one of five psychological tales by Phil. He was not successful with these stories. The second of these, "The Blind Rowers", was published in 1967, the other three stayed unpublished in Phil's archives, till one of them, "The Good of the Land", was published in 2002.
All five of the psychological tales were included in the special collection Pearls from Peoria (2006). The other two stories are "Hunter’s Moon" and "The Rise Gotten".

In "The Rise Gotten" a man is humiliated one time too much by his long time wife, who was very irrational. The story tells in full horrific detail where that can lead to...

Keith Howell &
Charles Berlin
Farmer in The Best From Playboy
2 Apr 2013
Two stories of Philip José Farmer were originally published in the magazine Playboy, "The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol" in December 1977 and "The Leaser of Two Evils" in July 1979.

"The Henry Miller Dawn Patrol" was very much appreciated by the readers of Playboy, according to the comments the magazine received. The story even won the Annual Playboy Editorial Award in 1978.

That the story was reprinted in 1982 in The Best From Playboy, Number Nine, was unknown till now.
Today I received a donated copy of the magazine from Fred Fischer (Houston, TX, USA), with some kind words. Many thanks Fred!


Added Books
One new addition on the book pages this month.

Venus on the Half-Shell
The Canadian first printing from Dell, 1975.

These are the numbers for the book pages this month.

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